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Looking for summer style inspiration? Come along with Josie Ortega as she searches for simple skin, clothing, and accessory advice from FamilyApp’s Moms on the Street!

Well, my friends, it’s hot as the dickens outside, my #summerstrategies are hanging by a thread, and we’ve only just begun.

Remember how I declared it the Summer of Siesta? Yesterday, after a pool outing and lunch, the kids and I snuggled up to watch a movie together, a 1960’s Disney throwback checked out from the library: The Ugly Daschund with Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette. I planned for us to watch just half an hour so we could wind down and relax, then send everyone off to rest time.

Cut to the next scene: I wake up to find 15 minutes remaining in the movie. Kids are all awake; nothing’s damaged in the house; I feel refreshed—and I didn’t even have to watch a children’s comedy about dogs. An unexpected bonus nap! It wasn’t what I’d planned, but it worked out. This is how I define success.

Summer Style Inspiration

In an effort to lower standards re-define success in another area of my life this summer, I spent a few minutes browsing FamilyApp’s Mom on the Street channelfor style inspiration.

I love seeing the ways all these moms express themselves uniquely, and I love hearing how people figure out and embrace their own sense of style—including both form (what looks good to them), and function (what works well).

In this, the Summer of Sweat, I’m longing for some breezy, cool confidence, style-wise. While I shout at my children to close the front door—You’re letting the AC out! You’re letting mosquitoes in! You’re letting the cat out!!—I’d like for what I’m wearing to be the source of No Sweat, Man.

Time to refresh the basics, simplify, and figure out what’s fun and what works this summer! Here’s some advice I’m taking to heart from our Moms on the Street:

Back to Basics

Another season, another closet evaluation!

Don’t buy a million things to try to be someone you’re not, stick with basics that you can wear over and over again and will truly love! Less is more! Collectively Cool Mom on the Street Casey Anderson
Dress for who you are today and make sure that it fits your lifestyle. Simple Modern Mom on the Street Rachel Rosenthal

My takeaway: Quit shopping from Instagram ads. 


[I would not want to live without] a really good bra in 3 colors. Nude, black and white. Effortlessly Classic Mom on the Street Julie Liebler
UNDERGARMENTS! Get your wallet out and have a proper fitting at an upscale lingerie shop. [. . .] Start with your undergarments and build from there. If the bra and panties don’t fit YOU properly, the rest of your outfit will not lay well or look polished. Urban Chic Mom on the Street Corrie Lentz

My takeaway: I need some new underwear.

Skincare and Makeup

LipSense gloss is my absolute favorite because I put it on in the morning and don’t have to worry about reapplying the rest of the day. Bright and Comfy Mom on the Street Audrey Leishman

My secret weapon is eye brow gel. Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street Mai Trinh

BB cream from Korea makes your skin look flawless. There are quite a few different brands out there. Tomboy Chic Mom on the Street Jen Temple

I swear by Urban Decay’s Naked Skin liquid foundation. I hadn’t used it until I had my makeup done on my wedding day and it is pure magic. It’s super light-weight, one coat will cover almost anything, and there’s some sort of luminescence to it that makes you glow without looking like you have glitter on your face. AND it’s cruelty-free/vegan. Spunky Spitfire Mom on the Street Amanda Hazelwood

Sunscreen is my best friend! Colorful Corporate Mom on the Street Laura Kraus

And for those of us who really need a refresh:

If you buy a certain amount of makeup, Sephora will give you a free one-hour makeover session with their extremely talented makeup artists. Most makeup counters will, too, but Sephora is truly the best. I speak in front of large crowds every week so I take great advantage of this. Jet Set Executive Mom on the Street Michelle Silverthorn

Summer Style Simplicity

I’m all about getting out the door as quickly as possible and looking as pulled together as possible. I’d say my best secret is staying simple. Preppy Casual Mom on the Street Leslie Cutchins

I am going to get made fun of for this but can we please bring back hip packs?  They are so convenient. Nothing else in fashion has ever made so much sense. Comfortable Cool Mom on the Street Mollie Gioffre

This is a safe space, Mollie. Go for it. Fanny packs are back!

When you are in a hurry, but aiming to look presentable, grab earrings, concealer, and lip gloss. Earrings will always dress up your look, concealer can be applied in the car to cover any blemishes, and the gloss gives your face just enough shine/color to have that fresh face look! Glamorous Comfy Mom on the Street Amy Crain Gober
Plan your pieces the night before. The look will be a lot more polished and neat, than just something just thrown together. Spontaneous Edgy Mom on the Street Brooke Burns
Keep it simple. I prefer clothing I can wear with a pair of Converse and can transition easily to “date night” mode with bright flats and some fun earrings. Effortlessly Cool Mom on the Street Courtney Manship

Summer Accessories


Big colorful earrings can distract from anything else going on—all eyes go straight to those beauties! You can be wearing a completely plain outfit, but when you add some amazing earrings . . . not only will you be feeling fierce all night, but it’s also a way to be different. I love having earrings that no one else has! Always Accessorized Mom on the Street Betsy Hill

My takeaway: the $3 neon hoops I bought at the corner bodega two years ago will remain in heavy rotation this summer. (Is neon still in? I asked, and the internet said YES!) 


[I would not want to live without] sunglasses, my Mexican dresses, my favorite 7 jeans, my turquoise jewelry, all things pink. Colorful Preppy Mom on the Street Amelia Williams

My takeaways: Since Amelia loves her Mexican dresses, I feel very fashionable embracing mine, too! As for sunglasses: my personal policy is to go with the novelty wayfarers that are given away all over the place. No worries about losing a pricey pair in the pool or ocean. Works for me. 


[I would not want to live without] my Chacos sandals. They are clunky and not at all stylish. But they mean I can hike, bike, and catch frogs in the creek with my kids no matter what I’m wearing, all while giving my look a sort of outdoorsy, free-spirited vibe. (I’d wear them with or without the vibe, but the vibe is an appreciated side benefit.) Creative Contemplative Mom on the Street Amy Rowe

My summer shoes: For the pool, beach, garden, etc., water-proof Birkenstocks. And for other: metallic Jack Rogers, the Palm Beach classic. Done and done. 

Summer Style Swimsuits

Much as I’d like to ignore the issue, we couldn’t get through this post without tackling bathing suits. Unfortunately none of our Moms on the Street let me in on the secret of which one is the miracle suit for me . . . but I did find some pointers about attitude:

My maternal grandmother [. . .] believed in being overdressed at any time and didn’t care what anyone else was wearing. [. . .] If she had been well, she would still have been rocking a bikini at 65! Glamorous Bohemian Mom on the Street Amy Metzger
[I love] Vivianne Westwood – she’s all about doing whatever makes you happy. So if you want to wear a bikini in the winter with a fur coat you should do it. Slow Fashion Mom on the Street Heather Holiday

[What’s your best style secret?] Confidence. Colorful Collected Mom on the Street Mary Kaufman

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth about what swimsuits I’m comfortable in, what’s appropriate for a mom, a pregnant woman, now a mom of three (yikes!). Here’s where I’ve landed: I’ll do whatever I want, as long as the kids can’t pull it off me. (And that’s a big if!) This year I found a top I really like from Albion Fit. Instagram shopping for the win. Just this once.

Summer Style – Wear What suits you!

If you feel good in it, wear it!!! And if the same people won’t see you the next day, wear it again:) Rock and Roll Classic Mom on the Street Riya Thorson
If you don’t feel good in your clothes, wear something else. Life is too short. Comfortable Cool Mom on the Street Mollie Gioffre
Seriously, one of the best things about living in Manhattan is you really can wear whatever you want as long as you just own it and don’t care what other people think. No one is thinking about you but you, right? Uptown Artist Mom on the Street Melisse Copley

Now I feel utterly inspired!

If you need me, find me at the neighborhood pool. I’ll be the one pretending I’m an old lady with the confidence and life experience to strut in my two-piece suit—no fur coat, but I hereby reserve the right—free sunglasses, neon hoop earrings, and my grandmother’s turquoise muumuu.

Tell us about your summer style! And check out FamilyApp’s Mom on the Street channel to glean your own style inspiration.

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