Food and fitness Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Fitness Before Feasting

Thanksgiving can be a great time for food and feasting, but there are some great Thanksgiving fitness options available where you can burn calories and give back to those in need. Here are some great options in Virginia Beach from Jess Horton of the Fit Petite. ... Read More
fall fashion athleisure workout

Fall Fashion: From Sweat to Street Style

There’s something about a hoodie and shorts that gives me all the cozy feels. Our lives are busier than ever, so feeling cozy and confident in your fall fashion is a must. But being comfortable doesn’t have to mean sloppy or frumpy. ... Read More
ideas for fitness in fall

5 Places For Fall Fitness in Hampton Roads

It's officially fall, but summer temperatures are still lingering on here in Hampton Roads. Soon enough, days will be cooler and more inviting to opt outdoors for physical activity. So I like to make the most of these fall fitness opportunities while the weather is just right. ... Read More
back-to-school fitness moms

Back-to-School Fitness Tips For Moms

It's official! School is back in session and that means busy times ahead for all you families out there with children. A new season brings new routines, new schedules, and maybe even new health and fitness goals for you! ... Read More

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