5 Outdoor Activities on a Budget for the Whole Family

outdoor activities that costs nothing

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy amazing family time in nature! Here are five excellent outdoor activities on a budget you and your family can enjoy together.

Outdoor Activities on a Budget

Make the most of your time together as you experience all the benefits you need to encourage your family to spend more time outdoors. Here’s our list of 5 great ways to spend outdoor time together as a family- whether you’re enjoying a simple backyard adventure, or hitting the trail on a hiking and camping trip.

  1. Take a hike.
  2. Explore a fun park.
  3. Swim in the sea.
  4. Explore your city with a scavenger hunt.
  5. Go Geocaching.

1. Take a Family Hike in the Woods

If you’re lucky enough to live near an area full of trees and lush greenery, you’re in a great spot for enjoying outdoor activities! Go for nature walks on your favorite hiking trail are a healthy way to recharge and soak up some vitamin D.  The fresh air is a blessing for body and soul, and it’s a great place to recharge our batteries and strengthen our immune system. Just watch out for ticks and mosquitos!

Hiking is a great form of outdoor recreation, even for the littlest family members. You can also explore traces of animals or guess their sounds. Your family members can also guess from which tree the leaves or fruit lying on the ground probably come. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic or hanging out with loved ones, a great hike in the forest is the perfect place to unwind. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, turn your fun hike into an even more fun family camping trip! It’s a fantastic budget-friendly family vacation.

2. Head to the Park

Most cities have at least one great park or a large area where you can play your own outdoor activities and sports. Get the old Frisbee disc and the baseball bat from the attic. Play badminton and various ball games. Especially during summer when school’s not in session, you might be able to use the fields and sporting facilities from nearby schools.

Even if sports just aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other outdoor activities at a park. You can simply relax on the meadow with a picnic or barbecue. Then watch your kids play while you sit down on a bench and enjoy nature.

If it’s a windy day, fly a kite with your kids, and make lasting memories.

3. Budget Outdoor Activities by the Sea

Who wants to go to an overcrowded swimming pool?!?! Not me! But in many places, you can head to a nearby beach, lake, or river for refreshing (and potentially free) outdoor activities. You’ll need to do a little research on things like rivers or lakes in your area, and in most cases, you don’t have to pay for a visit to the lake.

So you can have some peace and quiet while enjoying nature without paying anything. Definitely cheaper than therapy! Whether you’ve got your fishing pole for some quiet reflection, or are splashing around in a mountain lake, the water is such a refreshing way to spend time outside! While you might not have to deal with any chlorine-related complications from a pool, make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and pay attention to the currents and tides. Enjoy your trip!

4. Scavenger Hunt: Explore Your City

Whether you’ve lived in a city for a long time or have only recently moved in, there are certainly still some beautiful places to discover. Sometimes we don’t even notice hidden little alleys and other beautiful spots. Perhaps we were simply never in the area. See your city with fresh eyes. Explore new outdoor activities.

With a scavenger hunt, you can have a great guide to be a tourist in your own city. This is possible via an app on your smartphone. The game is also available for different cities. Over a limited time period, you try to solve as many tasks as possible in small groups. You take pictures of the found places and buildings and then upload them into the app. Points are calculated. The group with the most points eventually wins the Scavenger Hunt.

This game won’t only help you get to know your city better, but it’s also a great way to bond with friends, family, and kids of all ages as well. A scavenger hunt also promotes team spirit because you have to work in a team.

5. Geocaching – Find the Treasure

Have you always enjoyed fun outdoor activities like treasure hunting? Then you’ll certainly like Geocaching. The treasure hunt for adults and kids is becoming more and more popular – and not without reason. You can use geographic coordinates to find a treasure. How fun is that?!?!

You can search for the geocache using a GPS receiver. If you want a higher level of difficulty, you can only search with a map, and you’ll find your treasure in a watertight container with a logbook. Sometimes there are some little items in it as well. You can then replace one of those with another item.

If you want something easier for the little guys, you could make a simple treasure map with a treasure they could find by climbing a tree. Why not enjoy a basic backyard adventure. Here are some great ways to boost your backyard and create the perfect outdoor play area that’s sure to spark imagination, fun activities, and play ideas.

Outdoor Activities on a Budget for All Ages

Most leisure activities are perfect for everyone from the youngest to the oldest people in your family. You can tweak them for everybody, and this list of 5 suggestions is just a start. There are so many great budget outdoor family activities from bike rides exploring the neighborhood to backyard gardening. You might also enjoy your favorite pastime outdoors, like painting or reading. Hobby photographers can take pictures of nature and capture beautiful details in pictures. What else can you think of?

Do you have more tips for outdoor activities that cost nothing? Write them down in the comment section, or discuss your tips with your family and friends on FamilyApp.

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