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After the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the norm for most people. Check out these ideas and tips to create a cozy home office so you can maintain a work-life balance even when working from home. Even if you still head into the office each day, you can apply some of these home office ideas to make your cubicle a more productive space.

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What Does Every Home Office Need?

Your line of work will play a big factor in the details of what you need to work from home. However, all home office setups should include a laptop or desktop computer, storage space, an organization system, and a desk. Since you will be sitting for hours a day, a home office must have is high-quality seating such as an ergonomic chair.

Working from common areas in the house may seem like a more convenient option, but having an office desk will allow you to focus much better and turn work off when you clock out. Aside from these bare essentials, including desk accessories and office decor that bring you joy will help make your office a place you enjoy spending time in. If you really need to zone out and increase productivity, you may want to keep your noise-canceling headphones or Airpods handy.

home office featuring Eurotech ergonomic desk chair

We are big fans of this desk chair by Eurotech. Its ergonomic design helps to prevent back pain in those sitting all day! You can get it with free shipping on Amazon Prime.

If your home has a lot of room for office space, you may want to consider adding furniture other than the chair and desk to the room. A comfortable chair or sofa will make guests feel welcome and give you a change in scenery if you are tired of sitting at the office desk all day. Another home office must have is blue light glasses. This isn’t necessarily a home office decor tip, but trust me, you need a pair of these if you are doing computer work 40 hours a week. 

Where Should I Put My Home Office?

The location of your office at home will depend on a variety of factors, the biggest one being space. So if you do not have a spare bedroom, you’ll have to get creative! Some small home office ideas include the utilization of a corner in the living room, bedroom, or even closet. Though a closet office is a small space, it may be the perfect nook to have privacy and time to focus. Adding wall art and other office accessories will make it feel more like a work area than a closet. The nice thing about having a separate room (or closet) for your work is when you are done, you can close the door and enjoy family time.

What Is the Best Way to Organize a Home Office?

Office organization begins with desk organization. If your desk has a thin middle pull-out drawer, you may want to buy a desk organizer to have a designated place for post-it notes, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies. To avoid stacks of miscellaneous papers, install a hanging file folder frame to your desk drawers and organize paperwork in filing cabinet folders. You can shop at places like Amazon, Ikea, or The Container Store for these home office organizers. 

How Do I Decorate My Home Workspace?

An accent wall will help add character to the space! Your home office should be more than a room with a desk and chair! Add peel and stick wallpaper or design a gallery wall showcasing your personality to quickly give the room a fresh look! Choosing decor for a home office could be tricky! Some popular ideas include hanging inspirational quotes, wall art related to your occupation, or any photos that make you smile.  Also, be sure to keep the wall behind you tidy and professional for all of your video calls.

Embrace Natural Lighting

Home Office Ideas

Photo courtesy of @najutravellers

If you are inside working on a laptop all day, it is important to increase your exposure to natural light. And these views in Nathalia‘s home office are worth obsessing over! So if you have a window that looks over beautiful views, placing your desk right in front of it will create a picturesque workstation. It will also give you gorgeous natural lighting. This will likely enhance your productivity too! A wall decor interior design tip to improve natural lighting in a room is to hang a mirror on the wall adjacent to the window! 

Include Great Desk Accessories

Photo courtesy of @coffeefirst.teach2nd

We love what Rachel did with her desk! The bright desk pad adds some personality to her workspace and eliminates the need for a mouse pad.  Using succulents and fake plants is an easy way to add life to your desk without a lot of maintenance or care. So if your room also needs a quick pop of color, be sure to add some flowers.

Try a Space Saving Desk

Photo courtesy of @our_victorian_interior

If you only have a small area to work in, consider a space-saving corner desk. Lynette and Will opted for a white corner desk by the window with gold accents and greenery to liven up the office. This corner is the perfect nook to accomplish whatever needs to be done in the day with minimal distractions. If your space is limited, be sure to include as many multi-functional pieces as possible, such as a desk lamp that also functions as a pen holder and charging station. 

Personalize It

Photo courtesy of @ashleegoulddesign

Your home office is your workspace! You should make it a happy and inviting place to be! As a lover of all things pink, Ashlee completely personalized her home office with all of her favorite things. She stuck to a bright pink color palette and even added a sofa to the corner of the room for extra warmth. The two gold shelf displays behind her desk add to the room and are perfectly styled with pink items without looking cluttered. Her desk decor includes fresh flowers, a pink pencil cup, and a picture frame; all things that either bring joy or have a functional purpose. 

Keep It Cozy

Photo courtesy of @_dream_visions_

Try to keep your workspace a clutter-free area you enjoy spending time in. Christina created this warm-toned and trendy home office guaranteed to help her client think clearly with increased productivity. The modern wooden desk is equipped with a built-in desk shelf for storage and organization, so she can keep her space functional and clutter-free. The desk lamp and candle desk accessories are simple. Aside from Christina’s design selections, additional comfortable furniture can be used to create an inviting space!

Enjoy a Comfortable WFH Office

Photo courtesy of @withmisst

Miss T, a high school teacher, created this home office to teach from home during the pandemic. She used a large table as a desk. What it is lacking in storage it makes up for in the surface area. She used the back left corner of the desk as a place for pens, pencils, and file holders, and utilized the wall in front of her to display her calendar and to-do list.

Instead of placing her office decor on the desk, she put photos and flowers on the wall with wall-mounted shelving. Using a dual monitor setup with a laptop may be beneficial in getting work done more efficiently. Especially if your home desk is as large as the one pictured here! Depending on the type of work you do, a monitor arm may be beneficial. A laptop stand may also be helpful for your posture if your desk is set a bit lower than normal. It is a good idea to use a comfortable office chair if you are working from home a lot.

Stick WIth the Bare Essentials

Photo courtesy of @erinny

Erin created a minimalist home office setup with only the essentials! The lamp in the corner fits the white and wood theme of the room. This simple home office design is free of clutter and perfect for someone who can work from wi-fi and a laptop. When opting for a minimalist design, use accessories and home decor accents sparingly. 

Embrace All White

Photo courtesy of @hejhome.nine

We love this all-white modern office idea! This work area by Anna is clean and chic. She included space for storage with the under-desk drawers. perfect for storing tape dispensers, staplers, paperwork, and other office supplies.

Celebrate Contrast With a Black and White Home Office

Photo courtesy of @fashioncadetofficial

Alice showcased her black-and-white home office space equipped with a height adjusting desk and ergonomic office chair. An adjustable-height desk is a great investment if you do not like to sit all day and would prefer a standing desk. The geometric rug compliments the modern style of the room!

Retreat to a Zen Home Office

Photo courtesy of @jaclyndarling_rn

Jackie created a home office that she loves by using warm tones, a natural-looking wooden desk, and plenty of office plants. The throw blanket over the office chair, brown upholstered bench next to her desk, and hanging wicker light add cozy elements that tie the room together.

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