09 March 2021 (updated)

Shoe Style: Fall Trends and Great Looks

There are few accessories as versatile as a great pair of shoes. No matter what your preferred shoe style might be, whether you prefer comfortable sneakers or striking stilettos, here are some great options to wear this fall.

Shoe Style Variety

Great shoes probably work harder than any of our other clothes. We could pound the pavement with our running shoes, hit the boardroom with some fantastic Italian leather pumps, and ease into the evening with cozy slippers. For the most part, our shoe size doesn’t really fluctuate. So even if our waistlines expand, our favorite shoes will always fit!

As much as we love this essential accessory, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options. So we’ve scoured the area for some stylish shoes that take us from the summer to fall. Here are some fall shoe trends, shoe style favorites, and favorite places for shoe shopping.

PC: Erin Heffelfinger @styleerin

Fall Shoe Style and Trends

To get a better sense of shoe style, we asked personal stylist and fashion expert Erin Hefflefinger aka Style Erin who was busy at work in New York City scouring the city for the best trends. She says we should be looking out for “Western booties, chunky dad sneakers, animal print galore, combat craziness, and kitten-heeled mules.”

That being said, just because something’s “on trend” doesn’t mean you should wear it. She’s not a fan of the dad sneakers or overly boxy shoes. Hence, she helps her clients uncover their own unique personal style.

The ladies below have all chosen some timeless looks for their footwear to take them from summer to fall.

Fall Sandal Shoe Style

While you might think sandals are just for spring, but Audrey’s colorful style could brighten up any season. Her orange Tory Burch sandals perfectly complement her floral dress, which is one of the big trends this fall. Her adorable daughter, Eva, has great floral style, too. And what better place to embrace bright colors and good vibes than Aloha Snacks?!

Style Takeaways:

  • Embrace colorful footwear! Orange is one of the trending colors this fall and it brightens up the rest of the outfit. These shoes would also look great as a fun pop of color on an otherwise neutral look.
  • You’re never too young to wear cute clothes. Eva looks just as gorgeous as her mom in her hibiscus outfit and bow, not to mention her adorable sandals!

PC: @livernois.terranova.associates

Workwear Wedges

Liz has done a fabulous job. She is elongating her legs and completing her outfit with her wedge shoe style. Her floral jumpsuit would be a great spring or summer look as well. But layering a blazer over the rest makes this the perfect transitional outfit for fall.

Wedges are a fabulous versatile shoe to wear with parachute pants, a skirt, or pretty much any textile. You could even wear them as dancing shoes if you want the look of stilettos, but a slightly more comfortable option!

Style Takeaway: 

  • Embrace layers! Especially during an unseasonably warm fall, adding layers to your look, from jewelry to your outfit, pull it together, and allow you to adjust when it’s warm or cool.

PC: @shortandsweetmonagrams

Stylish Sneakers

Sneakers, like Kelly’s gorgeous rose gold sports shoes, combine form and function. They’re so cute with her denim shorts, but she could just as easily wear them with jeans or any other pants. It can be difficult to find a good transitional shoe that combines comfort and style. But these Superga shoes definitely fit that description. Added bonus: she can wear them year-round.

Style Takeaway:

  • Embrace classic style. Even though Kelly’s jeans and tee-shirt are a tried-and-true style, her shoes add just the right amount of oomph to her outfit.

High-Quality Boots

This outfit is so great because of the way Heather’s fantastic jewelry complements her simple and gorgeous Frankford boots from her company, Mason Dixon Made. These handmade leather boots are perfect from sole to toe in her casual, yet beautifully styled outfit. You could just as easily dress them up or even get them customized.

Style Takeaways:

  • High-quality shoes are a great investment. They might cost more money, but they look great, last a long time, and keep your feet and toes extra comfortable.
  • Your shoes and accessories (from earrings to handbags) should complement each other, as we can see from Heather’s effortlessly cool vibe.  

PC: Erin Heffelfinger @styleerin

Style Erin Shoe Shopping Tips

So who’s ready to go shoe shopping, now? Here are some more great tips from Style Erin to “up your game, not your budget.”

  • Do your homework.
  • Check out popular online websites and magazine editorials to see what’s hot or not, or what catches your attention.
  • Most designer brands have “knock-off” versions that are easier on your wallet.
  • If you aren’t worried that you’re wearing shoes from a past season, then wait until the shoes go on sale.
  • Or, you can do it the old fashioned way and save up over time for those fabulous shoes that you just can’t live without!

Shoe Style Shopping Websites

  • 6pm.com: The discount version of Zappos, you can often get really lucky getting great deals on last season’s shoes.
  • Amazon.com: We know- Amazon has everything and it owns shoe giant Zappos. But it’s always worth checking here to see if you can find some great shoe choices at a discount.
  • DSW: Designer Shoe Warehouse offers exactly what its name suggests- a huge selection of shoes with various price points for every budget.
  • Mason Dixon Made: Handcrafted handbags and shoes for men, women, and children.
  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom offers lots of fabulous shoes in a huge range of sizes. They’ve got a great free shipping/free returns policy, too. Try Nordstrom Rack for some good discounts.
  • Tieks: These flats aren’t cheap, but they’re so cute and unbelievably comfortable. They’re surprisingly durable, and you might be tempted to buy them in every color!
  • Zappos: Become a Zappos VIP and get free one-day shipping and returns. Zappos has an amazing shoe selection, and you have up to a year to return your unworn purchases. I’ll sometimes buy two sizes of the same shoes for my kids so we can get a little more wear out of their favorites. If the bigger size doesn’t end up working out, I can return both.

PC: Erin Heffelfinger @styleerin

What’s Your Favorite Shoe Style?

There are so many combinations of shoes, it’s hard to pick a favorite! What’s your best shoe shopping advice? It might be a great time to get together on FamilyApp and plan a shoe shopping outing with friends or family!

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