5 Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain and Stay Healthy

Winter Weight Gain - Stay Slim in Winter

Winter weight gain doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of your holiday season!

By making sensible food choices and taking part in exciting exercises, you’ll be able to shed pounds and stay healthy! Learn how to avoid winter fat before you gain it in the first place!

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to winter, but the winter weight gain that can come along with cooler weather isn’t one of them. If you’re looking to avoid the temptations of the colder season, we have some tips for bodyweight maintenance! Make sure you share your own with others on your favorite family app.

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How Can I Avoid Winter Weight Gain?

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One of the easiest ways to avoid weight gain in winter is to be mindful of your eating. Just paying attention to what you eat and limiting portions can make the difference between gaining or losing 5 pounds. Mindful eating is especially important when you’re eating out at restaurants since the extra butter and sauces can really add up!

But winter is a wonderful season to hunker down, stay indoors, and experiment with some inspiring and tasty recipes! Who doesn’t enjoy sitting by a cozy fire enjoying a healthy and hearty chili or stew on a cold winter’s day?

So much of maintaining a healthy weight during the winter comes down to planning– when you have a kitchen stocked with healthy essentials, it’s easier to make good choices. When you’re frazzled and running around without time to enjoy a good meal, you’re a lot more likely to load up at the buffet at the next holiday party! Here are a few more practical tips to keep your body nourished with good things this winter.

What Are Some Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight in the Winter?

Winter might be a time to take it easy and indulge in comfort foods. But instead of going with the flow, use these tips to stay slim and keep your weight through the cold winter months!

  • Eat Your Veggies – It’s easy enough to tell children that vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet. But vegetables can make for a pretty inspiring dish that might be your favorite part of the meal! Choose veggies like roasted eggplant or mashed sweet potatoes for something as healthy as it is tasty. If you have some great recipe ideas, share them on FamilyApp!
  • Prioritize Protein – One of the biggest winter weight gain causes is not eating enough protein and overeating to fill up. While you’ll want to keep it lean, choose foods like eggs and chicken, and healthy fats like nuts. They’re good for you, and they have the added benefit of making it easier to resist all those heavy carbs!
  • Choose Healthy Treats – It’s hard to resist the temptation of calorie-laden treats like chocolate, cake, and candy. But preventing weight gain doesn’t mean you have to stay away from your favorites. Instead of denying yourself, choose healthy snacks like dark chocolate or fruit smoothies, so you don’t overeat! Or eat the delicious cake, but instead of having two or three helpings, exercise good portion control.

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What Are Some Great Exercises in Winter?

Just because the temperatures are lower doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy sports like surfing and running. Whether you work out outside or indoors, here are some cold-weather activities, so you don’t have to gain weight!

  • Embrace Your Inner Child– Some sports feel a lot more like fun than exercise. Instead of hiding inside, take your family or go on your own and hit the hills for heart-rate raising fun! Whether you choose skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, it will provide a challenging workout. Even a good snowball fight or sledding can be a blast, as you enjoy family time while burning calories.
  • Mind the Mat – If you’re wondering how to avoid winter weight gain, pilates and yoga are some of the best exercises out there! And, it also happens to be great in winter since you can hide from the cold inside. If you’re looking for an added challenge, try hot yoga to impact weight loss. Or if you need a great gift for the holidays, these high-quality, inspirational mats from Swono provide great motivation as you work your muscles. Share your moves with others on a family app!

It can be easier to hide inside and indulge in old comforts. But by eating healthy snacks and doing indoor exercise, you can lose the blues of winter weight gain. Do you have any tips for staying fit in winter and avoiding extra pounds? Let us know your ideas in our comments! With Thanksgiving and Christmas, healthy living can be challenging, but there are ways to keep fit.

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