Mom on the Street: Zoom Style Edition

versatile modern mom Jennifer Bruner

Yes– you can still have great style, even when the only people you might see are friends on your Zoom calls! Here are some great tips Nina Simone has compiled from many of our Moms on the Street for the Mom in the House.

Mom on the Street: Zoom Style Edition

I went to a birthday Happy Hour on Zoom the other night. That was a first. It’s been a season of firsts. Social distancing is keeping us all in our homes, dependent on technology to both work and stay connected.

Many have been using video-conferencing apps such as Zoom for work, interviews, and family connection for while now. But for others, it’s new, along with the new challenges of how one presents themselves when filming on their phones in their laundry room.

How many of us saw the clip passed around of poor Jennifer? She was new to Zoom and not quite professional, or aware of how video worked. Then last night I was brought to tears (yes by Zoom) when this group of singers collaborated, separately, to sing Down to the River.

But, in the midst of the moment, I did notice how many of them wore statement necklaces! Zoom Style done right. These women may very likely have been wearing flannel pajama pants but the angle the camera caught showed nothing but a polished presentation.

Style for This Moment

At this moment, when it would normally be time to summarize spring fashion tips, we’re seeking style advice where it’s needed most. On our Zoom calls. Here’s wisdom from our Moms on the Street, on how to look our best when it’s time to join the meeting.

Zoom Style: Skincare and Makeup

Skincare Matters When Zoom is Our LifeNever has the close-up been more…constant. Which means the state of our skin makes a statement.”Taking the time to have clean, moisturized skin and putting on a great BB cream, lipstick, mascara, perfume, and special jewelry [are my best style secrets]. Those moments of self-care will dress up any outfit.  I love Embryolisse for skincare and Chantecaille for minimal make-up.” Downtown Chic Mom on the Street Meagan Hooper

“[My best style secret is] Bronzer and a pinch of blush!” Purely Elegant Mom on the Street Perry O’Rourke

“As a tired Mom of three, I love wearing fake eyelashes to really make my eyes pop and distract you from the bags underneath my eyes.:)” Authentic Adventurous Mom on the Street Kayleigh Spain Moore

“Avene skincare’s makeup foundation powder is my secret weapon for sure. It’s hypoallergenic and anti-aging. It gives flawless coverage.” Western Chic Mom on the Street Bridjet Morris

Lori Strickland

“Find a good dermatologist that you love and trust [virtually!]. Though aging is part of our life, we don’t have to give ourselves over to it. A good dermatologist gives us tools to take care of our skin and face, so it looks and feels as good as it can, for as long as it can. I don’t naturally have great skin. Adult acne and aging are always trying to take over my face.  Having great skin will NEVER go out of style.” Refined Edgy Mom on the Street Lori Strickland

“My natural lashes are so blonde that you’ll rarely catch me without mascara on.” Casually Classic Mom on the Street Courtney Watkinson

Zoom Style: Get Your Grooming On

Quarantine and social isolation tempt us to let the basics go. Don’t! Those Zoom calls tell all. Keep taking care of your teeth, your brows, your hair, and nails. (Also, you’ll just feel better about life.)

“[My best style secret is] Plus White 5 minute speed whitening gel— get it at Walmart for $5 and it works great.” Active Understated Mom on the Street Charlotte Reid

“Make sure your eyebrows are clean and your hair is styled nicely. You can get away with not wearing makeup but still look put together if you follow those two rules.” Cute Casual Mom on the Street Chantelle Velez

“Always have your nails done. Always. And I’m not saying go out to a salon and get acrylics or gels or dips (if that’s your thing, go for it!) but no matter what, have them polished. Personally I throw on my dry nail polish strips in the passenger seat on the way to dinner or right before I go to bed – it takes me 5-10 minutes and they last me for a week and a half *at minimum*.” Bold Eclectic Mom on the Street Margaret Keithley

Zoom Style: Accessorize

When your face takes up the whole screen, accessories go a long way. Maybe Zoom isn’t the place for oversized sunglasses? I say mix things up! We’ve got the time.

“The accessory I could not live without? Probably a good headband. It can be that item that can add a hint of colour to an outfit, it can dress up an outfit, and just change the look of an outfit.” Practical Relaxed Mom on the Street Kim Hopkins

“Accessory I could not live without? Oversized Ray-Ban sunglasses.” Downtown Chic Mom on the Street Meagan Hooper

“Big earrings – they go well with everything and make me feel put together even when I’m not.” Bold Eclectic Mom on the Street Margaret Keithley

“Earrings! By choosing carefully and considering the occasion, the right earrings can absolutely make an outfit.” Versatile Modern Mom on the Street Jennifer Bruner

“Just keep it simple and accessorize with some Byrd Jewelry! (Shameless plug).” Beach Bohemian Mom on the Street Hannah Byrd

Hannah Byrd

“I LOVE rings. Statement rings and cocktail rings. In the winter, I also love a good broach. I put them on all my winter coats. I keep a fun collection… a palm tree, an octopus, butterfly, etc.” Refined Edgy Mom on the Street Lori Strickland

“Accessory I could not live without? My hats. All my brimmed hats are from @gigipip.” Faith-Centered Mom on the Street Heidi Anderson

“Find some amazing items you can layer that totally bring YOUR flare to any outfit— a leopard cardigan, a pink belt, a flowy vest, a simple fedora/Panama hat, and then mix and match your pieces.” Fun Casual Mom on the Street Jouleen Dering

Zoom Style: Clothes

This may seem obvious except, the past few weeks: Be sure to get dressed. Getting dressed involves wearing something that you cannot/should not/would not sleep in.

Getting dressed also involves putting on clothes that make you feel like you can take on the world, or at least this one meeting.

“The article of clothing I couldn’t live without? A white blouse. No matter the season, it’s the item I reach for the most in my closet. I’m trying to educate myself as much as possible on the concept of ethical fashion. When at all possible, buy less and buy better. Join me and take the increasingly popular 30-wear pledge. Before you buy anything, can you commit to wearing it a minimum of 30 times?” Versatile Modern Mom on the Street Jennifer Bruner

“I love leggings. Since I work from home, I want to feel comfortable. I also want to be able to throw on something quickly to make that comfy look feel more “put together”, and love a fun pair of earrings. A cute jacket in the colder months can take any outfit up a notch. Whether it be yoga pants, classic jeans, or even a dress, a cute jacket can transform an outfit!” Wholesome Foodie Mom on the Street Amy Rains

“Wear what makes you feel beautiful. . .  I’m trying to avoid fast fashion, buy well-made things that will last, and focus on building a capsule wardrobe of clothes that fit me well.” Creating Capacity Mom on the Street Amy Marie Hann

“Keep it comfortable and simple.” Simply Comfortable Mom on the Street Tara Pfeifer

Heidi Anderson

“Find your top 5 go-to outfits. That way, in a pinch, you already know what to grab from your closet!” Faith-Centered Mom on the Street Heidi Anderson

Zoom Style Wisdom

Do your best to get your style on before the call. But, in case it all falls apart, take heart. There’s a lot of grace in the system right now.

We’re in a collective moment of anxiety, isolation, and grief. We’re all in it. For your sake, don’t be the one looking rough on the call. But if you are, tomorrow is a new day- and maybe you will become a meme, bringing joy to the internet across the world!

Also remember this wisdom:

“Don’t try too hard! A few years ago, I did a “fast” where I only wore 7 articles of clothing the entire month. So I, essentially wore the same outfit every other day. On the last day of the month, I received a compliment on my outfit and this was the same outfit I had worn every other day to the same place! When I told the truth to the person who gave me the compliment, she was shocked.” Simply Comfortable Mom on the Street Tara Pfeifer

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