Let’s Rock and Roll: Rollerblades for Kids

girls sitting on the ground wearing rollerblades

Rollerblades for kids offer another outside activity to biking and one that doesn't require a rack on your car. Read on for a quick guide to the perks of introducing your kids to inline skating. These aren't your parents' roller skates. 

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Rollerblades for Kids

Do you want your kids outside and exercising? You most likely answered. Yes. Consider kids roller blades if they need a fresh alternative to biking, with some different benefits. My family has experienced significant wins from Inline Skates with our kids. Here some benefits from inline skates we weren't even expecting.

Great Gear for Rollerblades

Inline skates, or RollerBlades, as the top brand was named when they showed up in the late '80s, are different from traditional roller skates because the wheels are in a line, unlike quad skates have two weeks in front and two in back.  They're also equipped for a smooth ride during outdoor use, not just the sleek, strobe-lit floor of the skating rink. (Wow, I miss those days).

But if you are selecting inline skates for a beginner, look into adjustable skates. There are many options of adjustable inline skates.  My girls had adjustable skates that "grew" with them, allowing the skates to last through different sizes. This is significant for kids who are growing fast or want to pass them down to siblings with different shoe sizes.

Also, purchasing protective gear online is easy. We stocked up on elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist braces when they got rollerblades. They also wore their bike helmets. My young skaters never resisted wearing the safety gear while skating. I think they felt cool. And it made them respect the sport and the danger of being reckless.

Keep It Hyper-Local With Rollerblades for Kids

Recreational inline skates can be used on boardwalks, in parking lots, and in skate parks. But, for kids, or any beginner or intermediate inline skaters, the driveway and your street work just fine.  In fact, this is the benefit I enjoyed most with kids inline skates. The rollerblades challenged kids enough that they were fine staying in front of the house. I didn't have to negotiate neighborhood boundaries while I cooked dinner. Skating around the circular driveway was plenty of skating fun for my beginners.

Even more, if we did decide to go somewhere, bringing the skates and gear was simple. They each had a bag for their skates and could throw it in the car without too much thought. We're a biking family– and love to do trails together, but loading up bikes takes much more time and strategy than traveling with inline skates.

Mindful Motion With Rollerblades for Kids

Inline skates improve kids' health through exercise in several ways. First, skating is a cardiovascular workout, improving heart health. But further, inline skating improves balance, which comes more naturally to some kids than others. Having good balance reduces the amount of energy kids expend in simple activities such as walking or even sitting.

Even more, I observed my own kids using inline skating as stress-relief. I'd watch one of my daughter's inline skate back and forth in front of the house for almost a full hour after school each afternoon. She was getting exercise and having fun on her kids' skates, but she was also unwinding and regulating herself after a long day of emotional output.

Shopping for Inline Skates for Kids

Large retailers such as Target and Amazon sell a range of Inline Skates for Kids. Schwinn, Roller Derby, and Rollerblade offer adjustable inline skates for beginners. Some brands offer light-up inline skates for added fun and night visibility. The Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me Inline skates are a high-quality option for children 24 months to four years. Begin the inline skating adventure, young!

Stay Safe While Skating

Be sure to read reviews and look for information on ankle supportwheel size, and the closure system. Don't forget to invest in high-performing and shock-absorbing padding. And put those bike helmets on kids while skating (and climbing trees, and eating dinner…)

Rollerblades and Kids: New Fun Outside

As winter becomes spring, rollerblading gives kids new motivation to get out and get moving. With budget-friendly inline skate options, you can outfit the family for a new adventure ( that doesn't require long car-rides anywhere or an addition on the garage.) Roll on!

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