outdoor activities that costs nothing

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy amazing family time in the nature! Here are five tips for outdoor activities on a budget to maximize your time and all the benefits you need to know to convince your family to spend more time outdoors.

Check these 5 incredible outdoor activities on a budget:

  1. Explore the great outdoors
  2. Exercise or stroll in the park
  3. Swim in the sea
  4. Explore your city with a scavenger hunt
  5. Go geocaching

explore the forest

1. Outdoor Activities: Refuel With Fresh Air In The forest

The next forest is certainly not as far away as you think. However, it is perfect for outdoor activities of all kinds. Walks are healthy anyway. Especially when they’re in the woods. The fresh air is a blessing for body and soul. We can also recharge our batteries and strengthen our immune system. In the hectic pace of everyday life, we often no longer see the little things. In the forest on the other hand, we often have the feeling that our minds are becoming clearer again. We can observe blooming flowers and small insects at the same time.
On forest paths, you can not only walk but also go for a bike ride or jog. Maybe you could even go climbing. You can also explore traces of animals or guess their sounds. Your family memebers can also guess from which tree the fruits lying on the ground probably come. This is very exciting for children as well. Hence, the day will be over in no time thanks to the woods and several outdoor activities.

2. Sporty Or Cozy Outdoor Activities In The Park?

outdoor activities in a park

There is at least one park in each city. Use the large area for your own outdoor activities and sports games. Get the old Frisbee disc and the baseball bat from the attic. Play badminton and various ball games.
Wide meadows and lush greenery relax the eyes. After all, you look at computers and TVs too often in everyday life.
If sports just aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other outdoor activities. You can simply relax on the meadow with a picnic or barbecue. The prepared dishes taste best in the fresh air anyway. You can watch the children play.

If it’s a windy day, fly a kite with your kids and make lasting memories.

3. Take A Dip In The Sea

Who wants to go to an overcrowded swimming pool?!?! Not me! Head to a nearby beach, lake, or river for refreshing (and potentially free) outdoor activities. Find out about lakes in your area. In most cases, you don’t have to pay for a visit to the lake. So you can have some peace and quiet while enjoying nature for free. While you might not have to deal with any chlorine-related complications from a pool, make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and pay attention to the currents and tides. Enjoy your trip!

4. Be Tourists In Your Own City – Explore New Outdoor Activities

Whether you’ve lived in a city for a long time or have only recently moved in, there are certainly still some beautiful places to discover. Sometimes we don’t even notice hidden little alleys and other beautiful spots. Perhaps we were simply never in the area. See your city with fresh eyes. Explore new outdoor activities.

With a Scavenger Hunt, you can have a great guide to be a tourist in your own city. This is possible via an app on your smartphone. The game is also available for different cities. Over a limited time period, you try to solve as many tasks as possible in small groups. You take pictures of the found places and buildings and then upload them into the app. Points are calculated. The group with the most points eventually wins the Scavenger Hunt.

This game will not only help you get to know your city better. It’s fun and you spend time with friends or family as well. Scavenger Hunt also promotes team spirit because you have to work in a team. Sounds like all the best of outdoor activities combined, doesn’t it?

5. Geocaching – Find The Treasure

Have you always enjoyed fun outdoor activities like treasure hunting? Then you will certainly like geocaching. The treasure hunt for adults is becoming more and more popular – and not without reason. You can use geographic coordinates to find a treasure. Doesn’t that sound exciting?
You can search for the geocache using a GPS receiver. If you want a higher level of difficulty, you can only search with a map. However, your treasure is in a watertight container with a logbook. Sometimes there are some little items in it as well. You can then replace one of those with another item.

Outdoor Activities On A Budget For All Agesoutdoor activities for kids

Most leisure activities are suitable for young and old. You can do the outdoor activities with friends or family. They can be adapted for children as required. Scavenger Hunt and Geocaching are less for small children, but great for older ones. Invent your very own treasure hunt for the very little ones. Hide a treasure in the park, for example, and let the children search with a homemade treasure map. Another family favorite? Check out a Search & Find Adventure! You can explore and observe your city while finding fun activities. You may also enjoy your favorite pastime outdoors. Hobby photographers can take pictures of nature and capture beautiful details in pictures. What else can you think of?

Do you have more tips for outdoor activities that cost nothing? Write them down in the comment section, or discuss your tips with your family and friends on FamilyApp.

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