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We’ve all had trouble finding our favorite recipe when we’re looking to cook. Whether in a binder or using an app, find the right system to organize recipes with our help!

Most of us have a few favorite recipes whether it’s our Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies or homemade Spaghetti Bolognese. And, while our recipe collection sticks with us through the times, it doesn’t necessarily change with them! And that’s where updating your favorite recipes can come in handy. While you may want to try a tin or scrapbook-style binder, many apps can do the hard work. Share your own recipe organization methods on your favorite family app!

How Can I Keep My Recipes More Organized?

There are a number of ways you can organize recipes to get the most out of them. From a binder with Grandma’s favorites to a funky flip stand, we have solutions for managing your kitchen time!

  • Recipe Flip Stand – A flip stand is perfect for the avid cook! Instead of fussing with your recipe while you’re cooking, you can see it from every angle on this vertical flip stand. It’s a great way to organize recipes and keep them clean!
  • A Decorative Tin – If you’re traditional about your recipe organization and like to keep the recipe cards they’re written on, try a tin! This will hold all of your recipes and you can keep it on the counter for aesthetic appeal. You can organize alphabetically or by dish or ingredient!
  • Accordion File Recipe Organizer – For those who have a more robust recipe collection, this divider may work perfectly. It may not look pretty, but it offers plenty of room to stash all your favorites. From drinks to dessert, you can organize recipes how you see fit!
  • Recipe Binder – If you want to organize recipes for weekly meal planning, a recipe binder may be the way to go! With the Me & My Big Ideas recipe planner, you can add nearly 200 recipes. You can even use separate pages to make a shopping list. Share your favorite binder ideas on FamilyApp!

how do you organize recipes?What Is the Best Way to Organize Recipes Digitally?

There’s no shortage of options if you want to use a recipe organization app or organize recipes online. From grocery lists to meal planning, going digital has it all and recipe apps are an easy way to search and share your favorite dishes. Out top 3 apps for recipes are:

  • Evernote – This great recipe organizer offers everything for your personal recipe collection! Essentially, it functions as an electronic filing cabinet where you can stash your favorites and sync across devices. You can even search by any criteria the recipe’s tagged with to instantly find what you’re looking for!
  • Eat Your Books – If you have a shelf full of cookbooks, this is one of the best recipe organization apps around! Simply select the cookbook you own from the app’s library to create your own bookshelf. You can then search it to find your old favorite digitally!
  • Paprika – Pinterest is popular for recipe mavens because you can find great dishes to make. But, Paprika takes it a step further since it allows you to save any recipe you find to the app. You can make lists, organize recipes on an iPad and cross off the recipe as you make it!

A great recipe collection can be a point of pride for those who like to get in the kitchen. But there are more options than cookbooks and recipe binders for storing your recipes. In fact, if you organize recipes with an app like Evernote and Paprika, finding your favorites is easy! Do you have any tips for recipe organization? Share them with other cooks in our comments. Whether you keep it physical or decide to go digital, it’s all about what happens in the kitchen!

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