Classic Barbecue Food

Fire, meat, vegetables, family and friends: Barbecue is the archetype of good cuisine and cozy get-togethers. However, we can find spontaneous and creative possibilities beyond the classic BBQ.

Barbecue vs. Grillingbest steak for Barbecue

We all know the Holy Trinity of the barbecue. But Spareribs, Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket have a decisive disadvantage: They need time, for both preparation and cooking. Therefore a BBQ is a bit too expensive for a spontaneous meal. Another way of preparing a barbecue is grilling, but what is the difference between the two methods?

Barbecue Grilling
indirect vs. direct low temperatures, meat is prepared slowly and indirectly by air circulation high temperatures, meat is prepared quickly and directly over the embers
large vs. small bigger pieces possible, needs more space smaller grillables, smaller devices
elaborate vs. simple Many hours of preparation with continuous temperature control.

Due to the large appliances inflexible in the choice of grill location.

Small, easily transportable appliances, therefore barbecuing in the park is also possible.

So it turns out that grilling is the more flexible method when it comes to a spontaneous meal. A portable grill, a few sausages, and some vegetables and you are good to go to the beach or park with your friends.

Burger And Steak – Classic Barbecue Food

burger for Classic bbq Food There is no such thing as burgers and steaks for a typical American barbecue. Every family has their own special secret lore about how to make a perfect BBQ. All the knowledge about spices and ingredients, cooking time and heat are passed on from one generation to the other. So it is no surprise, that for most Americans, a charcoal grill in the summer is the embodiment of a happy family life and bonding. As for the most of us, the recipe for the perfect burger patty is written deeply into our DNA, it is always a good choice for a spontaneous BBQ with only a little time for preparation. The same goes for steaks, as good meat only needs some salt and pepper to become a delicious steak from the grill.

Bratwurst – Exotic And Creative Barbecue Food From Europe

One of Germany’s most infamous foods is also getting more and more popular in the USA: Bratwurst. Most of us have heard of it in combination with the extraordinary Sauerkraut, but what you might not know: It is the typical German food to be grilled. Ask a German and he will tell you that there is no charcoal-grilling without it.

Bratwurst is not just a sausage. Nowadays there are so many different flavors that you will also find something that pleases you. Be it the Beer’n’Bratwurst, Jalapeno & Cheese Brats, or the Smoked Brats – the variations are nearly endless. So no matter whether you are of German ancestry yourself or simply like Oktoberfest: You should definitely give Bratwurst a try!

Vegetable Sandwiches: Creative Way Of Putting Veggies On Your Barbecue

Grilled Vegetable SandwichDelicious vegetable sandwiches go perfectly with a healthy, low-carbohydrate diet. Furthermore, they are a perfect alternative or supplement to meat and sausage on the grill. If you cannot refrain from a good beef burger, vegetable sandwiches also make a delicious side dish to your barbecue. The nice thing about them is that you can quickly grill vegetables, and there are virtually no limits to creativity due to the rich variety of species. Here are two recommendations from us:

  1. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

There are hardly any limits to your imagination here. We recommend using vegetables that can be cut into slices like celery, eggplant, and zucchini. To do this, cut the respective vegetables into slices, grill briefly and then cover as desired or place the whole sandwich directly on the grillage. To give the sandwich a little more hold, you can also stabilize it with wooden skewers.

  1. Pointed Pepper Sandwich

Pointed peppers are easy to fill due to their curved shape. Simply cut the pepper in half and remove stem and seeds. Then fill to taste with tuna, hummus, sausage, avocado or feta cheese, for example. Afterward, place the pepper’s second half on top of the other and charbroil for about ten minutes. The colorful pointed pepper sandwich is ready and makes your barbecue complete.

What are your favorite ways to grill or barbecue? Let us know in the comments or on FamilyApp!

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