Top 10 Winter Barbecue Tips and Recipes

recipes for winter barbecuing

The winter season has arrived, and many people have put their grills in storage. But that doesn’t have to be the case! A winter barbecue can be just as beautiful as it is during the summer! We’ll tell you how!

barbecue friendsWinter barbecues – a cold affair?

With a few little tips and ideas, barbecuing in winter becomes a great experience!

1. Wear warm clothes

So that you do not freeze, it is very important that you wear the right clothing. However, you should remember that splashes of fat or sparks can come flying. In addition, scarves with fringes or bobbles are not ideal clothing choices because they can catch fire quickly.

2. Provide sufficient lighting

In the winter season it gets dark very quickly, so you should provide good lighting via flashlights or other light. A campfire is also a good idea. It even warms you up in snow and cold temperatures.

3. Drink hot drinks and soups to keep warm

If you’re still cold, you can keep warm with hot drinks and soups. Mulled wine and homemade punches are especially delicious. I can only advise against ice cream for your winter barbecue party for obvious reasons!

barbecuing in winterGrilling considerations

4. Defreeze your grill

Before you can start grilling, you must remove snow and ice from the grill. Otherwise, the grill can cool down too quickly. Due to the low temperatures in winter, the food needs much longer to grill than in summer. You should take this into account when planning and preparing your barbecue.

5. Check the gas

With gas grills, make sure you use the correct gas. We all use propane/ butane gas as fuel for our gas barbecue as standard. In principle it’s fine, but in winter butane gas fights with a boiling point of 31.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The disadvantage is that the gas liquefies and is therefore no longer usable. With propane gas, the boiling point is -43.6 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s better suited for winter use. Nothing stands in the way of enjoying your barbecue, and you can operate a gas grill without any problems.

6. Consider an electric grill

An electric grill is suitable for all those who do not want to grill outside in the cold. You can operate them wherever electricity is available. It doen’t need a long preheating time like a coal grill for example. In addition, there is no smoke that could annoy the neighbors.

winter barbecuing

The best recipes for winter barbecue

You have the next barbecue party in winter coming up and you don’t know which tasty recipes are best for it? We’ll give you a few ideas on how you and your guests can spoil yourself with culinary delights and have fun at the same time!

7. The classic: steaks and sausages

Of course, a good piece of meat or steak should not be missing when grilling in winter. For the perfect steak, it is particularly important that you place it on a really hot grill. It can also be the case with charcoal grills that they need even longer to glow through than in summer. If you have a lid for your grill, it is advisable to place it on top of the grill to store the heat. When serving it is helpful to put on preheated plates so that the meat does not cool down immediately.

8. Typical winter side dishes

Classic winter vegetables such as pumpkin, butternut squash or potatoes are particularly suitable as a side dish for grilling. But also tasty fruit like stuffed baked apples from the grill make a delicious dessert. There are no limits to your ideas.

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9. Pulled pork

Pulled Pork is a great suggestion for those who are tired of standing next to the barbecue all the time. It takes a little longer on the grill than a piece of meat, but you don’t always have to stand next to it and turn it around. All you have to do is keep an eye on the cooking temperature.

10. Finish with a liqueur

Completing your grill party with a delicious liqueur and a non-alcoholic punch for the children is especially nice. Winter liqueurs such as baked apple liqueur or cinnamon liqueur are particularly good.

Are you still preparing your grill for hibernation after this article? Winter grilling can be so beautiful! Try it out!

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