Try These Fun Easter Crafts for Kids!

Easy easter crafts and decoration

The Easter holiday is about more than colorful Easter eggs and chocolate baskets. Try some of these Easter crafts at home to make this holiday even more inspired!

When it comes to kids, the Easter holiday is all about the Easter bunny and baskets full of chocolate. But that doesn’t mean that there’s not more fun to be had during this April holiday! One of the best parts of any season is the excitement, and nothing gets it going like easy Easter crafts! From fun Easter prints to beautiful bouquets, we’ve got some inspired ideas to keep you busy this holiday. Be sure to share your own Easter ideas for kids on your favorite family app.

What Are Some Fun Easter Crafts Ideas?

The following ideas will keep your little one occupied and get them excited about Easter! Be sure to share your own Easter crafts and games with other parents on FamilyApp.

  • Mason Jar Peeps – Few Easter treats are as popular as Peeps, and you can recall this marshmallowy favorite with this craft! All you need is some paint and empty mason jars to get started on this craft. Paint them in Easter colors to look just like Peeps for a festive, fun decoration!
  • Washi Tape Easter Print – Most of us don’t think of masking tape as a great crafting accessory. But washi tape comes in a variety of textures and colors that makes it a lot of fun to work with! Kid will love making their very own Easter crafts and decorations to adorn the fridge door.
  • Easter Egg Balloons – There are few things kids love more than balloons, but these Easter egg balloons will beat them all! The only thing you’ll need is some craft paint to create neat shapes on your ‘eggs’. You could even try papier mache for a fun afternoon craft!
  • Little Chick Bookmark – For the little one who loves to read, this cute bookmark makes Easter crafts easy. All that’s required to make this simple craft is yellow and orange construction paper, a black marker, glue, and some scissors!

What Are the Best Easter Crafts for Preschoolers?

The following Easter crafts are traditional ideas you might want to do with your little one every year. Luckily, they can also adorn more than just your fridge!

  • Easter Egg Bouquet – This is one of the Easter crafts the whole family can make together. While you’ll need a nice vase, the most important part of this bouquet is coloring the Easter eggs. You can even decorate the eggs or add flowers for something truly inspired. Whatever you choose, this makes for a striking centerpiece!
  • Egg Carton Spring Chicks – We all know that eggs are one of the focal points of the Easter celebration. However, you may not realize that something can be done with the leftover egg carton! Your kids will love decorating this carton with all the Easter animals from baby chicks to the Easter Bunny.
  • Easter Wreath – Most of us think of wreaths as something to hang on the door at Christmas. But, there’s more to them than just the holiday season! For this wreath, all your kids need to do is color Easter eggs, glue them together and add ribbon. Share your own Easter crafts DIY on your favorite family app!
  • Bunny Party Hats – This is a fun way to get everyone into the spirit of the Easter holiday! Use cardstock or construction paper and use a template or roll it into a pointy hat. Once done, your kids can cut out eyes, ears, and whiskers. They may even want to decorate it with glitter, markers or a pom pom!

Easter is right around the corner, and there’s more fun to be had than finding the beloved Easter basket! In fact, your kids will love making some crafts to celebrate the holiday. From papier-mache balloons to an Easter egg bouquet, there are plenty of ways to welcome the Easter bunny! Do you have some Easter crafts ideas? Share them in our comments! To keep the kids in the house and entertained, there’s nothing like a little art!

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