4 Ocean Activities for the Whole Family

Ozean kayaking for the whole family

Summer is here and if you’re like many other families, you’re looking forward to a great beach vacation. Here are some amazing ocean activities to look forward to!

A Great Variety of Ocean Activities

People have always been fascinated by the ocean and its unknown depths. So the findings of a survey by the Family Travel Association are hardly surprising. Their research shows that a holiday by the sea is the second most popular vacation among American families. And it really is the perfect family vacation.

If you look at your own family, you’ll probably agree that every member is different in many ways. That means they all have different expectations when it comes to holidays, too. The good news is, the ocean has something to offer for everyone! While some of you enjoy getting a tan on the beach, others can dive into the many challenging and fun activities that the seaside has to offer. Let’s have a closer look at some of them – they might inspire you for your next trip!

1. Ocean Activities for the Versatile: Ocean Kayaking

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a paddle in your hands before. Ocean kayaking can be a great experience for the whole family. Kayaks are small narrow boats that lie deep in the water and are more versatile than the canoe. At most American seaside holiday destinations you can easily rent a kayak for a couple of hours, or book a kayak tour with an experienced guide. You’ll be able to reach some pretty high speeds in agile ocean kayaks!

You can see the coastline fly by while experiencing quite the adrenaline rush! But kayaking is also great for those who like to take it slow and easy, and have a look around. Explore the unique wildlife of the coast you’re visiting and discover hidden caves that other tourists will never get to. All the while, you'll enjoy the fresh sea breeze – and spend quality time with your family.

2. For the Quiet Types: Ocean Fishing

If you’re looking for a calmer activity that allows you to really take in your surroundings, try ocean fishing. According to a report by the Outdoor Industry Association, fishing is America’s second most popular outdoor activity. Maybe it will hook you as well? When you’re vacationing by the ocean and want to try out this popular sport, you have two main options. First, shore or pier fishing allows you to set up on land. That means you can look for a quiet spot that your whole family will enjoy. Most big fishing destinations in the US, like Virginia Beach, don’t require a fishing license. Without having to even buy a license, it's easy to try out this family activity.

A second option is deep sea fishing. Here, your family can go out in a rented fishing boat. You'll soon get a sense of what it really means to spend a whole day in the middle of the deep blue sea. Besides the excitement of the fishing itself, this is a unique experience that young and old will remember for a long time.

3. For the Active: Windsurfing on the Ocean

Since no one enjoys chasing their towel all over the beach, most people tend to avoid the ocean area on windy days. But what would you do if someone told you that you could use the wind to your advantage? Windsurfing is challenging, but it’s also a fun activity. In addition, it can be educational. You and your kids can learn to read the different wind and stream patterns that ultimately enable you to ride the waves.

Unless you’re an experienced windsurfer, you should consider booking a class at one of America’s many windsurfing schools. Be aware that your children should be older than six, as many schools will only accept children from that age on. If your family likes to be active and enjoys a good challenge, be sure to give this amazing ocean activity a try. And who knows? Your child would not be the first to take up windsurfing as a real sport.

4. For the Curious: Maritime Museums

Not every day at the beach is sunny, and sometimes the wind defeats even the most experienced windsurfer. But don’t worry. We are a maritime nation. There are many interesting maritime and naval museums all over America that are well worth visiting. Have a look at this maritime museum finder to plan a trip to a museum close to you. This will give you a chance to learn more about the history of your vacation destination. It might even inspire you to visit some of the nearby historical spots to get a real insight into people’s lives near the ocean.

As you can see, there are many exciting ocean activities waiting for you. Enjoy your summer holiday!

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