healthy tea

The Best Tea For Colds And Infections

There are numerous cases of influenza in the US this season. During this time we like to fall back on tea for colds. But a look at the tea shelf reveals that there are a lot of different kinds of tea. Find out which tea helps with a cold here! ... Read More
outside play grandmother

Winter’s Here! Go Outside Anyway.

Do you love snuggeling up on a cold day with a chimney fire and hot cocoa and shudder by the thought of spending a winter’s day outdoors? Well, you might miss a lot then! Josie Ortega shares her inspiration to get the family to embrace being outside every day. ... Read More
Christmas list gift

Last Minute Gift Ideas

The holidays are getting closer and closer you still have no clue what to give to your beloved ones? Lighten your load with these low-stress gift ideas and strategies from Josie Ortega. ... Read More

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