How to Prepare Your Toddler for Their New Sibling

Building Sibling Relationships At Home

Finally – baby number two is on the way! This pregnancy will certainly be different because now there is already a child. Here are some tips to prepare your toddler for a new sibling.

When Is the Right Time?

Most couples wait twelve weeks of pregnancy before telling their family and friends their secret. If you also choose this option, you should not tell the expectant big brother or sister anything beforehand. Most toddlers react enthusiastically to the happy news that a sibling is on the way. Therefore it is only understandable that they cannot keep the message to themselves. So it can happen that the relatives already learn about the second pregnancy sooner than you would like.In any case, it is important that you as parents bring your child into the loop. If he or she learns about the new baby through third parties or perhaps even purely by chance, she or he can quickly feel excluded, or simply confused.


How Do I Prepare My Toddler for a New Sibling?

Here are some helpful tips to help your toddler prepare for the new arrival.

Read and Talk About Your Pregnancy

There are very good books that explain in a child-friendly way what happens in Mommy’s belly. Those children’s books are customized for different age groups. Some pregnancy books for kids also show diversity. There are also pregnancy apps for older siblings. At the same time, the future big sibling is prepared for the upcoming changes. But no matter whether with or without a book or app – talk a lot to your toddler about what is happening and how you are doing.

Take the Older Sibling to the Doctor With You

You can actively involve your child in the growing up of the baby. Some expectant mothers take the little big ones with them to an ultrasound or CTG appointment. But talk to your ob-gyn beforehand. Most of them have experiences in toddlers joining the examination and can give great advice. To prepare an examination together, talk about your kid’s questions or how they act with doctors.

Building Sibling Relationships at Home

You can also develop rituals at home together. Measure your belly circumference every week and write it down it in a list with your child. You can also take photos together on a regular basis. In this way, expectant siblings can better follow the baby’s development. A very nice ritual is also to lotion the baby bump together. But the favorite part for most pregnant women is to cuddle up in bed with their child and talk to them about their little sibling.


And Once the New Baby Has Arrived?

Some psychologists believe, that birth order has a great effect on how a child develops and what character they will have later. Many parents are also worried about whether the older children will be able to cope with their new role. Some siblings are jealous or envious of the baby. They feel deposed and unconsciously regress in their development.

They might want you to carry them more. Some toddlers also want to use a diaper or a pacifier again – just like the baby. This period is usually not the time to start potty training! It is best to inform yourself about possible signs of the dethronement of the firstborn during pregnancy so that you can react confidently if you see any changes.

In order to prevent jealousy, some parents have the baby bring along a little present for the sibling. But even more important is that mommy, in particular, takes enough time exclusively for the older child. Keep explaining that the baby needs you more right now so that the big sister or brother understands why you can no longer be alone for her or him.

Share Your Favorite Memories

Having a new baby is a special time in your family. Whether you have one child or many, don’t forget to share your adorable photos with loved ones on FamilyApp!

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