21 June 2021 (updated)

Curly Girl Method: Gentle Hair Care for Naturally Curly Hair

Healthy hair is an important part of looking great and feeling your best. If you happen to struggle with your natural waves, the Curly Girl Method might work for you!

When it comes to being a woman, it can be a hard to keep our hair and skin looking their best. It can be challenging to know what products work for us and how we can properly care for ourselves. Few styles are as challenging as curly hair but the Curly Girl Method (also known as CG method or CG) can provide solutions that work. If you haven’t heard of Lorraine Massey’s method for maintaining bountiful locks, it might be time to try it!

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What Is the Curly Girl Method?

There are so many tips when it comes to hair care that it can be hard to keep them straight. For those with wavy curls or being all curly  ‘Curly Girl: The Handbook’ by Lorraine Massey with Michele Bender provides some great ways to manage your hair. This surprising bible for hair care even helps you to get a pro-curl attitude instead of envying those with straight hair.

Most people with curly hair struggle with caring for it properly. However, the Curly Girl book has suggestions for how you can keep your curly hair frizz-free! Instead of using damaging styling products, spring for some conditioner and gel. Whether you have curly, wavy hair or are battling frizz, there are tips that work for your hair type! Share your finds with other hair mavens on your favorite family app.

How Do You Use Curly Girl?

If you’re starting the Curly Girl Method, there are specific steps for making this hair regimen work for you. Whether your coif is wavy, coiled or curly, we have the way for you!

  • Research - When starting Curly Girl, you will read a lot about curl types. You might have already noticed that there is a wide range of curly hair types. While Hair Type 1 is referring to straight hair, Type 2 means waves. Type 3 hair, on the other hand, is spiraled curls, and Type 4 people have kinks and coils. You should also do some research about your hair's porosity and flexibility as this also plays a major role in the CG method.
  • Cleanse – Start by gently scrubbing your entire scalp with your fingertips and conditioner. This will help to remove dirt and oil from the hair. Those with wavy hair can use shampoo once a week. However, those with curly hair should only use water and conditioner once a week according to Curly Girl.
  • Condition – Apply conditioner to your hair by sections and let water distribute it through your hair. Those with wavy hair can rinse their hair for a few seconds. If your hair is all curly, you can leave-in conditioner or rinse it out depending on its moisture needs.
  • Style – Dry your hair by cupping your curls gently with a towel and allowing them to air dry. If you want to use a hairdryer, make sure you use a diffuser with it. Add Curly Girl hair gel to your mane and scrunch your hair as you apply it. You may even want to share your styling ideas on FamilyApp!

What Products Should You Avoid Using the Curly Girl Method?

There are plenty of dos and don’ts associated with the CG method. Those are mostly depending on which curly hair type you are. To make it easier, we’ve outlined some of the best ones that work for all Curly Girl Method hair types.

  • Shampoo – It might sound crazy to give up shampoo, but you don’t have to do it cold turkey. You can also consider using a sulfate-free shampoo instead. Over time, removing shampoo from your hair diet can balance out your scalp and improve hair health.
  • Heat-Styling Tools – Flat irons and hair dryers may provide sleek, smooth hair for some. However, when it comes to your wavy hair they can be damaging according to the Curly Girl Method. Instead of using these kinds of tools, natural hair can go a long way!
  • Sulfates, Alcohol & Fragrance – Many hair products look nice in the bottle, but they can dry out your hair and cause damage. Instead of going for standard options, spring for chemical-free products to help balance your hair. Be sure to share your product suggestions on your favorite family app!

There are plenty of hair care tips out there no matter what your hairstyle is. But, when it comes to curls, the Curly Girl Method products and practices can give you a smoothed, enviable style! And this hair care method does not only suit for curly girls, but also for curly boys ;-)

Do you have any tips for curly hair? Tell us about them in our comments! It can be challenging to keep bad hair days away, but the right hair care can make a difference.

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