How to Dress for Summer Without Showing Too Much Skin

Dress for Summer with linen, silk or cotton

How to dress for summer can be a challenge for the best of us. With a little color and the right layering style, you can keep yourself cool and casual!

Most of us look forward to the simplicity of summer clothes! However, while a pair of shorts can be great, it can be hard to decide on a more sophisticated look. Fortunately, there are plenty of garments that will keep you cool through the season without sacrificing style. Whether you’re layering clothes in summer or keeping it simple, there’s a great look out there. Be sure to share your summer looks on your favorite family app!

What Is the Best Material to Wear in Hot Humid Weather?

If you’re wondering how to dress for summer, it’s best to choose light-colored clothing that will reflect the sunlight. You’ll want as much airflow as possible to deal with the heat so sleeveless or loose sleeved shirts are ideal. Tight clothing isn’t usually the best for keeping cool, but if you love athletic gear try shorts and light-colored items. Brands like IBKULspecialize in lightweight SPF clothing that keeps you cool and covered, and you can find similar products at other athletic

Overall, unless your clothing is engineered to keep you cool and dry, opt for natural materials like linen, cotton, and silk. They tend to be more breathable to synthetics like polyester. Denim is also a pretty heavy fabric so if you can’t get away from wearing jeans, try wide-leg ones in a thinner fabric instead. Dresses are a great option you can dress up or down while staying cool.

How Do You Dress Professionally in the Summer?

Any time of year, knowing what to wear to work can be a challenge. Different events even call for different outfits, so what you wear for a summer job interview could be different than casual Friday.

This year, the massive rise in telecommuting due to COVID-19 gives you a little bit more leeway when it comes to your wardrobe. You could even get away with pajama pants as long as you had a dressier top if you really wanted to! At the very least, you could opt for slippers over heels. The following tips will help you look and feel your best this summer.

  • Buy a Shirtdress – This fashion favorite is easily adaptable no matter what your style is! You can easily dress it up with a chic belt and the right shoes. Share your ideas on how to dress for a summer holiday on FamilyApp with other fashionistas!
  • Add a Blazer – A lightweight but stylish jacket is the perfect fashion piece to make for a sophisticated outfit. With a lightweight skirt or dress, you can keep your feminine side alive while staying warm in the air conditioning! Added bonus– if you’re prone to perspiring, blazers are a great way to hide sweat marks.
  • Play With Print – Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean that you can’t have some summertime fun! Choose a pretty print dress for a breezy office look that will look great after work, as well.
  • Keep It Loose – Because you’re going to get warm as the weather heats up, it’s best to have some loose garments to choose from. A wide-leg pant with a peasant blouse can be perfect for keeping it cool and breezy. A maxi skirt is another great option.
  • Don’t Forget to Layer! – Layering clothes in summer might seem like the wrong thing to do to keep cool. However, there are plenty of ways to make it work. Whether you choose a sleeveless dress with a wrap or a white blouse with a cardigan, or a jean jacket and jumpsuit, you’ve got options!

How to Dress for Summer Over 50?

It can be more challenging as we get older to stay cool in the summer heat. Try these outfits for a casual, comfortable feel that will keep you looking both age-appropriate and as young and fresh as you feel. Share your ideas on your favorite family app!

  • Patterned Dress – A patterned sundress like gingham or floral with a pair of sandals or kitten heel can be the perfect summer outfit you can throw on at any time. It’s both easy enough to feel comfortable and sophisticatedenough to make you feel like an adult.
  • White with Denim – There’s nothing quite as classic and white button-down or t-shirt with a pair of jeans. If you’re wondering how to dress for summer, try a crisp white linen blouse for something simple you’ll feel good in. If denim feels a bit heavy, get some relaxed linen pants.
  • Jumpsuit – Nothing says classy comfort quite like a jumpsuit. Whether you choose this garment in a bright color or a versatile neutral, there’s no way to go wrong. You can throw it on and dress it up with your favorite earrings, wrap, or scarf.

Dressing for the hot summer months can be a challenge if you want to keep it covered. There are plenty of looks that can take you from the office to the backyard barbecue without a lot of fuss! Do you have any tips on how to dress for summer? Share them with other readers in our comments. From a simple t-shirt and jeans to a brightly colored dress, enjoy the season in style!

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