Virtual School Resources to Keep You Going

COVID-Homeschooling is in full swing. Chances are you and your favorite student(s) have found some great resources, had amazing moments and also given up about 500 times. So if you need more ideas, these fantastic virtual school resources will make learning fun.

Virtual School Resources (For When You’ve Given Up on Virtual Schooling)

Full-Time teaching is a lot for parents to take on, with a few hours notice. Communities and schools have rallied over the weeks to provide endless online options for learning for preschoolers up to middle school and high school.

Teachers are going above and beyond filming lessons in their living rooms, setting up virtual courses, and providing instruction in platforms far from the brick-and-mortar schools they worked in just a few weeks ago.

But when you are the parent instructor at the school no one chose to enroll in, sometimes it’s time to enjoy the creativity virtual schooling offers, while taking a break from full-time traditional school.

In case you DO need some more math and language arts options, Khan Academy and Reading IQ (code SCHOOL 7771) offer tuition-free instruction for grades k-12.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Museum Tours and Virtual State Parks are a great learning device that takes away the stress. Here’s a link to Virtual Garden Tours, in case you want to connect these estates to high school botany, (or home economics.)

If your student wants a virtual history education, consider this tour of the Great Wall of China. `

Live Cams for When You’ve Given Up on Virtual School

Your student can view animals in a variety of habitats using this site’s web cams.

Ignite your student’s interest in space with this 3-D replica of the surface of Mars. 

The San Diego ZooGeorgia Aquarium, and Monterey Aquarium let students visit without leaving their [home] classrooms.

Science Experiments

Hands-on activities provide great chances to get up, move around, and enrich learning for different concepts from your student’s science curriculum.

Here are two full weeks of science experiments students can conduct around the house.

Generation Genius offers high-quality science lessons and experiments for students in grades 1-5.

National Geographic provides gorgeous photography of all of the world’s wonders, small and large, with clear information for online students.

Directed Drawings for When You’ve Given Up on Virtual Schooling

These activities are great for mindfulness and relaxation, art instruction, and occupying younger ones while working with your older school students. Students are thrilled at what they are able to accomplish in a short amount of time. Be sure to start a gallery in your home!

This site offers options for your student to choose from, and favorite author/illustrator Mo Williams has been offering a lunchtime drawing class with each of the episodes archived here. 

Get Moving When You’ve Given Up On Virtual School

This yoga adventure is sure to please some of your crowd as kids do Cosmic Kids yoga to the story of Frozen.

Refit is offering a month of free dance fitness classes for the whole family to move together.

GoNoodle is a favorite of your elementary school students. Use these movements, dances, and activities at home to keep the oxygen flowing.

Make Memories When You Give Up On Virtual School

No doubt, you and your children are missing face-to-face school, relationships, and the professionals handling curriculum. Take small moments each day to give up and make memories. Do things together you wouldn’t have had time for when life had a normal schedule. Celebrate that learning happens in many different ways.

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