What Should I Wear? The 5 Best Fashion Apps

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Have you ever wanted a personal stylist? Are you looking to stay on top of current fashion trends or find high-end pieces for less? Are you wondering what apps are best for renting vs. purchasing? Then check out these top fashion apps below! Whether renting or buying, these fashion apps are here to help with all your clothing needs!

What Are the Best Fashion Apps for Buying Clothes?


This app is great if you’re looking for an alternative to a stylist or don't love clothes shopping. Stitch Fix is a highly personalized fashion site that sends you a box of separates recommended for you based on a quick Style Profile quiz. This unique online shopping experience allows you to add additional accessories and other items to your order.

Everything feels tailor-made because you can input all of your sizes in tops, pants, dresses, and shoes. There is also a section where you can choose the price point you want for each article of clothing. You can even indicate how you prefer different clothing pieces to fit your own body proportions on a digital mannequin. For example, I prefer oversized T-shirts, and I was able to note that on the site.

Once you submit all of your preferences, you’re paired with a stylist who curates your first box for you. When you order, there is a $20 styling fee that is applied towards any purchase you make. And the best part is you’re not locked into a set subscription; you can choose to have a box delivered whenever you want or on a schedule. This can be as frequent as 2-3 weeks or as infrequent as once a season, depending on your needs.

What Happens After You Receive Your StitchFix Order?

You have a week to try on your items and decide which ones you like and which ones you want to send back, with free shipping, of course. Once you determine what you want to keep, all you have to do is confirm it on the app and check out. There’s even a deep discount applied when you purchase your whole box!

I was so impressed with this service and how personalized it felt! Every piece of clothing fit me perfectly, and they were great additions to my wardrobe. The box also includes recommendations of how to style your new pieces and how to wear them together. My stylist even included a personal note in my box, which really enhanced my experience! I can’t wait to get my next Stitch Fix order!

The RealReal

This fashion app is a great choice if you want to find incredible designer pieces at a discount. The RealReal is like an online consignment store, but everything is authenticated and certified to be a genuine designer product. You don't need to worry about getting duped by a fake purse again! You can even sell your own pieces to the site and declutter your closet to make room for some new ones.

The prices range on this app, but you can find great deals on brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and more. Have you been eying that Gucci belt or Chanel bag? The RealReal might have just what you're looking for at a deep discount!

Have fun browsing their extensive collection of beautiful and trendy items, including shoes, dresses, and purses. And if you sign up today, you will receive a $25 site credit you can use towards your next purchase!


Another cost-effective and environmentally conscious fashion app is ThredUp, an entirely virtual consignment store! It really is thrifting made easy, with hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces added daily. Here you'll find all of your favorite brands, like Madewell, J.Crew, Anthropologie, and more. Just like the RealReal, you can even easily sell your unwanted clothes and accessories on the app as well.

The site is organized just like an online retailer, with categories like women's clothing, shoes, handbags, maternity, and even children's. Instead of sifting through piles in a thrift store to find a hidden gem, ThredUp has all of its merchandise organized in its virtual storefront. This makes for an easy and budget-friendly shopping experience!

What Are the Best Fashion Apps for Renting?

Rent the Runway

This fashion app is amazing for trying out trendy outfits you don’t want to commit to or for renting an outfit for a special occasion you know you’ll never wear again. Rent the Runway is a rental service (like the name suggests) with memberships that start at just $69 a month. There are many plan options, so you can choose what works best for you and your lifestyle. The most popular plan sends you 8 items a month for $99 a month!

You can select the items you want every time, no need to rely on a stylist. The app has everything you need, from designer bags and evening gowns to luxury outerwear and suits. Every order ships to you ready-to-wear, cleaned, and often unworn previously. When you’re ready to return your rented clothing, simply repackage and send it back. There’s never cleaning required for you!

If you fall in love with a rented item, Rent the Runway provides great discounts to purchase their clothing. This site feels like an extension of your own closet, except you don’t have to maintain it or pay the hefty designer price tag!

The FashionPass

FashionPass is another clothing rental website that offers unlimited rentals that allow you to select as many pieces a month as you want! You can make your orders as often or as infrequently as you prefer based on your budget and lifestyle.

They offer a tiered plan system at different price points that are all unlimited but have varying limits on the number of pieces you can select at once. First, Socialite is $79 a month with two clothing items and one accessory at a time. Trendsetter is $109 with 3 clothing items and two accessories at a time. Finally, Wanderlust is $139 a month for four clothing items and three accessories at a time. Fashion Pass even offers a discount on your first month for any plan you select!

Once you choose your plan, you can select your clothing and accessories! You have the ability to choose anything on the app you would like based on your plan and the option to chat with a virtual stylist for recommendations.

This fashion app offers free dry cleaning, shipping, and insurance on all of your pieces. The best part about their unlimited feature is as soon as your returned items are received, you can choose new clothes! You never have to wait for the next month's cycle again!

FashionPass is a sustainable option as well! Each time you rent an article of clothing instead of purchasing, you limit your contribution to the fashion industry's carbon emissions. This is a great option if you like to switch up your wardrobe often and want to decrease your carbon footprint.

Do you have any favorite fashion apps? Are you excited to try out any of these suggestions? Let your friends and family know at FamilyApp!

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