Teen Volunteers: How to Get Your Kid Interested in Volunteer Work

Volunteering can be an important part of learning new skills and feeling like part of the community. No matter your child’s interests, there are teen volunteer opportunities for them!

Volunteer work offers your teen great life experience as they give back to the community. Whether they have an hour or a year, it can be something teens can do for fun to give back. There are a number of inspiring teen volunteer ideas. Be sure to share your findings with other parents on your favorite family app!

How Do I Get a Teenager Interested in Volunteer Work?

Volunteering offers plenty of benefits for teenagers. While they have the opportunity to learn new skills, they can also improve their resume or their college application. So it’s a good idea to start volunteer work some years before they finish school.

It can also enable them to help others and be a positive force in their community. It’s ideal if they pursue teen volunteer work that relates to their interests. If they like animals they can volunteer at the animal shelter or zoo. Or, your teen likes art or nature, they could work at an arts festival or an environmental organization. Whatever their favorite activity, there are lots of great opportunities!

What Are the Best Ways to Find Local Volunteering Opportunities?

It may be hard to determine what the teen volunteer options in your community are. Luckily, there are a variety of ways they can follow their passion! Most places have a website where you can look through the latest volunteer opportunities based on availability and interest. If there is a specific volunteer organization your teen wants to know about, they can visit their website for options.

Fortunately, most organizations will be happy to have potential volunteers reach out to them for assistance. So the application process is really easy to complete for most volunteer organizations. You may even want to share your ownvolunteer work ideas with other parents on FamilyApp!

What Are Some Teen Volunteer Opportunities?

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available for your teen. Whether they are thirteen or seventeen, they can find an activity that inspires enthusiasm!

  • Food Bank or Soup Kitchen – A food bank can be the perfect place for a teen volunteer to get involved and give back to people. Whether they sort food or give out a pantry, this can be ideal for those teens who are just starting out.
  • Nursing Homes & Hospitals – There are many people in hospitals and nursing homes that don’t get a lot of visitors. That’s why volunteering in these places to assist with room duties and talk with people is so important. Plus, most elderly are happy to re-connect with the youth. Share other options for volunteering with seniors on a family app!
  • Habitat for Humanity – This is a community organization whose mission to provide affordable housing is known to nearly everyone. It can also be a great place to meet others and learn some homebuilding skills. This organization even offers teen volunteer abroad experiences for the more adventurous!
  • Local Festivals – If your teen has many different interests, they might choose to split their time to work in a few community events. Most cities have arts, music and food festivals they can do volunteer work with, so check the community calendar for information!

Getting your teen involved with a volunteer activity in one of thousands of teen volunteer organizations helps them develop valuable skills and give back to the community. Do you have any suggestions for volunteer work for teens? Working with your child to find great volunteering opportunities can develop into a lifelong passion!

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