The 11 Best Podcasts for Kids and Parents

Podcasts for kids can provide plenty of lively conversation and interesting facts. Whether your child’s favorite topic is art or science, there’s one out there they’ll love!

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is a series of digital audio files comparable to a recurring radio show with several episodes but which a user can download to listen. Most of them circle around a specific topic and are hosted by experts like scientists or artists. However, there are also comedy podcasts or talk shows. For children, there are some with storytelling or fairy tales as well.Today there are plenty of platforms where you can get kid-friendly radio shows. Many podcasters provide their latest episode on their own websites for free but you can also go to Apple iTunes or download a podcatcher app. Whether your children happen to like music, science or simple storytelling, the following podcasts online might do the trick.

podcasts for kids

What Are the Best Podcasts for Kids?

It’s important that kids don’t spend all of their time behind a computer or a tablet. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing good for them when it comes to screen time. In fact, the popularity of podcasts has made it easier than ever to access fun, interesting facts!

There are plenty of interesting and educational recordings for kids, but the following ones rise to the top of the heap!

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids – Every parent knows that a period of time comes along when all their child can ask is ‘why?’ Luckily, this radio show answers all sorts of important questions that only a kid can come up with! It even features loads of experts to make for interesting answers.
  • Story Time – There are few things that children look forward to more than a good story, so your child will love indulging in some artful storytelling after school or even before bed. Each story goes for about 10-15 minutes and will surely inspire their creative side!
  • Peace Out – Getting children off to sleep is a struggle for almost every parent, but podcasts for sleep can provide the antidote. Peace Out is available on Apple iTunes and will help calm your kids for bedtime and a quiet night. When it comes to getting them off to bed, you may want to share this radio show with other parents on a family app!

What are the Best Podcasts for Older Children?

It often seems hard to please your tween or teen. Luckily, the following podcasts for kids might give you something you can enjoy together.

  • Eleanor Amplified – Your tween will look forward to each episode of this serial podcast! Follow Eleanor the journalist as she shows pluck and wit chasing down her next big scoop. You can even download and play a single audio file of the “Road Trip Edition” for some longer-term fun!The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel – You know you’re getting a good series when it’s won a Peabody Award! Featuring real, live middle-schoolers, this podcast will keep your tweens in suspense as they try and figure out the mystery. Share this great story series with other parents on FamilyApp.All Songs Considered – If you’re looking for the best podcasts for teens, this National Public Radio (NPR) program might already become one of their favorites. In addition to featuring the music of new artists and indie musicians, it has interviews and live performances. For parents who want to be cool to their kids again, this podcast can be a great in!

podcasts for kids

Podcasts for Kids and Adults: What Are the Best Podcasts for the Whole Family?

It’s fun to have time alone, but the following podcasts for families can be enjoyed together as adults also find them interesting. If you find your own favorite, share it with others on a family app!

  • Dream Big – Follow 7-year old Eva Karpman as she tag-teams with her mom to provide plenty of fun and advice. Whether this twosome is interviewing celebs or experts, these podcasters make for a pleasant listener experience. Dream Big might even be among the best podcasts for young women!
  • Wow in the World – NPR knows where it’s at when it comes to providing the little ones with world-class content. Luckily, Wow in the World is no different. This science podcast will satisfy your kids’ curiosity about everything from the news to technology in an informative format.
  • Book Club for Kids – If you’re looking for a serial podcast to make your child a bookworm, this might just be it! The public radio persona Kitty Felde runs the show, and each episode features a celebrity guest alongside the week’s book. It can easily inspire the kind of kid that loves to read!
  • Adventures in Odyssey – This faith-based radio show and complementary podcasts have been entertaining families since the 1980s! With thousands of episodes to choose from on their app, you can enjoy any type of program from a multi-episode mystery, to a historical drama. These are especially great for those long summer road trips!
  • Brains On! A Podcast for Kids and the Curious Adults – As the name says, this science podcast is enjoyable for children and adults at one go. Listen to this radio show and explore technical devices as well as emotions or biology. This family-friendly radio program will truly turn your brains on!

There are so many podcasts out there that it can be hard to know what to choose. Whether your kids love science, facts or podcasts about art, there are plenty of programs for them! Do you have a favorite family podcast? Let us know in our comments. With so many options at your fingertips, there’s a lot available to keep your kids engaged.

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