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Fun. Safe. Together.

FamilyApp is a private messenger with content and services bringing you together!

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Finally, an app dedicated to family organization and security!

Brooke B.

Great way to keep up with the family. Simple and secure. I use it all the time now as my go-to communication with the family.

FamilyApp is a new, great, future-focused idea for families to plan their lives together.

Michelle S.
Greg M.

We moved our family communication to FamilyApp and it has created a really special environment for us. We didn’t know that would happen. We just wanted to protect our privacy.

It makes me feel good that FamilyApp takes data privacy so seriously.

Mike D.

I love the FamilyApp-especially the calendar! It’s so much easier to coordinate the family schedule now.

Thank you, FamilyApp for doing what no one else has done!

Polly K.
Capt. Mike B.

It has replaced other messaging apps with my family and my group of friends. Love it.

FamilyApp simplifies communication with family.

Kari M.

This is actually safe. I love it! Great for kids!

FamilyApp is a great way to keep up with the family. It’s simple and secure.

Courtney M.
Caitlin R.

I love this app for staying connected with my family.