Home Entryway Designs for a Great First Impression

Stylish Home Entryway

Let’s face it; your home entryway is a high-traffic area and the first thing guests see when they come to your house. It should be organized and tidy to make a good first impression. This means having a system, storage space, and a designated place for coats and keys go a long way. Keep reading for ideas and inspiration for your foyer.

What Should I Put in My Home Entryway?

The furniture and decor used in your entryway will depend greatly on the house’s layout and the amount of space you have. For example, if your front door opens to a narrow hallway, using a spacious bench may be too much of an obstacle to maneuver around. On the other hand, if you have some space or your front door opens up to a plain wall, a foyer table could be just what you need! Using a console table is very on-trend right now and creates a functional focal point in the entrance. You could repurpose an old TV stand, bar cart, end table or shop for new items at a home decor store. Many people will hang a mirror or piece of art above the table and decorate it with a vase, book, a bowl for keys, and greenery.

Christina‘s entryway has a perfect example of a stylish console table. She added some storage space and used the table lamp and black-and-white decor to style it in a rustic modern way.

What Should I Hang in My Entryway?

Your home’s aesthetic will determine the exact execution of the interior design for your home entryway. In general, wall hooks, mirrors, large prints, and light fixtures can all be adapted to the style of your home and look great in a foyer. When it comes to hooks, you can use them for the functionality aspect of hanging coats and keys or as a decorative piece to hang a trendy purse or hat.

How Do You Make a Home Entryway Welcoming?

The key to a welcoming home entrance is to design your entryway with the guest in mind. For example, a sitting area with decorative pillows will make them feel at home when taking off their shoes. This will also increase the odds that they will take their shoes off before walking all over your freshly cleaned floors. A rug inside of the front door may also help guests feel more welcome.  Additionally, something as simple as a welcome sign outside of your front door will help create a positive first impression before they even enter the foyer.

How Do You Make a Small Entryway Look Bigger?

Making a small foyer look bigger is all about illusions. Be selective with any decor or furniture you use. A small entryway idea is to opt for an entry table or bench that is smaller in scale. Also, try to keep the area clutter-free. A pile of shoes by the door will not help expand floor space. A small space is not the best area to experiment with a gallery wall. Instead, select minimal decor. Another interior design trick to opening up a small space is to use a mirror. This way, any natural light coming into the room will be reflected, and the wall will not feel cluttered with excessive wall decor.

We love Kim‘s multifunctional decor! The entryway bench doubles as shoe storage, and the mirror also has built-in hooks! These pieces would be perfect additions to a smaller entryway since they are both compact and purposeful!

Home Entryway Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Entryway

We love this stylish farmhouse chic entryway created by Fallon. The wall-mounted flowers, wallpaper, and wooden entryway table add farmhouse decor to this entryway design. Since Fallon’s front door opens right into the living room, she placed her entry table parallel to the front door to open up the space while still creating room for keys, mail, and other items!

Shabby Chic

This blue-and-white entryway makes a stunning first impression before you even open the door. Stacey‘s light blue double doors are equipped with large windows to increase natural light in the room. The painted wooden bench provides a welcoming area for guests to remove their shoes or sit to put them on. We love the antique-looking pillowcase and wall art combined with the more modern rugs and wreaths.

Contemporary Coastal Entryway Decor

Julie‘s entryway is a coastal dream! She used a contemporary chandelier in the foyer and highlighted the natural lighting with all-white walls and plenty of windows. The giant area rug in front of the door warms up the room along with the wooden console table. She chose entryway decor that reflected her house’s style by including a “Surf Shack” book and framed beach photo on the table.

Unique Boho Entrance Hall

We love the uniqueness of this front entryway! Emilie used her accessories as wall decor to make a statement in her home! The abstract mirror adds another creative element and contrasts the neutral wooden chair and jute rug.

Resourceful Entryway Decor

Tia Nicole has officially given us all permission to be creative when decorating. The boho styling of this mini kitchen playset is perfect. She also included shiplap detailing above the wall-mounted coat rack, which was a great way to elongate the walls. The children’s playset is still perfectly functional for the kiddos to use, but Tia added some home decor to intentionally use it as decor! 

Bold Accent Front Door

Sheila painted her front door an eye-catching color to redesign her entryway, and we love it! The rest of the interior is simple yet cohesive. The upholstered bench adds texture to the room, and the hooks by the staircase add a functional decor element to the otherwise blank wall.

Minimalist Home Entryway Decor

This entryway designed by Jen is simple and contemporary. The entrance to her home is a hallway, so she took advantage of the space along the wall to place a thin table. The table she chose has unique legs and takes up little space, leaving plenty of room for guests to enter. She chose a minimalist design style using white and neutral tones in her entryway.

Country-Style Gray Entryway

This grey and white entryway has hints of southern comfort with the wooden bench and old window frame on the shelf. The shiplap wall detailing brightens up the area and contrasts the gray wooden floors. We love Jess‘s accents of greenery against the wall, and her use of decorative pillows and a throw blanket makes the space feel cozier.

Bright and Airy Foyer Decor

Jill used a minimalist approach when designing her home entryway. Along with traditional minimalism elements like light-colored walls and flooring, she also incorporated smooth shapes like the rounded table and white U-shaped sculpture. In her design of this room, she highlights the levels of the tall plant, medium height table decor, and low chair that draw the eye smoothly throughout the area.

Espresso Bar Home Entryway

There is no doubt that with an espresso bar in your home entryway, you’ll be the host for any family gathering or event! We love that the designers at JLA Interiorsincorporated this fun and functional element into this home entryway! The royal blue cabinets, white walls, greenery, and gold detailing draws the eye to this area of the home.

Mudroom Decor Ideas

Sara’s house has a designated mudroom area for guests to remove their shoes before entering her home. We love the details in this area, including the farmhouse-inspired sliding barn door and “mudroom” sign. Sara thoughtfully added hooks for guests to hang jackets and even lit a candle to keep the area smelling fresh! She made the entrance feel homey by including a welcome sign on the wall.

Sage Green Entryway Peg Wall

There is no doubt that sage green is one of the most popular colors in fashion and interior design. Bernadette installed this entryway paneling herself and painted it sage green. Then, by adding pegs, she created a stylish yet functional space to hang bags or jackets.

Accessory Wall Home Entryway Ideas

Room designer Lisa turned this narrow entryway into a stylish and welcoming space. She embraced a maximalist design by filling the shelf space and hooks with decor, and showing off her vintage Moroccan rug! Using a long runner/ rug like this one is a great way to decorate a narrow home entryway!

Monochrome Entryway Design

Trish designed this cozy woods and whites entryway! She incorporated inviting elements like the white upholstered bench, decorative pillows, and rug. The addition of the dried wheat stalks next to the mirror adds a boho flair and complements the neutral wooden elements in the room.

Get Decorating Your Home Entryway!

Now that you’ve seen some of the best-styled home entryways, you’re ready to design your own! Be sure to share your favorite entryway decorating tips and ideas on FamilyApp!

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