Top 10 Apps for Seniors That Make Life Easier

top 10 apps for seniors

Being a senior citizen doesn’t mean you have to be behind on the latest trends in technology. In fact, there are plenty of apps for seniors that can help with everything from health to finance!

Smartphones and the latest technology might seem like something that young people are in the know about. However, approximately 42 percent of Americans 65 and older own a smartphone! You might think apps are all fun and games, but plenty of apps can appeal to seniors too. Whether they’re looking for financial tips or medical advice, the following apps for seniors might do the trick.

What Should You Look for in an App for Seniors?

While older people can use any app in their daily life, you want to make sure the tablet or mobile phone app will provide you with a high-quality user experience for this age group. Don’t waste your time with apps that don’t accommodate a larger text size– you want to make sure you get the full visual effect, whether you’re using an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.

Many of these apps also offer email or telephone support in case they’re not quite as easy to use as you might like. So be sure to do your research so you can download easier-to-use apps that provide easy-access features.

What Are the Best Apps for Seniors?

Your cell phone offers a lot more functionality than making phone calls and playing games. The following apps for seniors can benefit everything from their finances to their reading glasses!

1. Can I Retire Yet?

If and when they’ll be able to retire is a big question for a lot of people. However, it’s particularly important when you’re a senior citizen! This free app allows the user to check their goals and track their progress. And, the version you pay for can provide even more in-depth financial planning.

2. Taxcaster

Most people who do their own taxes on TurboTax are aware of how helpful it can be. This app by the same company goes a step further to see how your tax return changed. It’s particularly useful for those who want to be in the know about changing tax laws! Share this with other seniors on a family app.

3. Senior Discounts

As a senior on a fixed income, one of the most important things is to stay on budget. This is one of the best financial apps for seniors who want to save money! It has plenty of great discounts for 65+ and even offers many extras for those 55 and older!

4. Silver Surf

It’s pretty helpful to have glasses to help you read things on your smartphone or iPad. And this great app option takes it a step further by enlarging the buttons and text on the screen. It’s perfect for those who need a little visual aid when it comes to texting!

senior with smartphone
Image by rupert B. from Pixabay

What Are the Best Health Apps?

Few things are as important as keeping your health up as a senior. The following apps for seniors can provide a sense of security and some motivation to increase their physical activity.

5. Red Panic Button

With so many emergency apps for seniors, it can be hard to decide what works best. Fortunately, this app is as easy as it sounds! If you run into trouble and require assistance, press the button on this app. It will send out a message and your whereabouts to your list of people.

6. Medisafe

This health app for iPhone and Android OS was created by two brothers after their father took too much insulin. It’s the perfect app for reminding seniors to take their medication! It will also let them know if they’re running low or taking things that shouldn’t be taken together.

7. The Fabulous Motivate Me!

It’s important to take care of yourself as you get older, and that means not letting your fitness goals slide. If you’re looking for apps for seniors exercise, this one is both inspiring and fun! Whether you’ve been a lifelong exerciser or want to start strength training, this app will help you improve your physical wellbeing.

What Are the Best Apps for Seniors 2021?

It can be hard to find the best new apps in the proverbial haystack. Luckily, the following are some of 2021’s latest and greatest apps for seniors!

8. Blood Pressure Companion

Many senior citizens go to the drug store or the doctor to get their blood pressure measured, butthis app can make that process a lot easier. It will measure your blood pressure and heart rate, and provide handy charts you can show your GP or health service provider. If you think this will help someone you know, share it on a family app!

9. Magnifying Glass With Light

This great app idea will prevent you from having to get out your readers! If you’re in a pinch, this app turns your smartphone into a magnifying glass to help you read. And, the light will automatically turn on when you’re in a low light setting!

10. FamilyApp

It can be harder to get up and go as you get older, and loneliness can be a problem for many seniors. So it’s vital to stay in touch with loved ones. With its dependent user feature, you don’t even need a phone number to download this messaging and family sharing app. FamilyApp conveniently allows anyone to connect with friends and family members using this messaging app. It may be well known, but it’s among the most secure and best apps for seniors living alone.

Various challenges go along with getting older, so it’s important to be aware of what can help. So whether you use an app to stay a lifelong learner, read the Bible virtually, find recreational activities, increase your physical activity, or call on Zoom to connect with family and friends, there are plenty of apps for seniors that can help improve your quality of life during the golden years. Is there an app that has helped build up a senior in your life? Share it with us in our comments! Whether it involves fitness, finance, or overall health, there’s an app out there for everything.

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