Comfortable Shoes for Heylthy feet

Stilettos and slip-ons might offer a look that’s stylish and fashion-forward. But comfortable shoes will nurture the health of your feet and can still be a fashionable choice!

It can be easy to neglect the well being of our feet. Whether we’re walking in high heels or wearing shoes that are too tight, feet are easy to take for granted. Comfortable shoes for women are especially important since so many fashionable choices don’t provide proper arch support! To take care of your precious tootsies, we have some tips on finding the right shoes for your feet.

How Can I Maintain Healthy Feet?

Footwear is an important part of maintaining the health of your feet. It can be tempting to put on stilettos or sandals for long walks. However, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes for walking if you’re on them all day. Or, if you take part in high-impact exercise, appropriate athletic sneakers are a necessity. The right shoe will be breathable and provide a cushioned footbed. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important as the extra weight will put added pressure on your feet.

You should also consider other solutions for healthy feet in general. In addition to cutting your toenails, it’s important to moisturize your feet and stretch them to prevent foot pain.

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What Are the Most Comfortable Shoes to Wear?

Most people’s answer will be slip-ons or sneakers. But the most comfortable shoes for your feet depend on a number of factors. So before you go shoe shopping, consider the following:

  • Your Foot Shape – It’s important to be aware of your foot shape before buying a shoe. While shoes do stretch, they should conform to the shape of your feet without constraining your toes to guarantee comfort.
  • Your Arch Type – There are 3 different categories of arches. Low-arched feet are relatively flat, neutral arched feet have a slight arch and high-arched feet require extra insole or footbed. One of the benefits of comfortable shoes with arch support is that they provide added cushioning!
  • Your Lifestyle – The pair of shoes you need is dependent on how you live. For those who don’t walk much, it might not be that important. But for those who are on their feet all day, a shoe that offers comfort is an important safeguard.

Modern woman in shinny sneakersWhat Should I Consider When Buying Comfortable Shoes?

We’ve all purchased shoes that felt a lot more comfortable at the store. Luckily, to make sure you purchase comfortable shoes for traveling, we have some tips to keep in mind. Share them with others on FamilyApp!

  • Bring Socks – Bring along a pair of socks if you’re investing in a pair of athletic runners or leather boots. This will ensure that the shoes you buy aren’t too tight and won’t be resigned to the closet.
  • Walk Around – It can be easy to forget to find the most comfortable shoe when you find something you like. But walking around in them for a minute or two will give you a good sense of how they’ll wear. Make sure there’s approximately half an inch of space between your big toe and your shoes.
  • Try Another Size – You’ll have a size in mind when you go shoe shopping, but sizes can vary from brand to brand. If your desired sneaker doesn’t feel quite right try the next size to ensure you get the right fit. Comfortable shoes for work will go a long way towards an improved day.
  • Measure your Feet – It’s hard to believe but your shoe size can actually change over the years. Ask a salesperson to measure your foot or do it yourself so that you know your size for certain. Share your tips for keeping healthy feet on your favorite family app!

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a sleek pair of shoes every once in a while. However, having a comfortable pair of shoes is an important part of keeping your feet in shape!

Do you have any tips for finding the right footwear? Share them with others in our comments. Comfortable shoes might sound boring, but no one said being fashionable couldn’t offer comfort too!

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