Something in the Water Festival: Tips for a Great Weekend

something in the water 2020

Virginia Beach locals and tourists alike have been eagerly anticipating the second annual Something in the Water Festival this April 20th – April 26th, but what’s it all about? Here are some tips for making the most of this music festival.

What Is the Something in the Water Festival?

At its core, the Something in the Water Festival is a six-day festival (including a 3-day music festival from April 24-26)uniting some of the country’s best music artists. But the overarching vision for organizers like Pharrell Williams and others is much larger than just a music festival. They would like it to be more similar to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX, which combines a music and arts festival with opportunities for business growth and networking.

So even though fans will flock to see many of their favorite bands take the stage this year, in the future, the festival will offer much more. It has the potential to be both a hub and catalyst for Virginia Beach’s burgeoning tech and artistic communities. So we’ll soon be talking about SITW alongside SXSW.

Where Is the Something in the Water Festival?

This epic summer festival takes place at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Most of the festivities will take place between 4th Street and 19th Street, with the biggest events at the 4th St. Atlantis stage. The festival will provide shuttle transportation to different events, and there’s bike parking available as well.

But Virginia locals who don’t have tickets to the festival probably want to steer clear of the area. Traffic will rival July 4th levels, even with the shuttles and organized transportation! Biking might be a great option this weekend, too.

Which Artists Will Be Playing at the Something in the Water Festival?

You can find a list of artists and the performance schedule here, but some highlights include organizer Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky, Chance, Post Malone and Migos, many of whom have strong ties to the VA Beach and Hampton Roads area.

Fans may also come to see other top artists including Tyler The Creator, The Head And The Heart, Lany, Nelly, Jaden Smith, and the Foo Fighters. Also, Sunday morning festival-goers can attend a Pop-Up Church Service, which is sure to have an amazing choir and musical component.

Some of these Virginia Beach events will be kid-friendly, but the overall event is geared for an older crowd. So we’d recommend leaving the kids home if possible. But if you plan on bringing a little one to the shows, these noise-canceling headphones are a great way to shield them from a lot of loud noise. Yes, they make them for adults, too!

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Can You Still Get Something in the Water Tickets?

The festival’s already sold out of their tier 1 and tier 2 general admission tickets, and their first selection of VIP wristbands are gone. But if you still want to go to the festival, there’s hope! The final tier of 3-day general admission tickets are still available starting at $250 dollars, and there’s even a few VIP passes left starting at $600 dollars. You can find these remaining Something in the Water tickets on sites like StubHub. And, chances are, closer to the date of the festival, there will still be plenty of available tickets from third-party vendors.

So, while you can still get tickets, you might have to pay a little more than the list price. But it’ll be worth it!

Where Can I Stay During the Something in the Water Festival?

If you’re hoping for an oceanfront hotel room at a fabulous price, you might be disappointed. Most hotel rooms are already sold out. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great other options available.

Many live music festival-goers are opting for rentals on Airbnb, which are perfect for groups of friends who want to stay together. All The Rooms also has comprehensive listings of which hotels and homes are still available that weekend, so you can find the perfect place to stay. The neighboring cities of Norfolk and Chesapeake might also have more availability and cheaper room rates that weekend.

You’ll have a bit of a drive. But really, you didn’t come to Something in the Water to sit around in your hotel room all day. You came for the music! So even though Virginia Beach offers some lovely accommodations, they’re definitely not the main event!

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What Is the Something in the Water Art Walk?

Locals have loved seeing vibrant murals pop up throughout the city as part of the American Express-sponsored Something in the Water Art Walk. The walk features a mix of artists, including several locals, and has been curated by New Orleans artist “B-Mike” Odums. These murals bring a great vibe to the festival, and they’re also a great way for those who don’t want to physically attend the festivities to enjoy in the weeks to come.

For another bonus, festival-goers showing their wristbands can visit the Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art(MOCA) for free this weekend!

Where Am I Going to Eat?

Actually, the better question might be, how can I choose between all these fabulous dining options!?!?!

The Virginia Beach oceanfront has lots of great local restaurants offering delicious food and drinks. Though plan ahead, since they’ll probably be busier than usual! There’s no shame in packing your own snacks and drinks ahead of time. You’ll be glad you did!

But if you have some free time and the lines aren’t too long, stop by May’s Parlor for some delicious breakfast pastries, enjoy some freshly roasted coffee at Three Ships Coffee. Later in the day, head over to Aloha Snacks for the perfect tuna poke bowl, and finish off the day with Esoteric‘s delicious duck tacos and braised short ribs in the ViBe Creative District.

And if you came with kids, here are some of our favorite family-friendly restaurants, including a list of places where kids eat free!

Get Ready for an Epic Weekend!

Mark your calendars! Something in the Water Festival 2020 should be on par with other great music festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, and SXSW. There’s no better place than the beach to enjoy great music. And with 32,000 of your closest friends, you’re sure to have a great time!

Be sure to check out our VB Basics Channel for some of the best activities, events, and culture from Virginia Beach. There’s plenty more to come!

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