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Don’t let the holidays derail your healthy eating plans! You can still stay healthy without having to prepare all your own meals at home. Jess Horton of The Fit Petite has a great guide to fantastic healthy options at each Virginia Beach juice bar.

Eating over the holidays

Last week we talked about how important a good workout routine is, especially this time of year. This week we are talking about vitamins and nutrients! Keeping your body properly fueled keeps you detoxed, amps up your energy level, and helps you fight off those pesky seasonal germs. And what better place to get a powerful phytonutrient punch than at a local juice bar!

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This time of year we find many holiday festivities and cocktail worthy moments creeping into our regular weekly routine. It is up to you to make healthy choices when it comes to celebrating. The times with loved ones, families, and work friends are special. Use that time to toast and treat yourself. Staying on your nutrition plan during the week is key to minimizing the damage to your body by missing out on key nutrients from clean foods.

Why visit a juice bar?

I have a wellness tip to make eating healthy easier for you while running around town tackling the holiday to-do list. Don’t skip meals! You’ve got to eat and Virginia Beach is fortunate enough to have several restaurants and juice bars around town that make it easy to stay on track, even while on the go. Adding in some fresh juice to your nutrition game can be a convenient and quick way to get more nutrients. 

I am including a guide for you, complete with my favorite item from each menu you should order when visiting those establishments. Stay healthy, stay strong, and sip on!

Virginia Beach juice bar guide

Fruitive: Located in Hilltop, you are more than likely going to pass this spot often in your travels. Fruitive is a 100% plant-based restaurant! Stop in for a coffee date smoothie to go or pull up a seat and enjoy the avo portobello sandwich. It is messy and delicious! I opt for that as a midday lunch post workout.

Avo Portobello Sandwich

The Green Cat: This organic juice bar and market is a must for beach life! This is a favorite for me and my fiancé. We are known to hit The Green Cat for weekend dates or even a clean happy hour before dinner out at the oceanfront. We love the Spicy Gypsy. If stopping by for lunch, be sure to try the lentil chili and the avocado toast. The best in town!

Crunchy Carrot: A regular stop for me, especially through the summer at the Old Beach Farmers Market. Perfect pairing as Crunchy Carrot sources local produce for their recipes. As always, you can snag goodies from their home inside Leaping Lizard Cafe on Shore Drive. If you are looking to start your morning with a bang, opt for the Kickstarter, packed with flavors of cantaloupe and jalapeno. While you’re there, be sure to grab the Pumpkin Up. A delicious blend of fall flavors that puts a fix on those pie cravings. It is like a mix between apple and pumpkin pie! Perfect for your holiday gatherings. 

Town Center Cold Pressed: Next time you are wandering from Lululemon to Anthropologie at Town Center, stop in. Located across from the new Williams-Sonoma, their bowls are beautiful and their matcha is legit! If needed, they offer immunity shots as well.

What is your favorite juice bar?

Did we miss any of great places for cold-pressed juice? Or any favorite recipes to make at home? Have you tried any recipes to make your own homemade juices? Let us know on FamilyApp!

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