How to Make the Best Blanket Fort Ever

Building a blanket fort can offer up some big family fun. You just need a few supplies from around your house, so your kids have their own indoor hideaway!

We all know that it can be a drag to be stuck inside, especially as the weather gets colder. But just because your kids are indoors doesn’t mean they can’t make their own adventure! Whether they do it by themselves or it’s a family project, a pillow or blanket fort for kids can make a great indoor activity, and it can even provide a welcome change of scenery! Be sure to share your tips for keeping your family entertained on your favorite family app.

How Do You Build a Good Blanket Fort?

With a few materials, you can build the best blanket fort around. Before your children get started, take a trip around the house for everything you’ll need. Even pretend playing a shopping trip to a homewares store could make an additional rainy day activity.

  • Blankets, Sheets, and Towels – The walls and ceiling will be the most important part of your fort’s structure. Choose light blankets, sheets, and even tablecloths or towels to make your fort formidable!

  • Comfy Cushions – This staple of blanket fort accessories will ensure maximum coziness. Luckily, cushions or even a pillow can also double as the walls of your fort!

  • String or Yarn – This is the stuff that will hold your entire fort together. Whether you use string or yarn, you can suspend blankets and sheets using these simple household materials. Books are also great if you need to weight down sheets for more structure.

  • Clips or Clothespins – When you need to hold up your indoor fort for kids, a simple clip will do. Use these for pulling together sheets and keeping them secure on your yarn or string.

More Tips to Make a Blanket Fort

  • Pick the Right Room – A place your children will want to lounge in is really about choosing the right space. A bedroom fort can be great, but pieces like a lounge chair or the living room couch can provide a foundation. The ideal space can make construction easier!

  • Check the Floor – When deciding on the perfect room, choose one with carpet if possible. A cozy floor will keep your children a little warmer, especially when they plan to sleep in their blanket fort. You can also lay out the kids’ bed mattresses for extra comfort.

  • Keep It Light! – If you cover your fort with blankets, there’s a good chance it’s going to be too warm or too dark. It’s best when you’re building to use sheets as your ceiling. Blankets can be used for the walls or weighted down with books on the floor for added comfort.

  • Choose the Right Lighting – Finding the right balance between coziness and lighting is key for an indoor fort. Your children might want to use a chain of lights or a flashlight inside, but you can also set up a lamp outside of it for indirect lighting. In any case, check whether the bulbs heat up.

What Is Some Good Stuff to Put Into an Awesome Indoor Fort?

There are plenty of blanket fort ideas that will make it the perfect place to hang out. Kids might like having their favorite board game or a book so it feels a little more like ‘home’. It can also be a great idea to bring in some snacks, like granola bars or real fruit gummies.

As a parent, you may want to be cautious about what you supply so your kids don’t overdo it! If the whole family is engaged in the fort fun, you may even want to make a night of it. Build yours around the TV so you can all enjoy a magical movie night together! Or change your beds with your awesome indoor fort for one night to get the feeling of sleeping out.

Do you have any expert tips or ideas for an indoor blanket fort? Share them with other parents in the comments! After all, it doesn’t have to be complicated to put something together. With so much time inside these days, a new activity is always nice!

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