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Setting up a child’s bedroom is a lot of fun. But it’s not always easy to come up with the perfect design scheme.  Here are some ideas and tips what to consider to get you started– before you start painting the walls and filling up all the space.

Age Matters when Creating a Child’s Bedroom

When furnishing a children’s room, you need to consider the age of the child. An infant has different needs than a preschooler or a teenager. So, you will probably have to redecorate your child’s room several times until they leave home.

Consider room décor that is easily exchangeable. Many parents choose to paint over wallpaper. It’s much easier to give a room a fresh coat of paint than to tear down and refresh wallpaper.

You might also want to avoid wall-to-wall carpet. Think of spilled drinks, watercolors or other fluids dripped in a carpet. Not very easy to clean, isn’t it? A hardwood or linoleum-covered floor with small area rugs might be better ideas. That way, you can toss them out when ruined, but keep your children comfortable while playing on the floor.

Childrens bedroom bookshelf

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How Can I Make the Room Work for My Kids?

In most houses, the children’s rooms are the smaller ones. Of course, kids are usually the family members that have most of the stuff! Therefore, it is important to make enough space for storage while not creating clutter. Shelves with boxes fulfill this demands in nearly every room. Establish a color code: A yellow box is for stuffed animals and dolls, red for LEGO®, blue for toy cars… This helps your children to learn from an early age to keep their room tidy.

Arrange the furniture so it suits the little ones. For example, bookshelves for children who cannot read yet should show the cover instead of the spine. That way, they can choose their favorite book by themselves. A popular life hack is to use long but narrow spice racks for this.

What Type of Furniture do I Need in My Child’s Bedroom?

Speaking of suitable furniture: Put some thought into the layout of closets and shelves. Filling a children’s room floor-to-ceiling can make it look much smaller and darker. Half-height dressers might look better. They might also be more practical and safer for your kids. This way, they can reach everything without a ladder.

Another safety tip: If you want to install some high shelves in your child’s room, remember to screw them onto the wall. So they won’t fall over when junior tries to climb them up. You should also put the heavier things, like books, at the bottom, to avoid the shelf falling over. Store board games, toys with lots of little pieces, or anything you don’t want your child to reach without parental supervision, on the higher shelves.

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What Furniture Should you have in Your Child’s Bedroom?

Setting up a children’s room can be tricky, especially, when it is very small or houses two kids. So here are a few ideas to squeeze in extra storage.  That way, you can make enough room for both children to play, sleep or learn. The classic loft bed or Murphy bed solutions are just two examples.

It is important not to waste space. An under-bed drawer, for example, makes some extra storage room without taking space in the play area away. Heavy ornate furniture also takes a lot of space away. Go for clean lines and bright colors instead. So you can create acres of room (and the illusion of even more space) in there.

crib child's bedroom

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Creative Furniture for a Child’s Bedroom

Decorating a children’s room should always reflect your kid’s personality. So sit down and talk about what they would or wouldn’t like. Do they want a special color? Shall their room be about a hobby or interest? Book lovers might love a set-up like their Hogwarts house common room, featuring their favorite Harry Potter characters. Or a hidden Narnia passage in their wardrobe that can function as a secret reading space.

However, keep in mind not to overdo it. First, the more decorations you add, the fuller will the children’s room appear. And a crammed room always looks untidy, which we want to avoid!

Second, your child’s interests will change. So, in the wink of an eye, your little princess will be a teenager and you will tear down the pink glitter tapestry with unicorns on it. Hence, going for a neutral main theme with some little colorful additions here and there might be the better option. Those can be exchanged more easily.

What do you think? Any design tips for your children’s bedrooms? Tell us below, or talk it over with family and friends on FamilyApp!

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