Curly Hairstyles: Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

The right styling and hair care can make for the most enviable mane! Try one of the following curly hairstyles for the kind of cut everyone will want.

Curly hair can sometimes seem like more of a curse than a blessing. Styling it and minimizing frizz can be a challenge, but few hairstyles are as bountiful as curls! If you’re lucky enough to have some natural bounce, there are plenty of ways to enhance it. While you may want to ask your stylist, you can also use our tips on what might work for you. Be sure to share your own curly hairstyles for women on your favorite family app!

What Kinds of Products Should I Use on My Curly Hair

Regardless of which style you choose for curly hair, it’s imperative to have the right products so you can care for your gorgeous wavy locks. Curly hair tends to be dryer, especially if you use dye or hair color, so you want to make sure to use a quality moisturizing serum or conditioner to prevent breakage. Unlike other hair types, you might not need to use shampoo every day as part of your hair care regimen.

When it comes to brushing, make sure you comb out your hair when it’s damp. You might want to add some extra moisturizer or a leave-in conditioner to help with the process. Instead of starting at the scalp, start by detangling the ends, then working your way up.

If you try to brush it when it’s dry, you’ll wind up with wild and frizzy hair. Of course– if that’s your look, embrace it and let your natural curls do their thing!

If you can’t style your hair, you can also just throw it back in a headband or put it up in a bun, ponytail, or braid. Find some great statement earrings, and walk out with confidence.

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What Kind of Curly Hair Works for My Face Shape?

There’s an ideal hairstyle to suit every face, and it’s no different when it comes to curly hairstyle ideas. For the perfect curly do, try one of the following looks!

  • Round Face – If you have this face shape, a long bob with layers can make for a great look. It will easily elongate your face if it ends around your jawline.
  • Heart-Shaped Face – For those with a heart-shaped face, a short, layered pixie cut can make curly hairstyles easy! You could also try it with straight or side-swept bangs.
  • Oval and Oblong Faces – A cropped, curly bob with layers that end around the chin can be a great look for this face type. A long, side-swept look can also complement an oval face.
  • Square Face – Curly hairstyles with long bangs can be the perfect complement to this face shape. Choose a cut that isn’t too boxy so you can soften the edges of your face.
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What Haircuts Are Best for Curly Hair?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to curls, so choose one of the following inspired looks. Share curly hairstyles women will love with others on FamilyApp!

  • Short & Textured Curls – One of the best ways to give your hair that va-va-voom look and enhance your curls is with a short do. You can make for a great curly hairstyle cut by adding subtle highlights and spraying it for texture.
  • Shoulder Length Layers – If you have the kind of hair that’s straight on top and curly at the bottom, you’re in luck. By layering your hair, you’ll get some subtle curls that make for a super stunning look!
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What Are the Best Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair?

There’s no way to spice up long hair like a little bit of curl! Add some flavor to your favorite straight-laced cut with the following curly hairstyles.

  • Long Layered Bob – Just because you have a thick mane of kinky curls doesn’t mean you can’t wear them down. Instead, choose a layered cut that will minimize the bulk and still show off your tresses.
  • Long Beachy Waves – The best way to accentuate wavy hair is by getting some length out of it. To enhance the ethereal quality, go for layers that will keep it looking light. Share your look on your favorite family app!
  • Ombre Layers – Nothing adds fun to curly hairstyles like an ombre style that emphasizes your hair’s natural bounce. Whatever color you go for, the length makes this look pop.

It can be hard to keep a curly mane in check. But, when it’s at its best, curly hair can be one of the most lustrous hairstyles around! From Share them with us on FamilyApp’s Instagram or Facebook pages! Instead of an updo, embrace the natural beauty of your curls!

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