4 Tips For Virtual Volunteering – How to Help in the Digital Age

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Volunteer work is today more in demand than ever, and the world is increasingly digital. Combine the two, what do you get? Virtual volunteering. But is volunteering over the internet even possible? It is, and we’ll show you how.

What is Virtual Volunteering?

Virtual volunteering offers plenty of options to do volunteer work online. In today’s digital age, many organizations have shifted their business to the internet. Instead of going to the store to buy groceries, we can order online delivery. Instead of attending meetings in person, we video conference.

So it’s no wonder that in today’s world, you can also volunteer online. This is called virtual volunteering or online volunteering. But what exactly does it mean?

Volunteering Goes Digital

Many people think of volunteering as working directly with people. The term makes us think of a museum docents, a caregiver at animal shelters, tutors reading to children and helping with homework, or workers in a soup kitchen. In other words, volunteers perform many activities that salaried staff just don’t have the bandwidth to do. Volunteers take on vital roles without pay.virtual volunteering from home

Of course, volunteering isn’t limited to these types of roles. There are many so-called “back office” activities, such as the administration of a membership list or bookkeeping for a club. Volunteers can also help with website maintenance of a homepage or the translation of a newsletter into several languages. These types of tasks are at the junction where virtual volunteering begins.

Advantages of Virtual Volunteering

Many non-profit clubs and aid organizations recognize many ways the internet and social media offer many opportunities for volunteer work. These proposals are often very low-threshold, so you don’t need much experience to help. You’ll probably need a brief orientation before you get started, but it probably won’t be overly taxing.

Virtual volunteering also gives people with little time a chance to volunteer. You can usually work flexible hours, so you can help at your own pace. Another bonus: introverts or shy people, virtual volunteering might be perfect for you! Even if you don’t feel comfortable working with others, you can make social commitments through virtual volunteering.

Virtual Volunteering – Near and Far

Large, non-profit organizations, in particular, are increasingly turning to virtual volunteering. The United Nations (UN), for example, has set up its own internet platform for volunteers. There, you can find a variety of areas in tech volunteerwhich virtual volunteering is possible.

In the age of globalization, volunteer translation activities are of course a major focus. But the UN also relies on online volunteers for writing and editing. Those who do not have a particular affinity for language, on the other hand, can make themselves useful in the technology development area. As you can see: The possibilities of virtual volunteering are enormous – and that’s only within the UN!

Virtual Volunteering Closer to Home

If you would rather get involved with an organization in your hometown, you’ll certainly find a virtual opportunity there as well. If you don’t have a specific club in mind, you can ask your community center. The website Volunteer Match can be a first port of call for your future volunteer work.

Once you have found an organization you would like to help, you should clarify a few questions in advance. This includes how much time you can spend volunteering. Good time management will help you. Also, make sure that you have a clearly defined area of responsibility. This helps the entire organization keep competencies and contacts clear. Besides, it gives you the certainty of knowing exactly what to do, especially in the beginning.

Practical Tips for Virtual Volunteering

  1. Have a contact person/mentor who can advise you through the process. They should first familiarize you with the organization and its structure. They should also be able to help you with technical problems or questions. Nothing is more frustrating with virtual volunteering than when technology is constantly failing and you can’t do the job you’ve volunteered formentor mentee - virtual Volunteering.
  2. Get regular feedback from your mentor. Through feedback, they can let you know how they appreciate your efforts, and ways you can improve. One of virtual volunteering’s disadvantages is your potential isolation from fellow volunteers, so communication with your mentor is key.
  3. Keep lines of communication open. If it’s not working out, let the organization know. Unfortunately, far too often volunteers get overloaded with too many tasks. So, you should let your mentor or others know if your voluntary tasks just aren’t working out anymore.
  4. Don’t overestimate yourself – many volunteers quit their work soon after starting. That’s because they feel overwhelmed. It’s better to start slow when it comes to working hours and abilities. That way, you can grow into your task and test if you like virtual volunteering at all.

Keep up the Good Work!

Virtual volunteering is a wonderful way to help others, but it should be something meaningful to you. If it starts to become more of a burden than a blessing, it might be time to consider other forms of volunteering.

What are your favorite ways to volunteer? Any particular organizations that have especially good opportunities for virtual volunteering? Let us know below, or talk with friends and family on FamilyApp!

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