Home Organization Projects You Can Do Today

Home organization projects, even small DIY ones, can provide big life change. This is especially true when the COVID-19 pandemic has us home more than ever.  FamilyApp recently spoke with professional organizer Jen Harman to learn simple tips on reducing clutter and living in an organized home. ... Read More
child at desk

Homeschool Room Ideas: Creating a Learning Space

With many school districts opting for completely web-based school and hybrid learning, many parents are gearing up for learning at home. Whether you’ve opted to homeschool or are just looking for a way for your child to do their school’s work at home, having a dedicated learning space for your student will set them up for success this school year. Here are some homeschool room ideas that may inspire you as you’re gearing up for the 2020-2021 school year! ... Read More
mismatched socks uses

5 Fun Ways to Use Your Kid’s Mismatched Socks

Some children can’t seem to go anywhere without losing a sock! While the sandal-wearing days of summertime might offer a break in the sock budget, they tend to outgrow their old pairs by fall anyway. This leaves parents with a lot of mismatched, discarded socks. Fortunately, you can upcycle these bits of fabric and make something new. Here are the top five ideas to use your kid’s mismatched socks.  ... Read More
apps to sell clothes

Closet to Cash: Apps to Sell Clothes from Home

So you’ve been searching through your closet…and to be honest, it could use a little update. But some items still have the tags or have only been worn once! While it’s definitely more convenient to bag it up and drop it off at the thrift store, using apps to sell clothes may be worth considering to make a little extra money on the side! ... Read More