Maximize Your Space: Maximalism Home Decor Tips

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a cohesive maximalist space. Check out these tips for designing the ultimate maximalist home!

Maximalism has become increasingly popular after the COVID-19 lockdowns. Since people have been spent more time in their homes in the past two years, there has been an increasingly strong desire to surround themselves with decor and furniture that is inspiring and brings joy. The need for a joyful space has become especially important in home office decor! This is where maximalism comes in.

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Cover photo courtesy of designer Anna Louise Wolfe. Her room is absolutely stunning, and we especially love the pink lamps. It’s beautifully balanced and cozy and inviting.

What Is Maximalist Decor?

Contrary to its monochromatic counterpart, minimalism, maximalism is the idea that more is more. Most maximalist designs include a combination of bold colors, contrasting patterns, and varying textures. On the other hand, minimalist designs are known for their neutral colors, warmth, natural lighting, and lack of decor. Maximalism does not require owning a lot of stuff, but it requires many layers and patterns.

Maximalism offers each person the freedom to be creative in their living space. With more opportunities for decor and experimentation, you can let your personality shine in every area of your room. Be sure to strike a balance, though; maximalism is not chaotic.

We love this maximalist decor in Ina‘s home! She used hot pink wallpaper, hung her favorite photos, and placed a huge vase in the center of her table! There is so much here for the eye to look at, but the colors and style are cohesive.

Maximalist Decor

A key design feature in maximalism includes multiple focal points in a room. In traditional interior design, you may have one accent wall or one eye-catching light fixture. But, with maximalism, you can have many bold furnishings and bright colors all in the same space. When thinking of maximalist design ideas, imagine an elegant chandelier, eye-catching gallery wall, luxurious bedding accented with contrasting plush throw pillows, and a bold nightstand. One of the easiest ways to add color and texture to a room is by starting with the furniture you choose. Sofas can easily be layered with throw pillows, or you can smartly decorate tables with the decor! Your options for creativity are endless. Overall, maximalism’s primary goal is to leave no area of a room naked.

In a maximalist home, you can also have the freedom to mix styles. Design-wise, you can include elements of mid-century modern, Mediterranean-style, farmhouse, bohemian chic, and modern styles.

This living room, designed by Kathy, is an excellent example of layered decor and many points of focus! Our eyes are automatically drawn to the exposed brick fireplace, green sofa, and floral curtains!

Making Maximalism Flow

Creating a cohesive look with an array of patterns, colors, and decor may seem like a daunting task, but you’ll be surprised at how easily your maximalist home design can flow. It is essential to select a color palette with three to five main colors to use throughout your home. Also, when thinking of furniture, be sure to keep the materials consistent. For example, if you love your chic steel floor lamp, use picture frames, curtain rods, and doorknobs with a similar finish. Or, if you are furnishing your dining area with a dark wooden table, carry that dark wood into dressers, headboards, coffee tables, and cabinetry throughout your home. Even though your home will have these elements of consistency, each room should have its own distinct features. 

Meredith‘s space offers consistency without sacrificing a maximalist style! The blue accents in her living room flow into the blue walls in the next room. She uses a wooden coffee table, side table, mirror frame, and cabinet to create consistency throughout the home’s interior. The varying pillow textiles against the unique couch pattern create the perfect contrast. 

Bring Your Outdoor Oasis Inside

Including greenery is another great element to add to a maximalist design style. This works especially well if one of your interior’s core colors is green. You can incorporate hanging plants, potted plants on an end table, and tall stand-up plants to the corner of the room. This will function as a great way to fill up empty space throughout your home. If the space needs more texture, you can pot your houseplants in an eclectic tile planter. 

We love everything about this room by Kate. The modern black and white geometric rug adds texture and contrasts with the antique chair. The indoor plants bring color and life to this bright green space!

Take Advantage of Your Home’s Character

If your home’s living room has a fireplace, emphasize it! If your bedroom is designed with a built-in reading nook, add pillows and throw blankets to cozy up the space and add layers to the room.  If your home has a grand entryway, use it to set the tone for the rest of the house! Paint your front door a bold color, or decorate an entryway table with your favorite decor. We love the way Monica Graves of @allsurreal has done a gorgeous job filling her entryway with beautiful colors and textures.

Maximalism Wall Decor Ideas

Say goodbye to monochrome white and beige walls, and welcome in color and creativity! Choose a bold color scheme and get ready to paint. Here are some great ideas for filling up empty space on your walls. Ellie Pritchard from @putting_my_stamp_on_it has done a lovely job filling hers with so many fun patterns and visuals.

Add Texture: A great way to add elegance and dimension to a plain wall is by adding wainscoting panels, a chair rail, or another form of molding.

Get Creative With Wallpaper: You have the freedom to mix as many patterns as you want, but if you are hesitant to cover an entire room in wallpaper, there are other options. You could create an “accent wall” by covering only one wall in wallpaper. If you choose to apply wainscoting, you can add the wallpaper inside the panels only. If you add a chair rail, use wallpaper above it and leave the bottom half of the wall painted. Anthropologie has some fantastic wallpaper options!

We’re also huge fans of this dining room and wallpaper designed by artist and designer Courtney from Zig and Company. The colors, patterns, and textures are maximalist perfection!

Experiment With Painting: There are plenty of great painting ideas that go beyond choosing a bold palette! You can use a stencil to add texture or hire a painter to paint a mural. These look especially great in a dining room!

Add Artwork: Keeping in mind that your room will have a variety of accent pieces, you can include all of your favorite artwork throughout your home. On one wall, you could hang a bold oversized sculptural piece. You can create a gallery wall in the same room with some of your favorite photos and wall decorations. Remember to consider your color scheme when selecting artwork! Designer Liz Hartz has done just that in this light and airy maximalist living room!

Which of these maximalist design tips has been the most useful? Be sure to share your favorite maximalist home design ideas with loved one’s on FamilyApp!

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