The 10 Best Calendar Apps for Families

Staying on top of your schedule is all about being organized. The right calendar apps can ensure that you can do what’s important and don’t miss a beat!

There was a time when we all had calendars on our fridge or wall to stay on top of things. Nowadays, there are plenty of calendar apps that can help so that you don’t miss one event or deadline. Whether you want multiple calendars or you want to sync it with other apps, you can customize your calendar however you'd like. Be sure to share your ideas for sticking to your schedule and be organized on your favorite family app!

What Are Good Family Calendar Apps?

1. Fantastical ­

This app was created for iOS, so it’s perfect to use on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Fantastical automatically syncs between your devices so you access your calendar at any time. While this is one of the best free calendar apps, the premium version offers more customization and collaboration.

2. BusyCal

This calendar app is perfect for the on-the-go person as it offers color-coded months that make for easy viewing. You can see it by day, week, and month to get a good sense of what’s upcoming. You can even get map support so it will provide each event’s location and potential travel time.

3. Timepage

If you happen to love your Moleskine notebook, you’ll love the company’s own calendar app. This app works with iCloud, Facebook, and Google so you can update your own calendar apps using natural language. For the extra busy, the heatmap is great for determining when you’re overbooked so you can stay on task.

calendar planning app smartphone

What Are the Best Calendar Apps for Android?

4. Business Calendar 2

This is among the calendar apps geared towards business use. However, it’s also easy to use and perfect for those who are just trying to organize their schedule. It has a variety of themes and widgets so that you can customize it to your preferences.


If you’re looking for calendar apps that work well on your smartphone, is among the best! It offers a simple interface so you have all the tools you need for easy mobile use. You can easily color your events and calendars so it provides an easy reference for what’s upcoming.

6. Google Calendar

This Android app is perfect for those who want to use it in conjunction with Gmail. Because it’s a cloud-based app, it will also sync throughout your devices as soon as you sign into Google. While it’s pretty simple as far as calendar apps go, it does the trick and is free for users!

What Are the Best Calendar Apps for iPhone?

7. Outlook Calendar

This calendar app may not have the most aesthetically pleasing interface but it works well with a variety of platforms. It’s also an added benefit that it’s free. And, if you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, it comes in handy as one of the best calendar apps. You can even connect it to your LinkedIn account.

8. My Study Life

For the student looking to manage their classroom life, My Study Life is ideal whether you’re online or in class. Not only can you take care of your class schedule you can also track assignments and get notifications. Since this information will sync across devices, you don’t have to miss out on any exams!

9. SaiSuke 2

This Japanese app may be free, but it’s also perfect for those who love their Mac devices. You can add entries and customize the interface so it works for setting your schedule. The only problem is that in order to sync across devices you’ll have to get the premium version. Share other calendar apps on your favorite family app!

10. Apple Calendar

You don't even have to download this calendar app, as it's the default for all apple devices, but it's simple, intuitive design makes it a great choice as your go-to calendar app.

There are so many things to do each day that it can sometimes be hard to stay organized. Luckily, there are plenty of calendar apps that can keep you on top of your to-do list! Whether it’s for your family or your office life, writing it all down can do the trick. Do you have any suggestions for other calendar apps? Share them with other busy people in our comments! It doesn’t hurt to have a little help in staying abreast of your schedule.

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