The Top 2021 Fashion Trends to Start Wearing Now

Clothing trends denim & pastels

Curious about what outfits we should wear for this year? Saying goodbye to our heavy winter jacket to make way for spring and summer fashion trends is a right of passage. We’ve got you covered on outfit ideas and street style.

Fashion Trends Now

Wondering how to revamp your wardrobe as we venture out of our houses to safely mix and mingle more? The big news on the street is with denim. The must-have trend of 2021 is high-waisted, wide-leg jeans. Wearing your skinny jeans is out of style. In fact, Net-a-porter, a 1-click shop for luxury brands, is filled with loose-fitting trousers and not a pair of skinny pants in sight.

When it comes to dresses and tops, funky prints, and cut-out dresses and tops are also trending for Spring 2021 style. Celeb-loved chic cut-out fashion can be seen on Dua Lipa’s barely there skin revealing halter neck dress.

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According to In Style Magazine, if you want to look high-fashion, the top 10 trends for 2021 include:

  • Statement belts
  • Bra top
  • The chunky shoe
  • Two-piece matching sets
  • Mini skirts
  • Fringe skirt
  • Sweater vest
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Bucket hat
  • Peek a boo details
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Fashion Editor Tips

What do fashion editors say about looking fashionable from head to toe after living in a t-shirt and loungewear for at-home COVID fashion? Fashionistas are ready to go out and express themselves with ready-to-wear statement-making outfits.

So much of looking fashionable is different ways to interpret streetwear. Though we may not be living in our sweatpants, the stylish tracksuit is back in style. In addition, low-rise loose-fitting jeans are coming back into fashion. Pair this with an off-white button-down oversized shirt. Hot pants and short shorts are also fashion-forward for the Tik Tok youth-loving crowd.

Instagram Fashion Trends

Co-ords, an abbreviated way of saying matching two-piece sets dominate Instagram fashion trends. Stirrup leggings are back, too. There’s the nineties retro vibe that is dominating social media channels.The go-to baseball hat, converse sneakers, and chunky loafers all have a feel of grunge in the making. For the more sophisticated ladies, double-breasted blazers are back. Pair this with retro sunglasses with crystal embellishments for added effects.

What’s Going Out of Style?

Knowing what’s out of style is just as important as top trends. For a few years, skinny jeans dominated street fashion, but it’s time to put the skinny denim away. You can also say goodbye to one-shoulder tops, neon, wedge sneakers, logos, biker shorts, and the tie-dye trend. Looking like you just rolled out of bed in sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt is now passe. Polish and effort is the fashion theme for 2021.

Tap Into Your Inner Fashionista

Getting out of lockdown fashion to embrace your full-fledged fashionista may mean dawning on a leather jacket with hot pants and a loose-fitting button-up shirt. Now that we are going out more, put on your lipstick and fave fragrance and embrace a new wardrobe that includes heavily printed tops, crazy pants, and a huge whiff of the retro nineties to make your sense of feeling alive and colorful again! Just be sure to leave the neon at home.

Warm-Weather Trends

Now that the weather is getting steamy, so are your outfits. Boring is definitely not the trend as the temperatures rise! You can also put away your black and say hello to your favorite pastels, especially yellow. You can show skin as the weather warms up with abundant straps on your tops and dresses. Peekaboo cutouts on tops and strategically placed on fitted dresses will make you be a head-turner. Backless dresses and tops have been seen from the fashion houses of Hermes and Givenchy.

Sparkles and Sequins for Summer

You don’t need to wait for the holidays to drape yourself in sequins this year. Pop your favorite champagne and add a sparkly glow to your wardrobe. On the catwalk with Louis Vuitton, iridescent outfits and sparkly sequin fashion added a dose of Disco this season. All-black sequin pants can be perfectly paired with a pastel sheer top for a show stopper at an outdoor evening gathering. Fashion houses like Balmain, Celine, and Chanel highlighted their love for shine and sequins for the warm weather months.

Trenchcoats and Blazers Are Back in Style

Need to add polish to your next Zoom call? Add a pointed shoulder blazer to your workday look so your boss knows your mean business. As a rebellion against the oversized loungewear from 2020, a suit jacket with a modern twist gives your wide-leg jeans a put-together look. Furthermore, if rain is in the forecast, style mavens know to grab a psychedelic trench coat with a bold pattern to brighten up their wardrobe. Printed trench coats bring a fresh perspective to this wardrobe staple.

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Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

It’s never too early to plan for fall fashion right around the corner. A patchwork of fabric dominated the virtual runways this year. Personal dressing with fabric scraps creates a tapestry landscape for dresses and coats. In addition, the look is a collage of fabric within a jacket or a gown that is sewn together for a modern edge. Self-expression is the theme for fall 2021.

Prepping for the Roaring 20s for the Chillier Weather

Fall 2021 promises to be a fusion between the 1920s meets the 1980s overindulgence. Expect the wide-leg trousers to continue paired with high neck tops. Voluminous dresses that are grand will make it to the cocktail circuit. The bygone era of minimalism has no place for an opulent fall fashion trend. Fashionistas are ready to shed the hibernation of the 2020s for a grand entrance into fashion that is more hopeful.

Tailored and Luxe Knitwear for the Fall

Luxe knitwear in the form of dresses, two-piece sets, and skirts was seen by major fashion brands like Chloe, Thakoon, and Ferragamo. Staying cozy doesn’t mean you have to give up looking finished. Knitwear for the fall had unexpected surprises like peekaboo details and tailored body-hugging designs. The colder weather fashion trends do not fall short of innovation.

No-Brainer Glam for 2021

If you want to stay trendy in the upcoming months, do not opt for boring and safe. New York fashion illustrates that this year’s fashion trends buck convention. Bring out your New Year’s demand for sequins into warm weather. Pair a long-sleeved sleek knit top with your favorite wide-legged printed pants. The rule for 2021 is to make your style personal, polished, and luxurious. If COVID hibernation made us live in sweatpant comfort for months, 2021 fashion is all about debuting your personal finished style with a tapestry of wild prints. To be fashion-forward this year means getting out of your comfort zone and wearing the unexpected.

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