Multigenerational Vacations: The More, The Merrier

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Multigenerational vacations can take a family trip to the next level! Whether you hit the campground or spring for an all-inclusive, there are plenty of adventures to make it memorable.

The annual summer getaway is a tradition for most families, but it can be a challenge to get everyone involved in multigenerational vacations. Grandparents and toddlers don’t always agree on vacation plans. Fortunately, whether you’re visiting a midsize city or taking a backpacking vacation, there are plenty of options to keep three generations happy!

Getting back to nature provides many memorable family vacations. A family campground holiday can be the perfect place for multigenerational vacations, too! Instead of something fancy, head to a campground like KOA where you can pitch a tent, get a cabin, or come cruising in your RV.

Many campgrounds offer great amenities for multigenerational vacations like swimming pools, climbing walls, and movie nights. So you’ll never be bored. There are many fun activities that a three-generation family can enjoy, whether it’s fishing, hiking, or storytelling around the campfire. In order to make the most of your camping adventure, make sure you’re heading to a destination that everyone can enjoy. This might mean springing for an RV if you have family members who might need a little extra comfort.

Multigenerational Vacations by the Water

A rafting adventure might not be ideal if your grandparents aren’t the adventurous kind. But, other types of water vacations can be some of the most memorable multigenerational family vacations you’ll ever have!

Why not head to the Colorado River or The Yough in Pennsylvania? there are plenty of options for all skill levels. so both grandparents and little kids can enjoy getting wet in the great outdoors!

When you’re not floating through the water, there are many other things to do, too. Take adventure hikes and traverse the local terrain.  When taking on this type of trip, determine everyone’s rafting skill level beforehand so you can choose an appropriate trip. With so many available options and numerous sights to see, this can be an adventurous way to reconnect!

All-Inclusive Multigenerational Vacations

It may seem like an all-inclusive resort is not a great option for your multigenerational vacations. However, this type of leisure and laid-back vacation can be perfect for getting to know one another better!

Whether you head to the Mayan Riviera or The Caribbean, there are many all-inclusive resort options that are perfect for three-generation holidays. Fortunately, not only are these types of multigenerational vacations easy to plan, you can enjoy your own villa in a far-off family resort.

Instead of having to worry about meals and plans, enjoy white sand beaches and hot weather. Most all-inclusive resorts also have a bevy of available activities. Whether you want to lie on the beach, snorkel among sea creatures or swim, there’s something for every age! You may even want to plan a fun, low-key day trip that everyone can take part in. While everyone won’t want to participate in every available activity during your multigenerational vacations, most resorts will have enough options so you can keep having fun!

What About A Volunteer Vacation?

A volunteer vacation might not get the kids as excited as a campground retreat or an all-inclusive resort. But it can be a great way for young and old to connect through a mutual passion for giving back! Organizations like Global Volunteers have special programs dedicated to multigenerational vacations where participants can volunteer and learn about local culture. Many local churches or places of worship also offer missions trips appropriate for the whole family where you can serve other people together.

In addition to visiting attractions, you can help local communities by providing services like childcare, gardening, building repairs, and painting. Volunteer programs are available in countries like Cuba, Italy, Vietnam, and Poland, so there’s no reason you can’t find the perfect destination! It’s important to be aware of everyone’s limitations when planning this type of trip. By ensuring that the volunteer activity isn’t too taxing and the destination is a must-see, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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