The 10 Best Music Apps for Android and iOS

Best Music Apps for Android and iOS

There’s plenty of great music that’s waiting to be discovered. Whether you love the classics or emerging artists, find a new favorite with the best music apps for iOS and Android out there!

Going to the record store and finding what you were looking for used to be an event. Now, all the favorites you’re looking for are at your fingertips! Whether you love the latest pop or golden oldies, there are new tracks to discover. If you try to find an easy way to listen to some great new tunes, try out one of these great music apps! Share your favorite playlists with others on FamilyApp.

What Are the Best Music Apps for iPhone?

There are many apps out there that grant access to free music but these are our favorites for iOS devices, beyond iTunes:

1. Soundshare

It’s all in a name with this iOS music app because it’s all about sharing! If you’re the kind of person who likes to give and get musical preferences, Soundshare is perfect for you. You can easily collaborate on playlists so that you can find new favorites right up your alley!

2. Listen

When it comes to managing your music collection, Listen is one of the best music apps around. You can easily browse your music library by artist, album or playlist. If you’re willing to pay for the upgrade, you can even get access to your favorite radio stations. Share this great app for free music on FamilyApp!

3. Musixmatch

There was a time when music purchases came along with the lyrics. However, with those days gone, Musixmatch is the next best thing. You can look up lyrics to songs and find the track you’re looking for. This iOS app will even show the lyrics along with the music so you can learn them yourself!

4. Spotify

Whether or not you’re new to the world of music apps, you’ve probably heard of Spotify. This app has millions of songs, videos, and podcasts for you to choose from. While you can create your own playlists, Spotify will also make music recommendations for you!

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What Are the Best Music Apps for Android?

Do you want to stream unlimited or listen to your music offline with your Android device? Try one of the following music apps:

5. Google Play Music

This app for Android will allow you to sync 50,000 songs for free so you can add in your entire collection! While the free version will interrupt your streaming with ads, the paid version offers plenty more music. You can even download your own music for offline listening with Google Play Music!

6. Blackplayer

This app supports almost every type of music player and formats including MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and M4A. For the person who is new to music apps download, it’s very easy to install and has customizable themes. Whatever your favorite songs, you may be able to find them on Blackplayer. Share your own finds for free music on your favorite family app!

7. Poweramp

If you’re looking for a superior music app experience, look no further than Poweramp! It offers non-stop music without ad interruptions so you can enjoy your favorite songs more. You can even customize the theme so that you have a music app you’ll feel even better about.

8. Pi Music Player

This is among the favored music apps on Android, and it’s hard not to see why! There are plenty of new songs and old classics to choose from so you don’t miss out on what’s in. It also supports plenty of audiobooks and podcasts so you’ll never run out of new finds to listen.

What Music Apps Can I Use Offline?

9. SoundCloud

For the music lover who really likes live performances, SoundCloud is the app to download! Not only does it have a lot of music, it has plenty of live sessions and remixes to sort through. If you happen to be a musician yourself, SoundCloud is also a great place for emerging artists. 

10. iHeartRadio

For those who just want to turn the radio on, this is one of the music apps without WiFi that’s perfect. You’ll have instant access to plenty of radio channels that go way beyond tunes. Like the Pandora music station, you can even create your own radio stations chock full of your favorite artists!

Whether you’re a music maven or you’re looking for some new tunes, there are plenty of great music apps out there. From unlimited radio stations to ad-less streaming, there’s an app for every kind of listener. Do you have some favorite music apps to share? Tell us about it in the comments! After all, it’s a great time to find some new tunes and come up with the perfect playlist.

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