What Can We Do to Save the Honeybees?

How to Save the Honeybees

Few things are more important to a healthy ecosystem than the honeybees. Learn more about these hard-working creatures and how you can save them in your own backyard with four easy tips!

Whether we like their honey or we’ve unfortunately been stung by one, most of us are familiar with bees. However, their daily impact on our lives might be lesser-known. In fact, honeybees are actually responsible for the pollination of many of our favorite fruits and vegetables. That means that our food supply is dependent on their determined work. Learn more about honeybees and the environment so you can help their modern plight! Be sure to share your own ideas on your favorite family app.

Why Are the Bees Dying?

Many of us take for granted the well being of honeybees. However, approximately one-third of the global food crops require the powers of pollination, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states. While many insects function as pollinators, none work as hard as the bee! Unfortunately, this small creature is under grave threat with the population of dying honeybees on the rise. The number of hives in the country has decreased from six million in the 1940s to approximately 2.5 million. This is due to the use of pesticides like neonicotinoids, disease and honeybees habitat destruction. Given the importance they play in a thriving ecosystem, it’s no surprise that we need to protect them.

How Can We Save the Honeybees?

There are plenty of ways that people can help with the plight of the honeybees. Share your own ideas about bee conservation on FamilyApp!

  • Become a Beekeeper! – If you are concerned about honeybees going extinct, beekeeping can help to boost the pollinator population! Whether you want to take a training course or join an association, there are many benefits to a backyard hive!  
  • Grow Bee-Friendly Plants – There’s nothing like the right kind of plant to ensure that bees can provide nectar and pollen. Keep in mind that bees like to forage among flowers like asters and sunflowers and tall plants like larkspur and foxgloves. Bees are drawn to single flowering plants and vegetables. Share your own bee-friendly plants on your favorite family app!
  • Support Local Honey – Because honey made locally will comply with all the requirements in your area, it’s good to invest in. It also has the benefit of supporting local beekeepers. Unfortunately, foreign honey contains bacteria that can lend to honeybees extinction so they should be kept away from it!
  • Talk to Your Representatives – There isn’t enough research into honeybees and pesticides, and the reason populations are in decline. Yet, they are profoundly important to our well being! Write to your representative to ask them to fund honeybee research. You may also want to encourage them to plant bee-friendly plants in public spaces.

Honeybees are one of the most important parts of our natural world. Luckily, there are things you can do to help them! By growing bee-friendly plants and talking to your local representative about bee research, you can assist the bee population. Do you have any tips for saving honeybees? Share them in our comments. As a vital part of our ecosystem, there’s a lot to lose without these worker bees!

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