The Best Ideas for No or Low Cost Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts on a budget

There’s more to the perfect Mother’s Day gifts than spending a lot of money. Try out one of our affordable options for something special that will make it memorable!

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes Mother’s Day, the special day when we celebrate our moms! Finding the right gift in time can seem like a struggle, but there’s more to it than buying something expensive. In fact, instead of jewelry or a fancy necklace, try something a little different this year! Whether you go DIY or choose something affordable, Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to cost a lot. Be sure to share your finds on your favorite family app!

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How Much Should I Spend on a Mother’s Day Gift?

It’s tempting to spend a lot on the best Mother’s Day gifts, but showing you care isn’t about what you spend. While we’ve all heard that it’s the thought that counts, it’s really true! Instead of spending a ton of money, especially at a time like this, think about what your mom would really love. It might be a thoughtful card or simply a phone call. A flower arrangement or a box of chocolates will also be appreciated. It’s important not to forget the day, but the right gift leaves plenty of great options!

What Are Some Mother’s Day Gifts to Make?

The perfect gift doesn’t mean going out to the store. In fact, the women in your life will love a gift from the heart that was made with love!

  • Knit Blanket – If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts at home, why not use your knitting skills? A lovely, chunky knit blanket may soon become your mother’s favorite throw! If you learn how to knit just to make this gift, she’ll love it even more! Share your ideas on FamilyApp with other gifters.
  • Body Scrub – There are plenty of luxury beauty products out there that will be sure to charm your mom. But what about the kind of scrub you can make yourself? You can start with simple ingredients like brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil. Feel free to add your own fragrance for a sumptuous spa treat!
  • Reed Diffuser – It might be the kind of thing your mom will pick up at her favorite home store. Fortunately, you can actually make your very own diffuser on the cheap at home! All you need is a customized fragrance, a nice container, and some reeds. You can even make a label if you want to create one of the most unique Mother’s Day gifts!
  • Recipe Box – For many mothers, their recipe collection is a point of pride. That’s why the right recipe box can make for a great gift idea! Instead of something same-old, jazz your own up with some stunning wallpaper and accouterments.
  • New Mom Survival Kit – If you’re gifting a new mom in your life, a box of the stuff she’ll need can be perfect. Spring for items like a candle or a homemade spa treatment. After all, new moms need all the relaxation they can get! When it comes to DIY, this is one of the Mother’s Day gifts that tops them all!  

What Are the Best Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts?

A great gift purchase doesn’t mean a lot of expense. For whatever your mom loves, one of the following will be sure to make her smile!

  • Barware Set – This might sound like a more expensive option, but you can keep your mom in the cocktails with less than $20. Whether she’s a hostess or not, a set with tongs, a jigger, an ice bucket, and tray will keep her ready!
  • Spritz Set – Skin treats are the kind of gift that a mom won’t always buy for herself. Luckily, with a facial spray set you can give one of the most luxurious Mother’s Day gifts around. Try the Mario Badescu set which features rosewater, green tea, and lavender for instant moisture!
  • Footcare Kit – Even for the best of us, our tootsies can get a little worn out. An overnight footcare kit can be just the thing. With some moisturizing lotion and a set of fuzzy socks, it’s a great excuse for a relaxing night in! Be sure to share your footcare finds on your favorite family app.
  • Personalized Mug – It might sound simple, but it’s one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for the mom who has everything! Instead of something fancy, choose a mug that she’ll love with an inspiring message. Every time she reaches for her coffee, she’ll think of you!

Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can seem like a challenging endeavor. But, getting your mom something she’ll love doesn’t have to mean expensive jewelry. In fact, there are plenty of gifts you can make or buy that cost little. Do you have any ideas for Mother’s Day gifts? Whatever you choose to gift, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to doing something she’ll love.

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