26 January 2021 (updated)

Top 10 Winter Barbecue Tips and Recipes

Don't keep your grill in storage this winter! A bbq in winter can be just as fun as it is during the summer. Read on for some great tips, tricks, and recipes!

Stay Warm During Your Winter BBQ

Just because you have to bundle up in a hat and gloves doesn't mean you can't have an incredible winter bbq experience. Fire up your charcoal or gas grill and start cooking! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy this outdoor event.

1. Wear Warm Clothes.

It's very important to wear the right clothing so you don't spend the whole night shivering. However, you should remember that splashes of fat or sparks can come flying. So don't wear scarves with fringes or bobbles because they can catch fire quickly. Other cold-weather clothes like a neck gator or hat might be better options.

2. Bring Flashlights or a Lantern.

It gets dark very quickly during the winter, so you should provide good lighting via flashlights or another type of light, possibly a campfire. Not only will it provide you with some brightness, but it can keep you warm during the wintertime snow. You might also enjoy roasting some marshmallows after your other food has finished cooking.

3. Drink Hot Drinks and Soups to Keep Warm.

If you're still cold, warm up with hot drinks and soups. Mulled wine and homemade punches are especially delicious. But you'll probably want to avoid ice cream for obvious reasons!

Grilling Considerations

4. Defrost Your Grill.

Before you can start cooking, you must remove snow and ice from the grill. Otherwise, the grill can cool down too quickly. Due to the low temperatures in winter, the food needs much longer to cook than in summer. So remember this detail when planning and preparing your barbecue.

5. Check the Gas.

With gas grills, make sure you use the correct gas. We all use propane/ butane gas as fuel for our gas barbecue as standard. In principle, it's fine, but in winter, butane gas fights with a boiling point of 31.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The disadvantage is that the gas liquefies and is, therefore no longer usable. With propane gas, the boiling point is -43.6 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's better suited for winter months. That way, you can operate a gas grill without any problems.

6. Consider an Electric Grill for Your Winter BBQ.

An electric grill is ideal for everyone who doesn't want to grill outside in the cold. You can operate it wherever electricity is available, and it doesn't need a long preheating time like a charcoal grill, for example. Even better, they don't get smoky, so you won't overwhelm the neighbors!

The Best Recipes for a Winter BBQ

Are you hosting the next barbecue party but don't know which tasty recipes are best for it? Here are a few tips for your next event.

7. Turn Up the Heat for Burgers, Steaks, and Sausages.

When it comes to a good bbq, it's all about the meat! So make sure your grill is really hot for the perfect steak. If you're using a charcoal grill, you might even want to place your lid on top to store the heat. When serving, it is helpful to put on preheated plates so that the meat does not cool down immediately.

8. Don't Forget the Sides!

Classic winter vegetables such as pumpkin, butternut squash, or potatoes are ideal as a side dish for grilling. But also tasty fruit like stuffed baked apples from the grill makes a delicious dessert. There are no limits to your ideas.

For some delicious stuffed baked apples, check out one of our favorite easy recipes below. Enjoy!

Stuffed Baked Apples

This sweet, delicious and easy recipe will have you begging for more!

5 from 3 votes


15 mins


15 mins


30 mins






4 people


326.0 kcal


  • 8


    fuji works great

  • 4



  • 1/3


    brown sugar

  • 1/2



  • 1/2



  • 1/4



  • 1/3


    brown sugar

  • 1/4



  • 1/4



  • 1/2



  • 4



    chilled and cut into cubes


  • Apple Crisp Stuffed Baked Apples

    1. Prep.

      Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare the crumble topping while oven preheats.

    2. Mix.

      In medium bowl, mix together flour, oats, brown sugar, sugar, salt, and cinnamon. Cut in butter with a flat-faced knife (or two forks) until mixture is crumbly. Set aside.

    3. Peel and chop.

      Peel and chop 4 of the apples.

    4. Sauté.

      Add chopped apples, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to medium sauce pan and sauté on medium heat (about 8-10 minutes) or until apples are tender. Remove from heat.

    5. Prep.

      Remove the tops off of remaining 4 apples and use spoon to core the insides. Discard the cores or save for another recipe. Scoop just enough to make a "bowl" for the remaining ingredients.

    6. Fill.

      Fill hollowed apples with filling from the sauce pan.

    7. Top.

      Top with a hearty amount of crumble topping.

    8. Bake.

      Put stuffed apples onto baking sheet and bake (about 10-15 minutes) or until crumble topping is crispy.

    9. Serve.

      Serve warm (optional: top with ice cream and caramel sauce) and enjoy!



326.0 kcal


56.8 g


12.2 g


1.9 g

Serving Amount:


Serving Unit:



88.0 mg


41.2 g

9. Consider Pulled Pork for a Twist on the Classics.

Pulled pork is a great suggestion for those who are tired of standing next to the barbecue all the time. Smoking the pork might take a little longer, but you don't always have to stand next to it and turn it around. All you have to do is keep an eye on the cooking temperature.

10. Finish Your Winter BBQ With a Good Drink.

Completing your grill party with a delicious liqueur and a non-alcoholic punch for the children is especially nice. Try one with a winter flavor, like baked apple or cinnamon.

Ready to dust off your grill cover and give grilling a go? Let us know in the comments! Especially this year with social distancing, a bbq in winter is ideal for celebrating the season!

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