05 May 2021

Spring and Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Are you ready to pack up your winter sweaters and boots for the season and replace them with breezy dresses and sandals? I know I am! Does your spring and summer wardrobe need a little refresh? Check out these spring and summer 2021 fashion trends and must-haves for the 2021 season for inspiration!

Oversized Pants and Jeans

If you keep up with TikTok, you know that skinny jeans and tight pants are over. Let your legs have some breathing room again a-la the ’90s, in a pair of oversized or even baggy pants! This black denim style is a great option, or try this straight-leg light-wash distressed version

Tuck in a close-fitting top or tank to balance the proportions. You can even add an oversized or cropped tee to have some fun with your outfit proportions as well.  Slide on a pair of funky sneakers for daytime or pair with a strappy heel for a dressed-up look. 

Sorbet Pastels

Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking. Sure, pastels are a predictable palette for the spring 2021 season, but this year welcomes a fun new twist: sorbet-inspired pastels! Straight from the runway, these colors are sure to please.

This ribbed knit top would look great with some high-waisted jeans and matching lilac heels or coordinating blush flats. You could even add a pinky slip-style silk skirt for texture variation and an outfit that will make you look like you came straight out of Vogue.

Feeling bold? Try out a pastel-hued coverall from Wildfang and add a pair of funky gold hoops for an easy and fresh spring look.

Cottage-Core and Vintage-Inspired Dresses

Another trend popular on TikTok and Instagram features breezy and feminine cottage-core dresses. These beautiful dresses are characterized by flowing, light fabrics, dainty floral prints and patterns, and a vintage aesthetic. Slipping one on will make you feel like traipsing through a field of wildflowers as the setting sun casts a golden glow around you.

Pair these easy dresses in either a maxi, mid, or min style, with sandals, heels, or even sneakers for an effortless look.

Pops of Yellow

Shades of mustard and pastel yellow are perfect for the warmer months. Try out this trend with a fun yellow bag for day or night with your favorite summer outfit for a fresh look. This color also looks great combined with the oversized 80's-esque jacket trend for a look inspired by the stylish Princess Diana.

These fun flared trousers will add a sunny pop of yellow to your work wardrobe and can transition to nighttime wear as well. Just swap the matching suit jacket for a sleek bodysuit for a clean silhouette.

Spring and Summer Hair Trends

Tired of your hair blowing in your face? Try out a 1960's inspired hair scarf! There are so many ways to style a pretty, vintage-inspired scarf. Knot it around an up-do, under your chin in a triangle, or at the base of your neck with your hair flowing over. The possibilities are endlessly chic!

If you are looking for a way to keep your hair up and off your neck, try rolling your hair into a french-knot and securing it with a trendy tortoise-shell claw clip; trendy and functional summer fashion!

Must-Haves: Spring and Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Stuck on exactly what to buy to add to your warm-weather wardrobe? Check out this list of must-haves for the season!

  1. Breezy dress; midi-dresses are very popular this year. Try something vintage-inspired or with a low back!
  2. Baggy jeans; light or dark wash denim, distressed or not. Feel free to find a low-rise or high-waisted pair. Just don't do skinny jeans!
  3. Silk or satin skirt; try this in a fun sorbet pastel or bright yellow for a twist.
  4. Hair scarf; get this in a unique pattern or color to add interest to your outfit. Look for these at vintage stores!
  5. New sandals or white sneakers; a fresh pair of shoes, especially in clean white, adds a pop of visual interest to any spring and summer look.

2021 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends at Fashion Week

2021 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends at Fashion Week

Spring and Summer 2021 fashion week was characterized by lots of bright colors, large and in-charge shoulder pads, flowing dresses, and oversized looks. Lots of utilitarian cuts and fabrics were made fresh in sorbet pastels.

Balmain showed looks with high-pointed shoulder pads and sleek color palettes. Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani all showed off flowing dresses in maxi lengths and striking colors

Have you tried any of these spring and summer 2021 fashion trends? Are you into the baggy jean and cottage-core dress trend? Let your friends and family know on FamilyApp!

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