Created by our family for your family

Laura and Peter Kraus

We met on a blind date, and both already had scheduled business trips to Asia the next month. So we met up in Hong Kong on Valentine's Day and have been together ever since.

We never envisioned working together while dreaming about the future over dim-sum, but fourteen years and three children later, here we are: on the cusp of our greatest adventure yet.

Enter FamilyApp. After years of innovating enterprise software solutions, Peter had his lightbulb moment. Why not use the same principles to improve family life? After all, families are the oldest institutions. The word “economy” is derived from the idea of household management.

We're passionate about FamilyApp because we want people to be able to be with their loved ones in a safe space. That's why we've worked hard to develop a platform that keeps your information secure while also letting you safely connect your family with the world around you.

Both of us grew up in vivacious homes with 5 kids each, so we know the challenges of balancing all the craziness of family life! Today we have over 50 birthdays to celebrate in our immediate family, and we've loved using FamilyApp to keep us safely connected.

Our entire family, from Peter’s 90+ year old grandmother to the littlest cousins, has been using the app to chat with each other in fun new ways, and we're soon releasing new features to digital family life even more fun, safe and connected.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has made us more acutely aware of how much we need safe, secure connections to each other. FamilyApp has empowered us to stay in touch with our family while respecting the needs for social distancing during this season. And we look forward to using it to plan and coordinate future family reunions and activities this summer and for years to come!

Our mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security and joy of belonging to a family.

Meet the Team

We are passionate about creating amazing new customer experiences with businesses and organizations bringing families together.
Peter Kraus
Laura Kraus
Head of Communications
David Brown
Head of Product / UX
Tommy Lyons
Head of Technology
Rich Kidd
Head of Business Development
Jayne Schultheis
Marketing Manager


Business to Family

FamilyApp is a real-time messaging service provided by Family Digital, Inc. It runs on a patent-pending communications platform we built to strengthen our families and the organizations supporting them. We’re working with FamilyApp providers to develop amazing customer experiences by placing their offerings in the context of family life! We leverage artificial intelligence to deliver relevant messaging while user data remains encrypted. This approach improves conversion rates and lifetime value for providers while ensuring compliance and data privacy. Contact us for more information about how FamilyApp can benefit your business or organization.