Roller Skating Workout Tips

Whether you prefer inline skates or the classic ones, roller skating can make for a fun activity. Fortunately, there are plenty of health benefits that make it a great workout too!

Most people think of the ideal workout as a hike on the trail or a run through the park. However, there’s a lot more to fitness than meets the eye! While an activity like skating might be seen mostly as fun, it’s actually great exercise. Whether you go to the rink or down the street, it’s easy to burn calories and socialize. Learn more about this amazing workout and how it can benefit you. Be sure to share your own roller skating tips on your favorite family app!

Can You Lose Weight by Roller Skating?

Roller skating for beginners might make for a fun activity, but there’s also the added benefit of losing weight. In fact, you can burn plenty of calories in no time flat! For example, a woman who weighs approximately 160 pounds will burn circa 9 calories per minute of skating. That means, around 300 calories can be burned in 30 minutes of this activity. If you’re looking for a fun activity that will also function as a great workout, this might be it. If you have one, share your own roller skating workout on your favorite FamilyApp!

roller skating as a workout

Is Roller Skating Good for You?

Whether you’re a child or a senior, there are many skating benefits. From improved heart health to increased agility, here are a few reasons to get out on the arena!

  • Improves Balance – Because you must keep your core steady to stay on your skates, roller skating improves your balance and coordination. Using the strength of your abdominal and back muscles, you’ll develop newfound agility!
  • Strengthens the Heart – According to the American Heart Association, roller skating is an aerobic activity that actually strengthens the heart! Skating at moderate speeds can actually increase a skater’s heart rate to levels between 140-160 beats per minute.
  • Reduces Joint Damage – With this sport, you’re engaging in a fluid motion where your feet won’t really leave the ground. That means, unlike many other sports, there will be a reduced impact on your joints. Over time, this can make for a much more pleasant workout!

How Is Skating a Workout?

Skating is among the sports that can be a lot of fun while still offering a great workout! That’s why you may want to make part of your routine or even take skating classes. Share your workout ideas on your favorite family app!

  • Skating as Cross-Training – It might be hard to believe but roller skating is similar to running in terms of calorie burning and weight loss. As a result, you can engage in this activity and expect the same health benefits!
  • Skate to Increase Endurance – Roller skating can help to increase your endurance if you’re doing some uphill action. Because it will train your muscles and your cardiovascular system, you will be able to exercise longer!
  • Skate to Improve Arm & Leg Strength – Among the roller skating basics is using your arms and legs to push your body forward. As a result, they will help to balance your body and you’ll automatically strengthen those muscles!

Roller skating might be thought of merely as a fun recreational activity. However, it actually has plenty of health benefits that make it a top-notch exercise! Have you ever gone to a roller skating event? Share your experience with other skaters in our comments! After all, if you’re looking for stronger muscles and improved heart health, this activity’s as good as a run!

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