How to Plan a Baby Shower: A Step-By-Step Guide

A baby shower is the perfect time to celebrate the new arrival. From baby shower games to step-by-step party planning, we have some great ideas and tips for making it special!

Few things in life are more exciting than having a baby. And no event celebrates the emergence of new life quite like a well-planned baby shower! It might seem like a lot goes into this event, but there are lots of ways to prepare to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether you’re the mother-in-law or a friend to the expectant mom, the best baby shower just takes a little know-how. Share your own inspired tips with other moms on your favorite family app!

1. Decide Who Hosts the Baby Shower

A shower is the kind of event that anyone close to the mom-to-be can plan. Whether your best friend or your sister wants to plan your party, it’s up to the expectant mother! However, we highly recommend not to organize the shower yourself to keep stress in late pregnancy as little as possible.

2. Save the Date

After your loved ones are set to host, you can start planning a baby shower by deciding the day and time for your party. This will give you a timeline for putting things in place and even help you choose a venue for the shower. According to the best etiquette, it should happen seven months into the pregnancy when baby purchases can still be made post-party!

baby shower

3. Pick the Baby Shower Venue

Many moms prefer celebrating their baby at home. If you’re choosing between a backyard and a living room, the time of year might make the difference. However, it’s important to get ahead of the game and decide if you’re having a more formal event. Any venue, from an intimate restaurant to a larger rental space can work. Just make sure whichever place you choose has the right look and feel. You might need to have more decorations in a larger space.

4. Decide Whom to Invite

There are also no rules on the baby shower guest list, but the important questions are: Are you looking to talk about all things pregnancy and mom-related? Do you want to spend a special afternoon with just the girls? Or do you want to have a shower that includes the baby’s dad and other men? Each group can be fun but has a different feel. Some people end up having more than one shower to include everyone who wants to celebrate their baby.

5. Choose the Style of Your Baby Shower

So the number and kind of guests will all determine what kind of party you want. An afternoon tea or shower brunch might work with close friends and family. But if you want to get all the dads involved too, a cocktail party (or mocktail) might be a better choice. Whatever option you choose, it’s important that your guest number will work with the plan for your party – as well as your budget.

6. Consider What Some Cute Baby Shower Ideas Are…

There are some classic gift ideas (Diaper Genie for the win!) when it comes to a baby shower and the same goes for the decor. Everyone’s been to the kind of shower with balloons and cake! But, there are plenty of ways to make the party one-of-a-kind. If the expectant mom has a special affection for something, include it in the shower and make it a theme!

7. …And Turn Them into a Personal Theme!

There’s also the option of having a children’s book-themed party or even an animal-themed soiree. You may even want to take inspiration from a contemporary TV show or movie your friend enjoyed during pregnancy! Whether it’s Mary Poppins or Frozen, a party theme can make for an unforgettable event! If you have a special idea for the decoration like balloons or gifts, share it with other guests on FamilyApp.

8. Send the Invites for the Baby Shower

A good time for guests to receive baby shower invitations is 6-weeks before the event. It will give them the opportunity to save the date and shop for a gift for the mom-to-be and her baby. For a formal affair, a paper invitation can be nice, but otherwise spring for an easy email invite or send a message via FamilyApp to let others know about the shower.

9. Make a Baby Party Plan

A party just isn’t a party without a plan. Instead of leaving guests to their own devices, organize some baby shower games. Whether you play ‘Don’t Say Baby’ or the diaper pin game, there are plenty of laughs to be had. Talk to others about your baby shower ideas on FamilyApp to get their feedback.

baby shower

10. Don’t Forget the Food And Drinks

There is, of course, no real party when people can’t eat and drink. But you don’t have to stick to the classic cake. Serve finger food or healthy snacks instead. When you throw your friend or sister a shower, talk to her about foods she wants to avoid to eat during pregnancy. Also, make sure that those fancy drinks you plan are also available as a non-alcoholic version, so the woman of the day can join in the fun, too!

There’s nothing like a special event to celebrate the mom and dad-to-be! Whether it’s a casual affair or a cocktail party, there are many ways to make it memorable. Do you have any ideas for the best baby shower activities? Share them with everyone in our comments! There’s no way to do a shower wrong, but following our step-by-step guide will make for a great event.

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