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Young kids are great at being naturally creative! Whether it’s drawing or painting, their creative output is nearly overwhelming. Check out these arts and crafts to encourage their enthusiasm for creating and keep the fun.

Childhood is a time when creativity really flourishes. Arts and crafts are perfect open-ended toys, whether you’re drawing and painting or molding creations with clay. But as children get older, it can be hard to sustain the little artist in them. Luckily, there are plenty of spring art ideas for inspiring your kid’s interest!

What Effects Do Arts and Crafts Have on Children?

One of the favorite activities of kids everywhere is coming up with fun and creative ideas. But there’s a lot more to arts and crafts for kids than meets the eye. In fact, when you emphasize creativity, kids have an improved ability to express themselves. They also become more creative adults!

Being creative actually has a positive impact on the academic performance of kids. According to Americans for the Arts, kids who participate in the crafts or arts are more likely to achieve academic goals. In addition, the attention required for art and crafts projects can help them to develop focus, motor skills, and self-confidence.

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How Can I Encourage a Love of Art?

There are plenty of ways to get your kids artistically inspired! Most of us have a passion for the arts, whether it’s music, the work of Picasso or DIY interior design. So, share your love by working together on furniture or listening to music with your child. You can also take them to the art gallery to look at contemporary art, abstract crafts or even pop art.

Since kids are naturally creative, give them the materials for their own arts and crafts ideas! Paint, markers or clay, will always help your children to express their creativity. Make sure your kids have enough time after school or on the weekends to get out the glue and start some fun DIY crafts.

How Can My Kids Learn About the Arts?

There are plenty of child arts and crafts for kids to inspire their interest. Art classes for kids, whether they’re for painting or drawing, will help to develop your kids’ knowledge about art. It’s just important that the classes provide your children with the inspiration they need instead of putting pressure on them. The right teacher is key in keeping them open to the possibilities of art, too.

Of course, if drawing or painting classes aren’t their thing, there are also a number of inspiring art books to choose from!

  •  The Great Big Art History Coloring Book – In addition to exploring famous works of art, this book will inspire arts and crafts ideas for kids. Your children will learn about artists, art movements and the most famous paintings around.
  •  Dorothea Lange: The Photographer Who Found the Faces of the Depression – She may be one of the most famous American photographers in history. However, this fun children’s book that explores Lange’s rebellions as a student may inspire the photographer in your little one!

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What Are Some Fun Art Activities for Kids?

Beyond classes and books, spring brings many arts and crafts for kids to the forefront. Winter is a good time to go to events at the theatre or concert hall or to do DIY projects and crafts indoors. In spring and summer, you can do many activities outside to fuel your child’s creativity. Send your kids outside with some sidewalk chalk to make their own drawings or gather flowers to press.

You may even want to take your children to a museum to sketch out their favorite works. Talk to your child about the artist, their life and work or the paint of a specific masterpiece. Parenting by example is key if you want your child to get interested in something. And, if they show interest in taking up an instrument, let the choice be theirs! Whether they’re more passionate about piano, guitar or clarinet, choosing their own passion will keep your child engaged.

Crafts Make an Easy Access to the Arts for Children

Paint, glue and paper – art is a natural part of childhood. However, as children get older it can be more difficult for them to take the time for creativity. Fortunately, with classes, books and visits to the arts and crafts store, they may be inspired to follow their passion.

Do your kids have a passion for the arts? If so, share their talents with us in our comments. While our artistic inclination changes as we get older, there’s little to match the curiosity and creativity art can inspire!

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