50+ Summer Boredom Busters to Enjoy the Season

bubbles summer boredom busters

As summer winds down, keeping the excitement alive can become challenging, especially for families with children. But with these summer boredom busters, you can squeeze every drop of fun from the final days of summer.

What Are Some Fun Summer Activities for Kids?

Summer presents an array of opportunities for kids to engage in fun-filled activities, but as we inch closer to the start of the school year, it’s pretty common to hear those three little words, “I’m so bored!”

Surprisingly, it’s actually good for kids to be bored! Studies show that boredom can help stimulate creativity and resilience. But there are still plenty of ways you can keep the family entertained. You don’t even need to enroll in last-minute summer camps to do it!

Here are some of our favorite kids activities and boredom busters for kids to keep them entertained during the summer months.

DIY Projects for the Whole Family

Engaging in craft projects can be a fun and creative way to promote family bonding. These DIY projects not only encourage creativity but also provide a platform for families to spend quality time together and build lasting memories.

boredom busters make a birdhouse
Make a birdhouse together.

Make homemade bird feedersWith a little bit of birdseed and a DIY container, there are so many creative ideas for making your own bird feeder.

Design custom t-shirts- A platform like Canva makes it really easy for your kids to design and create custom shirts from their online creations.

You can also make tie-dye shirts or clothing, or use paint pens and/or puff paint for something truly original.

family garden
Enjoy gardening with the family!

Get in the garden– Whether you’re harvesting vegetables or picking flowers, gardening can occupy your little ones during sunny summer days.

Build a treehouse– If you’re really handy, build a treehouse with your kids. You can have them design their own rooms or pick out accessories for their outdoor living.

Classic Outdoor Games That Never Get Old

There’s a reason grandparents and their grandkids alike remember fun games of freeze tag— some of the best games keep your kids entertained all year long!

Capture the flag– Get a group of neighbors together and find the other team’s flag. Playing this game with glow sticks once it gets a little dark adds an extra element of fun.

Hide and seek– Play it indoors or outdoors. This versatile game is always a hit!

Hopscotch- Even without a big crowd, hopscotch can be a great classic summer game. All you need is sidewalk chalk, a flat surface, and you’re ready to go.

Foursquare– You can also use the sidewalk chalk to draw a foursquare court. Our foursquare balls never lasted long, but they’re easy to find at most sporting stores.

Kickball– Take that four-square ball to a backyard or field, and you’ve got a game of kickball!

outdoor obstacle course boredom busters
Create your own ninja course in the backyard!

Obstacle course– Design a DIY ninja course that can provide hours of entertainment for your kids.

Indoor Games to Keep the Kids Active

Engage your little ones with fresh, exciting games designed to keep them active and help them develop essential skills.

Mini treasure hunt– Dig up those old plastic Easter eggs and find them around the house. You can add tiny candies or toys inside if you want, but they’re equally fun when empty.

Sardines– If you want a twist on hide and seek, this is the game for you!

The floor is lava– Take the pillows off the sofa, and make sure, whatever you do, don’t touch the floor!

Pillow/blanket fort– Have fun building the best blanket fort ever!

boredom busters game night
Enjoy a family game night!

Classic board games– Nothing brings the family together like your favorite board games.

Card games- They’re inexpensive, open to endless possibilities, and you can take them anywhere with you! You can even play solitaire by yourself if there’s nobody else to play with you!

Indoor Educational Activities

Craft projects are not only fun, but they also help to develop fine motor skills and creativity. They could range from simple drawing and coloring to more complex DIY projects that involve the whole family.

Virtual day trips to museums or zoos can be an engaging way to learn about different cultures, animals, and history.

Educational videos documentaries might not be your kids’ first pick for family movie night, but they can definitely keep them entertained and learning.

Puzzles– These can be fun for kids and adults. Make sure to pick a puzzle that’s age-appropriate.

Make slime- With just a few ingredients, you can make a craft that the whole family will enjoy.

indoor activities slime boredom busters
Making slime can be a fun and educational activity!

Word search/sudoku/crossword puzzles– You can find so many of these brain puzzles online or buy a book of some favorites.

Educational video games Your kids could enjoy learning math facts, learning about history, or learning how to read without even realizing it.

Science experimentsThese are really fun, but might require some adult supervision!

Read a book– It’s simple, fun, and a way to engage your kids for hours! Reading also helps prevent the summer slide.

Bust Summer Boredom With Fun-filled Day Trips

Spontaneous day trips can be a fantastic way to alleviate boredom as summer winds down. Be sure to check the weather in advance if you want to do something outside! But there are also several fantastic indoor activities if you’re just looking to get out of the house.

Nature hike– Look for birds, fish, or even fun sticks and rocks.

family nature hike
Enjoy a nature hike with your family!

Family camping trip- You can go on a day trip, or even camp in your backyard. Here are some tips for camping with kids

Water park- Chill out in a lazy river, or enjoy some wild water slides!

Amusement park– Enjoy a day out of rides and games. Here are a few of our favorites!

Movie theater– If the weather isn’t your friend, enjoy a day out at the movies!

Putt-putt golf– You can’t go wrong with a little family competition! This is one of our favorite family activities.

Roller skating rinkThis family activity can be really fun, but remember to be safe! Also, if you need some rollerblades for kids, check out these tips!

Bowling- It’s a classic American game that’s fun in all weather. Don’t forget the gutter balloons!

family bowling summer boredom busters
Family bowling can be so much fun!

Beat the Heat: Water Activities

If it’s a really scorching day, you’re going to need some way to cool off. Here are a few water activities to enjoy!

DIY sponge balls- Make them really wet and enjoy the splash when you play toss.

Regatta– Create boats from recycled materials for a homemade regatta. A baby pool can be an excellent place for this competition

Home water park– Set up a mini water park with a sprinkler and an inflatable pool. You can’t go wrong with a slip-n-slide!

water fight boredom busters
Who’s ready for a water fight!?!

Water balloon fight– Fill them up and enjoy cooling off!

Water gun fight– This can be lots of fun, but make sure everyone is fully armed and loaded!

Bubbles!– They’re not exactly water, but nothing occupies a group of little ones quite like bubbles! Be sure to invest in the extra-large bubble mix to keep the fun going for hours!

Summer Boredom Busters for the Win!

We hope you’ve gotten some great ideas to enjoy the end of your summer! But they’re just a start. In many cases, the best boredom-busting ideas actually come from your kids’ imaginations when they generate their own ideas. That’s when the real magic happens!

If you have more fun inspiration, let us know on social #getfamilyapp.

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