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Looking for just the right gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life? This gift guide from Jess Horton of The Fit Petite has loads of great ideas that will help them keep on track and stay fit! And maybe, you will find a little treat here for yourself that gets you started…

Local Gift Guide For Fit People

It can take more than motivation to truly live the fit life. So if you have a friend or family member starting up a winter training season, you know the dedication and preparation it can also take. From gear to grub, I’ve got a list of items you can find locally for the wellness warrior in your life.

Get Them The Gear

Runner’s know that when the temps drop, the mileage goes up. So make sure they are prepared with warm and weather-ready duds.

Hoodies and Hats

Don’t forget the post-run warm-up. An oversized hoodie like this one from Athleta at Hilltop feels like heaven. And it does so much more after pounding the pavement on cold winter mornings. Does your fitness fanatic aim for an athleisure look post-workout? Pair it with this adorable pom pom hat, for example. Hence, you’ve got an awesome gift.

Even if the temps are freezing, everything will feel rosy and cozy with this brightly colored sports bra from Lululemon. A bright pattern like this, however, can help entice anyone to get their sweat on!


If you really want to wrap them in warmth, check out this down pullover. It is a show…snow stopper! And the best is: There are two convenient locations for your holiday shopping! Lululemon at Town Center in Virginia Beach or a pop-up shop in MacArthur. Therefore, shopping will be so easy this Christmas season. shopping list for fit people

Shoes, Socks, And Stocking Stuffers

Keep their body in motion with the right shoe. I can’t recommend Running Etc in a gift guide for fit people enough, as I’ve been a customer there since 1994. It is the #1 place to get shoes! From socks to stocking stuffers they offer a large selection for the racers in your family. So take a trip there this weekend to catch some major deals. Some so good, I can’t even post here 🙂 Sale begins Black Friday and will continue with Small Business Saturday specials through Mortar Monday. Stuff their stockings with deals on socks with their buy 3 get one free deal! You can also keep them fueled for those workouts with Tailwind nutrition. We love the naked flavor! 15% off this weekend!

nutritional items on a gift guide


For the runner on your list who loves music, consider a pair of quality headphones, Aftershokz Air for example. Light and wireless, they are absolutely incredible! Usually $150 down to $119. Hence, an absolute must for this gift guide for fit people.

Gift Guide For Fit People To Honor Their Healthy Habits

Running Registry

What better way to honor your friend’s training than to pick up the tab for their entry fee! Many local runners are taking part in the 47th Annual Shamrock Weekend. Register your runner early to motivate them. You can save some cash as well before rates increase. Propably the most appreciated idea on this gift guide for fit people with a small budget.

Meal Prep

Give the gift of time… out of the kitchen! A meal service like Boxed Gourmet can save your loved one time. Quality foods will also fuel them while they have more time to practice the fit life! These pre-made meals are not only very healthy, but also prepared locally. They are then even delivered to your door. The chefs are happy to honor your specific dietary needs, too! 

Gift Guide For Fit People – Help Them Recover

TAO Feet Spa is a professional and licensed foot reflexology business located in Virginia Beach. Due to enormous popularity, appointments are recommended.

gift guide: spa for fit people Recover with the power of Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy. Located off Laskin, however, it is easy for me to spend time there every week. I highly recommend their line of services for anyone wanting to feel their best. For those movers and shakers, I suggest a session in the cryo tank. A sweat session in the infrared sauna can bring down inflammation as well. Plus, it can flush the body for quicker recovery. The cryo-facial is a wonderful way to bring out your natural glow for those holiday parties. Hence, it is another favorite of mine. Ask about their IV drips to boost immunity and nutrients, too!

Do you have more ideas for this gift guide for fit people? Tell us more via the FamilyApp.

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