Outdoor Christmas Decorations to Celebrate the Season

Christmas garland outdoor Christmas decorations

It’s that time of year again! The Countdown to Christmas begins!

Boxes of tinsel and ornaments resurface from the attic, the Christmas tree is perfectly perched in the corner, and the garland is wrapped around the railing. But what about the outdoor display? It’s hard to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to outdoor Christmas decor. But don’t worry–we’ve got plenty of ideas for outdoor holiday decor that are sure to make a festive statement and create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

What Are Good Christmas Decorations for Your Yard?

The right outdoor Christmas decoration can help to make the season even brighter in your neighborhood. While we all know about the light-up snowman, Santa Claus, nutcrackers, angels, and reindeer you can get from Target, you may be looking for some fresh inspiration on how to front of your home into a winter wonderland. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Go for Garlands

Garland is one of the most quintessentially Christmas decorations around. Often, you can use this store-bought Christmas greenery both inside and outdoors. You just need some hooks and a ladder for some porch-bound pieces to set off your home. Deck your garlands out with red bows, Christmas lights, or leftover ornaments! You can also go more sleek and modern like this faux white Ilex berry garland.

A Festive Wreath

A wreath on the front door to make everyone who comes over feel welcome! And, while green garland might be a common choice, there are different spins on the classic wreath. Try your own handmade citrus wreath with dried oranges, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks or a styrofoam wreath covered with shiny Christmas bulbs. If you’re not one for DIY crafts, we also like this wreath that you can buy to skip the hassle.

Rustic Porch

If you like to decorate your porch or front yard in the fall, there’s no reason you can’t change up your décor for winter. While a rocking chair and a tree make it seasonal, red and green accessories like a knit blanket will make it feel warm and cozy. You don’t have to go with the classic red-and-green, either! Neutrals with warm textures like fur, shearling, knit, and wool and pops of color can make your front porch look like a modern holiday home. Check out some of our other ideas for Christmas décor. If you’re not sure where to start, you can also find packages like this one from Crate and Barrel that include a full set of front porch decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Tree

One of the most popular Christmas lawn decorations is the outdoor tree! With a tall ladder, a string of large bulbs, large, plastic ornaments, and a show-stopping tree-topper, make it look like a scaled-up version of your indoor tree. You can also use creative spotlighting if you don’t feel like breaking out the ladder. Don’t forget to have a “grand illumination” just like they celebrate the festive season Rockefeller Center!

Seasonal Signage

If you want to point the way to Christmas, look no further than some cutesy Christmas signs. They can point to your home, the North Pole, or other Christmas-themed destinations! Or, get a doormat with custom lettering to welcome all your friends and family who stop by! And an old-timey wooden sleigh can also be nostalgic touch to an outdoor Christmas display. A few sprigs of holly or festive bows can also be easy Christmas lawn decorations if you have a mailbox.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations: Lights, Lights, Lights!

For some people, less is more when it comes to outdoor lights. And for others, more is more. Wherever you land, here are some ideas for creating an outdoor display that the whole neighborhood will love:

Get Creative

If you’re not interested in spending a whole day (or maybe more) on a ladder or in a tree trying to reach that top branch, there are some ways you can get creative when it comes to lights. LED projector lights have become the low-maintenance option in recent years, and we like the look of this snowfall projector that’s easy to set up and sets a whimsical scene.

Light the Way

One of the best ways to create a festive ambiance for your outdoor display doesn’t necessarily mean MORE lights, but rather the right lights used in the right way. LED lanterns on the porch can create a rustic, romantic look. Instead of handing up lights to frame the porch (and risk the ladder), pick a sparkly wreath for the front door and use a spotlight to illuminate it from below. Use rope lights along the edges of the driveway to make a runway for Santa (or anyone who visits around holidays). You can also add some faux candlesticks for the front windows glowing candlelight!

Add Some Tunes

Have you seen the out-of-this world Christmas displays that glow, blink, and flash? They may just be connected to a radio station where you can tune in from your car and the festive lights sync to the music. This may seem like a big task, but with the right tools and planning, you can make your display sync to music, too! Check out this tutorial with tips and ideas for making your outdoor decor the (music) star of the neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Lucy Blakelock @lb.9524

Spark Some Joy With Your Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations are part of the festive fun that makes up the holiday season. Whether it’s the porch and the patio to the yard, there are plenty of cool ideas to dress it up. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to make your outdoor area into one of your neighborhood’s most cheery holiday-themed displays.

Do you have any ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations? Share them with other readers, and don’t forget to send pictures of your decoration to your loved ones via FamilyApp. Merry Christmas!

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