Winterize Your Car: 7 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winterize your Car Checklist

Being ready for wintertime is about more than sweaters and holiday shopping. Be sure to prepare your car for winter so you can stay safe on the road – with these 7 easy tips to winterize your car!

When winter rolls around, there are a million little things to do to prepare for colder weather and snow. But, while you’ll need to pull out the snow shovel and winter blankets, it’s important not to forget your vehicle! In fact, doing the right things before winter hits is key. It will ensure that your vehicle is in good shape and you’ll stay safe on the road. Luckily, preparing your car for winter doesn’t have to be a big endeavor. All of our tips to winterize your car are easy enough to complete in one afternoon!

Why Do You Need to Winterize Your Car?

Preparing your car for winter driving is an important part of being ready for the season! There may have been a time that winterizing your car was a long process. But with modern technology, the freezing cold weather doesn’t have to be such a burden. Having your car in tip-top shape means that you’ll be ready for whatever comes. With winter road conditions, items like snow tires and winter wiper blades can make all the difference. You can even enlist your local auto shop if you don’t want to do it on your own. Share your ideas for winterizing your car with other drivers on your favorite family app!

How Should I Prepare My Car for Winter?

Dealing with winter is a lot easier if you’re storing a car for winter. However, most of us don’t have the option of staying off the roads all season. Fortunately, you should be able to avoid any vehicle hiccups by following our simple tips!

1. Take a Look at the Tires

It can be easy to take for granted the wheels that get us everywhere. But, when it comes to preparing a car for winter, nothing is more important than good traction! The right tires will keep you on the road when winter weather conditions are at their worst. If you live in a snowy place, snow tires are a must. If not, check your tire pressure and ensure they have enough tread.

2. Winterize Your Car by Checking the Lights

Seeing and being seen is one of the most important things in road traffic, especially in winter weather. So check all your car’s lights regularly and exchange a broken bulb as soon as possible.

3. Change to Winter Wiper Blades

Seeing out of your windshield clearly is paramount when it comes to driving on the road with rain and snow. While you’ll want to remove these when spring comes around, they’ll help your blades keep ice at bay. It’s also important to keep your washer fluid full as the winter months tend to use up a lot more. Also, make sure it is an antifreeze windshield washer fluid.

4. Check Your Coolant and Antifreeze

Few things are as important for your vehicle as antifreeze because it keeps your engine from freezing. Whether you use your car’s manual instructions or go to an auto shop, ensure you have the right coolant mix. Be sure to share your tips with other drivers on your favorite family app!

5. Clear Up Your Garage Before Winterizing Your Car

A garage is the best spot to keep your car in winter. Not only does it save you some time before you hit the road as the windows won’t get icy, but the slightly warmer temperatures will also prevent the engine, fluids, or gas line from freezing. A very good alternative is a winter car cover.

6. Winterize Yor Car: Make an Emergency Kit

There’s nothing like an emergency kit to make you feel better if something goes wrong and you’re stranded. When the weather turns bad, it’s particularly important that you’ve prepared your car for winter. In addition to a flashlight, road flares, and warm clothes, keep a blanket, first-aid kit, cell phone, and some snacks. Share your emergency kits suggestions on FamilyApp!

7. Load Up Your Car With Accessories for Winter

Put another box in your car where you keep all the items that will help you to defrost your car in the morning – or even better, prevent it from icing-up in the first place:

  • ice scraper
  • defroster spray for windows
  • windshield cover
  • door lock de-icer
  • snow tire chains
  • warm pair of gloves to protect your fingers
  • safety vest for high visibility during an accident
  • bottle of water and snacks in case you’re stuck in the snow for a while.

There’s a lot to do when it comes to winter, but it’s important not to forget about your vehicle. By having an emergency kit and checking the fluids, you’ll be ready to deal with even the most difficult road conditions. Do you have any tips for winterizing your car? Share them with other drivers in our comments! It might be tough to get through the cold season, but being ready can make a big difference.

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