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The holidays should be a magical time full of happiness and good cheer! But they can also be hectic and stressful, causing some of us to feel the winter blues. Here are some tips to stay focused on the important things, so you can celebrate the season

Streamline Decorating For The Winter Holidays

We’ve all heard the motto: “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. While this time of year can be full of fun spontaneity, planning ahead can help you better enjoy this festive season. 

Late November or early December can be a great time to take a weekend to decorate your home and make yourself comfortable. If you’re not into Christmas or Hanukah decor, you can also decorate the house with natural materials. Sometimes an essential oil diffuser wafting scents of pumpkin spice or fresh pine can add a festive element to your space without increasing the clutter.

Or, if the thought of decorations is causing you to stress, keep it simple and don’t decorate at all!

Black Friday shoppingStay on Budget with Holiday Shopping

We all love a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, as it can provide great opportunities to get some great gifts for loved ones. It can also be a wonderful way to finish buying your presents early so you can focus on the holidays.

But remember- even though these shopping times can help you check off many people on your Christmas list, for some people, too many presents might trigger the winter blues. So keep things simple and fun.

Check off Short-Term Goals

If you prefer to spend your time indoors, you still don’t have to hide away. You can also get active in winter! You’ve wanted to try a HIIT workout or fitness DVD for a long time? The attic needs to be cleared out again and the files sorted? A stormy winter day is a perfect time.

With the bad weather, you don’t feel like you’re missing anything when you’re inside. Everything you have put into cold storage in the summer can now be taken care of. Or you can set up New Year’s Resolutions or do a 30 Day Challenge with yourself. No matter if you want to do more sports or quit smoking. Declare November or January your month to break old habits.


Experience Winter Like A Child

There are no boring months for children – every day can be a party! Let’s make this idea our own and try to see winter through the eyes of a child. December is a season of lights- in both a literal sense and also spiritually. Jews celebrate Hanukkah with a menorah remembering time God provided enough oil for the Maccabees. Christians wait in anticipation for the birth of Jesus, the light of the world. 

So light up your living room with candles and strands of lights to make it cozy. Or play hide and seek in the dark at home with your kids. You can also try to paint a picture with flashlights.

Don’t let rainy or snowy weather spoil your mood! Equipped with a rain jacket and rubber boots, you will explore every puddle today. Take your best friend with you and let the child in you once again really romp. You haven’t had that much fun in a long time, right?

Stay Connected through Winter Gatherings

In the summer we tend to be out and about. We meet constantly on the playground, go swimming with others and barbecue together in the evenings. In the cold season, we might want to stay inside.

This can be a struggle for single parents especially, who have to be alone without adult company. So it’s high time to revive old friendships or make new ones! You can also bring the family closer together. How about starting a message group with your family members via FamilyApp where you can exchange funny photos? Or you visit your grandparents and bring them a cake. You could also surprise your far-away friend in Alaska or Hawaii with a nice postcard and a few sweet lines.

You can quickly get to know new people through courses and workshops. Sign up for a cooking event or try out Aerial Yoga. Maybe now you’ll be going to the gym more regularly and finally flirting with the pretty one who caught your eye some time ago. Go ahead!

grandchildren grandparentsEnjoy Quality Family Time

Beat your winter blues by paying special attention to your family and friends. Spend a wellness weekend with your best friend, invite your mother to a movie and dinner or visit an indoor playground with your children. Discover nature together as a family, go Geocaching and hiking. Enjoy the snow with skiing and snowboarding, building a snowman or a snowball fight. Inside your cozy home, you can do a puzzle, play board games or get the console out of the closet. Prepare a dinner for another family from your neighborhood and spend a nice evening together. This way you can turn the dreary season into a time full of joie de vivre, harmony and love.

Tap into your Crafty Side with Knitting, Crocheting, or Sewing

Outside it’s raining cats and dogs, the household is done, the kids asleep and all your friends already have plans. So how about beating the winter blues by getting creative again? With the help of the Internet, you can now easily teach yourself how to knit or crochet – and conjure up a few little holiday surprises for your loved ones.

The sewing machine is also coming back to life. This year, why not tailor yourself an extravagant outfit for the office Christmas party? Knit new socks or gloves for your kids. Of course, you can also tackle a big project like redesigning a room. Or maybe you can have an afternoon of handicrafts together with your children, where you can prepare presents for the grandparents.

Enjoy Winter Soul Food

There are even more reasons to look forward to the snowy months– delicious comfort food that warms our hearts and bellies.That’s why in the cold season feel-good dishes such as casseroles and oven vegetables, but also soups and stews, are booming.

Everything that fills you up and warms you for a long time is now on the menu. Warm drinks are also simply a part of it. Have a look at the small tea shop around your corner and see if you can find an exotic new mixture. Or try a hot cocoa made of real chocolate and a dash of cream. Heavenly, isn’t it?

But soul food can also be healthy: winter is the perfect time for squashes and pumpkin.  These are true superfoods: Not only do they contain vitamins A, B, E and K, but also magnesium, iron and calcium. 

girl winter fashion hat

Cozy Up in Winter Fashion

Let’s be honest: winter can be much more fun than a hot sweaty summer when it comes to dressing up. Finally, we can cuddle up in thick sweaters again, get our favorite boots out of the closet and stock up with accessories. Choose a different scarf that matches the color of your outfit each day. Hats and gloves spice up the coat from the penultimate season before it is allowed to finally leave us.

The layering look is also celebrating its comeback. Wear your favorite band t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt for a whole new look. We are especially looking forward to knitwear and ponchos this year.

Treat Yo’ Self and Beat the Winter Blues

Winter also means pampering and letting others pamper you. Treat yourself to a massage or visit the spa again.

Pay special attention to your skin: Due to the dry heating air, many of us have to struggle with itching and brittle hands. Invest in a rich but natural care to give your skin what it needs now. If you like to end the evening in the bathtub, you should add a sip of milk or a few splashes of essential oils to the water. Your skin will be thank you.

Winter Blues or S.A.D.?

You have the feeling the issue is more than just a winter blues? There is, in fact, some kind of mood disorder that can lead to a serious health issue called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D). Talk to your physician or a psychiatrist about your sadness and lethargy. And ask friends and family for help and support.

So you will soon be enjoying lots of winter fun!

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