Treat Your Favorite Baker to One of These Baking Gifts

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We all know someone who gives Betty Crocker a run for her money– and Christmas is the perfect time to add some new baking gifts to their collection. Read on to find some gift ideas for the baker in your life.

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High-End Baking Gifts

If you want to splurge on something a little bit more expensive, these gifts will make any baker ecstatic.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: No serious baker is ready to hit the kitchen without one of these appliances. While the stand mixer blends your ingredients, you’re free to read the recipe, tidy up the kitchen, and start your next task. When it’s ready, the easy tilt-head feature makes removing your bowl a breeze. If the baker in your life doesn’t have one of these yet, they need one.

Nesting Stoneware Baking Set: Food just tastes better when it’s cooked in stoneware. And this bakeware set is so beautiful, they’ll have a hard time storing it out of sight!

Le Creuset Rectangular Baker with Platter Lid: Every baker should have a go-to stoneware dish for their creations. And this dish by Le Creuset comes with a lid that doubles as a serving platter. Because you know that they’ll want everyone to try the goodies they’ve made.

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Affordable Baking Gifts

This affordable cookware and these baking tools are must-have staples for any baker.

Marble Rolling Pin: My grandmother had a marble rolling pin growing up, and I can attest that she made some of the most perfect cookies and pies around. So naturally, a marble rolling pin will not only add the perfect aesthetic, it takes some of the muscle work out of rolling out pastries and cookies.

Cooling Rack: If you’ve ever baked cakes or cookies, you know that they’ll still cook if you leave them on the hot pan. A cooling rack is essential for getting the perfect crispy edges and gooey center in a cookie. If they don’t have one yet, they need one.

No-Slip Mixing Bowl Set: Mixing bowls are a kitchen staple, and with the right ones, baking becomes a lot simpler. This luxury mixing bowl set from Italic is sturdy, attractive, and much better than those plastic ones they’ve been using.

Nielsen-Massey World Vanilla Set: If your baker is serious about their flavors, this World Vanilla Set from Williams-Sonoma will make them oh-so-happy when they go to try out their next dessert recipe.

Stocking Stuffers for Bakers

Check out some of these smaller baking gifts that could easily fit into a stocking or under the tree!

Dough Whisk: If they don’t either have one of these tools yet, it’s a solid choice. This flat, rigid whisk lets you blend cookie dough, stir eggs without overmixing, and work the liquid into flour for bread dough.

Measuring Cups: This is the tool they’ll probably use the most when baking, so why not get one that really does the job well? You can opt for a glass pyrex cup (for liquids) or a smaller nesting cup set for solids.

Oven Mitts: Oven mitts can get some pretty tough wear-and-tear in your kitchen. Whether you’re making cookies, a pie, or pizza, you’ll need those oven mitts. Check out these heat-resistant mitts by KitchenAid with silicone grips.

Wooden Oven Rack Pull: Every serious baker knows that you shouldn’t take your baked goods out of the oven for too long if they’re not done yet. That’s why this wooden oven rack pull is a genius invention. You can test your baked goods for doneness without the hassle of oven mitts!

Apron: Who wants all that flour and egg all over your nice shirt? A solid, well-made apron is a must-have for any baker. And you can find them in all kinds of lengths, colors, and styles to suit anyone’s taste! We love this repurposed Sari patchwork apron for the boho baker!

Pastry Brush: Every good pastry has that beautiful egg wash on the top to give it that signature shine. That’s why every baker needs a good pastry brush!

Silicone Spatula Set: Whether you’re mixing dough, scraping the sides of the bowl, or frosting a cake, a baker needs a good set of spatulas. Treat them to this 4-piece set so all their spatulas can match!

boho apron baking gifts
Apron from Uncommon Goods

All-in-One Baking Kits

Sometimes, it’s nice to have things all in one kit. Check out some of our favorite ideas for baking kits that they’ll love:

French Madeline Baking Kit: If you’ve watched The Great British Bakeoff, you know that baking the perfect French Madeline is no easy feat. With this kit from Uncommon Goods, all the guesswork is eliminated. Who knows? They may even become an expert!

Macaron Kit: This is another french pastry that’s not for the beginner baker…or is it? If the baker you know is ready to venture into more expert grounds when it comes to petit pastries, get them this Macaron Kit!

Make Your Own Rainbow Bagel Kit: If you’ve ever been to New York City, you’ve probably seen these colorful bagels! They’re a local classic, and if your favorite baker just can’t get enough, this is the perfect gift to make them feel like they’re there! 

Homemade Sourdough Bread Kit: It seems like everyone was making sourdough in 2020. If your favorite bread-baking enthusiast never phased out of that, then get them this kit 

Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Kit: If your baker just can’t resist the smell of those Auntie Ann’s pretzels, this is the perfect gift so they can fill the house with those cinnamon-sugary smells!

Macaron Kit from Uncommon Goods

Baking Gifts for the Bread Enthusiast 

Whether they’re still trying to master the perfect crunchy crust or they’ve become the expert of sourdough, there’s a gift out there for any bread-baker:

Bread Warming Blanket: This is the best thing to happen for sliced bread! This blanket will keep your fresh-baked bread warm for much longer than a traditional napkin! The secret is the removable flaxseed pack that you can heat in the microwave.

One Bowl Bread Maker: Yeast, salt, flour, water, an oven, and this bread maker. That’s all you need to make delectable fresh bread. You can measure, mix, knead, rise, and bake in the same bowl, eliminating a lot of mess and dishwashing. It’s made of silicone, so the dough won’t stick.

Bread Bakers Handbook: Baking bread is a soothing, satisfying science. With this beautifully-designed book, every loaf will be an experiment that leads you further down the golden-crusted path of Bread Knowledge. As you keep these records, you can learn how to bake better bread each time.

Bread Maker: While oven-baked bread is excellent, it can be tricky to master. A bread-maker can help the bread enthusiast in your life cut out all the guesswork and make the perfect loaf of bread every time. This Cuisinart Breadmaker is a perfect choice.

Oven-to-Table Bread Warming Server: This gift is for the SERIOUS bread-making connaisseur. If your favorite baker loves bread and also loves entertaining, this is the gift for them. They can give beautiful loaves the elegant presentation they deserve with Sue and Randy Hintz’s collaborative creation.

Baking Gifts For the Cookie Creator

Crunchy or soft? That’s the age-old cookie question. Let your favorite cookie baker sort that out with one of these awesome cookie gift ideas:

Silicone Baking Mat: A silicone baking mat is a must-have for any baker, and this Silpat Nonstick Cookie Sheet Liner will have them ready to make all their favorite treats. 

Cookie Spatula Set: With the right spatula, cookie baking gets a whole lot easier. So if they need a new one, these may just be the perfect addition to their kitchen

30-piece Cookie Decorating Kit: You can bake enough festive treats for the entire neighborhood with this handy cookie decorating kit. With the 12 piping bags, 6 piping tips, and 6 piping couplers, this set makes it easy to switch between icing colors with ease.

Cookie Jar: A cookie-baker needs the perfect spot to display their creations. Whether you opt for a clear canister for optimal display or a novelty jar shaped like their favorite movie character, they’ll love putting their cookies in just the right spot.

Recipe Book: If your baker is partial to cookies, there’s no better cookbook than 100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen. This gorgeous book, well-written by the “Queen of Cookies,” has delicious recipes for every occasion.

Cookie Press: Cookie cutters are great, but this tool is even better. You can create impressive, consistent cookies with the OXO Good Grips 14-Piece Cookie Press Set. This set includes a convenient storage case for 12 durable stainless steel disks: Daisy, Flower, Sunflower, Fleur-de-lis, Butterfly, Bear, Shell, Leaf, Heart, Snowflake, Tree, and Wreath.

Clear Cookie Jars from Crate and Barrel

Baking Gifts for The Pie Person

If you’ve ever seen the tony-nominated musical Waitress, you’ll know that life is like a bunch of messy ingredients like “Sugar, butter, and flour…” mixed into a beautiful pie. Whether they like to make apple, pecan, or pumpkin, they’ll be excited to try out their next recipe with any of these gifts:

Pie Dish: For the pie-baker, the right pie plate can really set the stage for the perfect pie. Whether you choose this beautiful folk art pie dish from Anthropologie or this classic La Creuset pie dish from Crate and Barrel, you can’t go wrong.

The Ultimate Pie Baking Set: You’ve heard the phrase “easy as pie,” but is that really the case? Unless you’ve been making them for years, it’s not so simple. This toolset helps even beginners create pro-level pastries with a flour duster, pie crust cutter, and batter tool.

Mini Pie Maker: Sometimes, a regular-sized pie can feel like too much. Especially if you make them often. That’s why this mini pie maker is the perfect personalized size for your favorite pie baker.

Adjustable Pie Crust Protectors: Crusts aren’t always easy to master. With this tool, you can achieve the perfectly browned piecrust with this timeless method, but re-invented in modern silicone. The overlapping protectors adjust to fit different sizes, too!

Ceramic Pie Weights: These stoneware spheres also help create the perfect crust, weighing them down during blind baking, preventing shrinking, slumping, and air bubbles that cause blisters and cracks. They come in a charming glass jar, too!

Baking Gifts for the Cake Connoisseur

Cake-making is an art, so let your favorite cake artist get creative with one of these fantastic gift ideas:

Spin and Serve Cake Decorating Stand: There are cake spinners and cake stands, but with this beautiful piece, everything gets all rolled into one! Easily decorate and serve your cake all in one place to avoid any messy transfers.

Wooden Cake Stand: Every cake-baker needs the perfect spot to display and serve their creations. This beautiful natural wood cake stand is whimsical, classy, and elegant.

3-piece Cake Pan Set: Mismatched bakeware will be a thing of the past for your favorite baker. With this 3-piece pan set, they’ll be itching to try out their next cake recipe.

Springform Cake Pan: Ideal for cheesecake, tortes, and charlotte cakes, a springform pan makes the whole process a whole lot smoother. This 9″ springform pan is super durable, lighter than cast iron, it comes in a gorgeous unexpected slate blue.

Ready, Set, Bake

Whether they’re a cupcake connoisseur, pie professional, or cookie curator, we hope you found something your favorite baker will love in this gift guide. Check out more of our holiday gift guides!

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